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  1. Radical Rex - Do or Die (Graveyard) (74% complete)

    I've analyzed what I need to finish the beat! Five and a half minutes total on the beat. The spooky sound effect intro adds 30 seconds or more to it, as I still have to come up with the short poem. The solo is completed! I tried my best to connect everything together measure by measure. That's usually how to do it. One step at a time. And a lot of repetitive listening just to try to come up with something that would come after it. Usual fast-paced style. I have half the second part done too. That was easy I'm just repeating the first breakdown. Er, the first part of it anyway. I'm gonna add something new to it for a unique twist. Maybe put the church organs and the whistly vibrato synth back in it. I can finish the beat if I put just a few more hours into it. I've got a plan for a somewhat abrupt ending and an evil laugh at the end. But I'm gonna have to plan on how to lead right into it. I've got a match to get ready for tonight so I better get going soon.

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