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  1. [95] Radical Rex - Do Or Die (Graveyard)


    Length: 6:16 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 168 BPM // Loops: 27 // Clips: 9 // Time Taken: 25 days


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    Just in time for the Halloween season, it's my little tribute to one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated SEGA games ever, Radical Rex! Tread lightly, this track is haunted! Ooooooo!!!

    I did something different with this one. I actually started creating from the middle, as it was the first part that came to my mind before I decided to create it. I wanted to create somewhat of the perfect sound beforehand so that I could build off of it a lot smoother. Everything else was added along the way, I very much just went with wherever the flow took me on this song.

    It gave me a great chance to dig deeper into some more settings of the Envelope Generator. I wanted to create a feedback sounding instrument to make it kinda modern. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while and this song gave me that perfect opportunity. I did use a lot of bass instruments with this one because I felt like it gave it more of an intense feel, like it's really time to do or die. The church organ and the whistly vibrato synth in the beginning were pretty easy to do, but even more fun to modify. I've been finding what works and what doesn't as far as pan-shifting and volume control. I can't have it too bassy.

    The poem in the beginning was pretty much freestyled. I wanted to add the words "radical" and "legendary" because those were some of Radical Rex's catchphrases. But it was a little hard to rhyme radical when I was first thinking of what to use. I ended up using some website to find some and I ended up using "fractional". I tried to make it a little scary sounding by lowering the pitch and adding just a little reverb (I really tried to control it this time). For the chorus, I wanted to double up on the vocal tracks to give it more of a rock-n-roll sound. I've never really gone this metal with my voice before. It was fun, and it came out exactly as I wanted it. I didn't even really edit the vocals at all with the pitch change, as I wanted it to sound natural. All it took was volume control and effects. I'm actually happy with the vocals, and I hope you are too.

    Really fun project to do. And I finished it just in time for the Halloween season, which was the goal. That being said, thank you all for listening, all honesty is completely appreciated, and please, have a fun and safe Halloween!

    Darkness falls in the midnight hour
    The dead rise once more in the moonlight's power.
    This evil presence on a field so clear
    A cursed aura of suffering and pain draws so near
    In a place where survival is fractional
    To tread amongst this land one would have to be so radical
    And only when you conquer a land so scary
    Can you be known in history as . . . LEGENDARY!

    Now's the time to do or die
    You have to think clearly if you're gonna survive
    Better keep moving or get buried alive

    Now's the time to do or die
    You have to think clearly if you're gonna survive
    Better keep moving or get buried alive!

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