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    Professional wrestling, Drum n' Bass, video games, comedy, nature, adventures and sightseeing
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  1. Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins) ft. Jasmine Harvey aka Fallen4Freedom (19% complete)

    Lyrics are written and a name was given! Only two lines were necessary, and it's a slow part, so I can repeat it once and make it sound cool if it's done right. I'm gonna need some melody/harmony in Jasmine's recording. As far as the beat goes, I have an intro put down, but it's gonna need A LOT of detail work. It's all a cluster at the moment simply because I need to get the ideas down and build from there. That's the point to getting just a little ahead before having to slow down a little bit. But these are still just basic ideas I have down. It's gonna take a lot of time just to edit this one part. I've got major plans ahead. The math is about to get way more complex

    Also, the title won't be THAT long. I do not yet know what she wants to go by in the credits

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