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    Sonic the Hedgehog (Yeah, thanks a lot, Captain Obvoius!)

    Professional wrestling, Drum n' Bass, video games, comedy, nature, adventures and sightseeing
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  1. STARTING PROJECT: Radical Rex - Graveyard (5% complete)

    TARGET 6 minute beat (75%) Write lyrics (5%) Record (10%) Editing (10%)

    I'm gonna do something different here. I want to remix another SEGA name, but something you don't hear much of, something underrated, just showing appreciation and whatnot. Radical Rex, to me it feels underrated. It had a good soundtrack too. I came up with something interesting in my mind over the past week, I'm gonna start it off with church organs and eerie synths, I think I want to go horror Drum 'n Bass with this one. I just can't wait to REALLY get into this one. I know I'm gonna have to sound hunt for this one too. I can already tell this is fun. And if I time it right it'll be ready for the Halloween season too! This is gonna be great

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