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  1. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (18% complete)

    The epic news just keeps rolling in but I still can't give anything away just yet! I've got a huge surprise for everyone in the entire Sonic fandom on this one and I'm getting really excited to finish this one. I've spent a good portion of these last few days just going back through and touching up most of what I already have to prepare for the rest of the piece. Adding effects, making it sound unique, that sort of thing. I remember having a different kind of sound in one of my previous pieces and I'm looking to make it sound a little more professional, so to say, by adding phasing and reverb. I still need to play around with it a little more because it's starting to sound like an instrument that they used in Shadow The Hedgehog's game. And of course, trying to leave room for guitars and whatever else I can squeeze in. 

    I may not be able to reveal any of my secrets just yet, but just know that the pressure is definitely on and that this could possibly be the biggest step towards accomplishing any of my dreams, that I have ever taken. I'm more than excited!

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Your excitement is infectious! Can't wait to see what you got going, man...especially if it involves, say, working with Johnny Gioeli or some influential Sonic musician (just a guess).

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      I appreciate those words. The beautiful thing about this world is that anything can happen. I can't exactly get into who or what just yet . . . and maybe there's more than one, so "whom" or what . . . I have planned at this time. But I am definitely taking a lot of time on this one just to make sure it's the absolute best I can do. The editing is the part that's gonna be the toughest. Maybe. This IS a full lyrical after all

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