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  1. I know it hasn't even been two days, but it feels like FOREVER since I been on here . . .

    Probably because I usually come here on my mobile, and since it caught fire a few days ago its been out of commission XD

    1. tailsBOOM!


      How did your phone catch on fire...

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Well, the screen was a little cracked here and there, and the bottom part was exposed. Big whoop, it still worked. On my way to work, I dunno if maybe I got liquid or dust in the exposed part, but it started overheating a little bit. I didn't think anything of it at first until FOOF CHINK, a flame shoots out of the bottom of the phone and the screen completely shatters. So, THAT was scary. I pulled over by a dirt patch on the side of the highway and basically smash the flames out. That sucked

    3. tailsBOOM!
    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Right? Like wtf

    5. Kiah


      Goodness that’s scary! Thank goodness you’re okay!

    6. SpinSlash165


      YIKES. Good to hear you're okay after all that!

    7. NikoS


      Ouch, that sucks,

      At least it wasn't in your pocket when it caught fire, and you came out of this unharmed.

    8. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thanks for that everybody! Yeah, I REALLY lucked out there. It wasn't 2 minutes that the phone has been out of my pocket before it caught fire.

    9. BlueSky


      Next time, buy a tempered glass screen protector. Big enough. 😃

      Of course, if you had one already in that spontaneously chemically reacted one, I have no advices left...

    10. PaulyBFromDa303


      Yeah that first one didn't work. Shattered right away. I just couldn't afford another. I have a new phone now though. Insurance is a life saver

    11. BlueSky


      The thing is though, as you prolly know, they're kind of meant to break, that is, they're meant to break instead of your phone's screen. But yeah, that sounds pretty cheap, breaking right from the get-go. 😑

      My first smartphone had a bit different protector though, it was very durable, Swedish(?) thick plastic film. It was pretty much like a tempered glass one but it wasn't as slippery on the surface as the glass ones, and it didn't have the shattering problem. And it didn't really get scratched too much.

      I just dunno if they import those ones (Copter Screenprotector) in the US so it wouldn't be of much help anyway. Right now I'm having some cheap 10€ tempered glass one (and a shield of course) but I suppose if it breaks I'll try and see if they have those thick films for my model-at-hand. It hasn't broken yet, prolly because I'm pretty neurotic...

    12. PaulyBFromDa303


      Good luck. That company sounds familiar. Protect your devices :D

    13. BlueSky


      Again, I'm not sure of their origin but after I only saw Swedish videos about them on YouTube I started to wonder if that's the case.

      Swedish people are everywhere man.

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