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  1. STARTING PROJECT: Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart

    6 minute beat (40%), Record lyrics (10%), Extra effects (5%), Guitarist (15%), Obtain/Add lyrics (5%), Guest vocalist (15%), Editing (10%)

    **Analytics are subject to change**

    Starting my 100th music project spectacular! I've already been doing some work getting things together. I've got a few secrets, and things I'm gonna reveal later on as production gets closer and closer, but just know that I've got some HUGE plans for this. I had my fans and friends vote on Twitter the other day which song I should remix next, I'm sure you all remember that post. The results are below. I've got a lot of great ideas with this already, but I really have to make this one count! I'm trying my best to put things together anyway, and so far so good This could very well be one of my most defining remixes I'll have produced to this date! I've never actually been nervous to create like this before. I did say I wanted my 100th spot to be a banger, so without further ado, it's time to start this one! WIsh me luck!


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Great!  Can't wait to hear it!

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