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  1. Sonic Legacy - When The World Is Mine (Dr. Eggman) (55% complete)

    Percentage reading is now accurate. I've analyzed that I'll have over 6:30 when this is all done. I've added a few more lyrics just for somewhat of a bridge. I've got another big solo planned after this bridge, so I'll need to find something very melodic to shred with. Something like I used before in the past. Maybe I'll use my signature Sky Synth as the melodic solo lead. So many options at this point. But that's not just yet, I'm still on the bridge. I need to find a way to come in low and build it back up slow. I'm throwing in more of the fast evil strings in the bridge right before the melodic solo. And I can't be repetitive about it either. That's the real challenge with this part. I have to find a cool unique sequence and then I can continue. But hey, my vision of Dr. Eggman is really coming together. It's a wonderful feeling

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