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    Professional wrestling, Drum n' Bass, video games, comedy, nature, adventures and sightseeing
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  1. Sonic Legacy - When The World Is Mine (Dr. Eggman) (61% complete)

    I'm about halfway done with the synth solo near the end. For those of you that know my formula for writing music, you'll know this is the fast part. It's tough coming up with unique combinations that can connect to all the chords that are in use. Different chord combinations definitely help guide where to go. I think I'm at that point where I can lay down some vocals. Wouldn't hurt to get some now so I won't have to do as much later. And if I can edit them along the way, I could get done a lot quicker. It's already been a month. I know I should be more ahead than this. If adult life wasn't so excruciating, I'd probably have just editing left by now. I have a few nights off starting tonight so I'm definitely gonna catch up

    1. Kiah


      You’re right about adult life being excruciating at times but achieving accomplishments amid challenges just makes it all the more sweeter so keep at it as you’re doing great things per usual!

    2. tailsBOOM!


      You got this my dude!

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