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    Professional wrestling, Drum n' Bass, video games, comedy, nature, adventures and sightseeing
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  1. 2019 is here! My 2018 was actually awesome on the music and the Sonic side for me. I did a track with you guys, I did a track for a wrestling podcast, I did a few tracks for Aaron Webber's independent project, I'm now with Sonic Legacy doing all sorts of tracks for them, and I'm learning a lot too. I've got all sorts of surprises waiting for me in 2019! 


    Happy Easter, folks!

    1. TheOcelot


      It's Easter already? XD

      Happy New Year and good luck with your music and wrestling.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Yeah there's the wrestling too. I was a double tag champ for a bit, I'm a hit where I'm at locally XD I've gotten a few new matches since then.

      Oh hey here's one from November

      It's all local though. I haven't really travelled in a while. But these guys are from Chikara Pro Wrestling, so that was a huge highlight of the year XD

    3. Kiah


      It’s Easter already?! I didn’t get my snow, my reduced Valentines Day candy, stuff my face at the SuperBowl party nor have my likely mood swings in connection with me turning 35!

      Seriously though glad 2018 was great for you and may that continue for you 2019 and beyond 😉

    4. NikoS


      Well, I guess it's too soon for Easter and kinda late to say happy new year,

      Anyway, here's for 2019, may it be better than last year for us all.


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