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  1. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (34% complete)

    Lot of progress made today! I went through and edited some stuff in the intro, shortened it out since it was too long, found the other sound effect and placed it, so THAT'S done now. Still haven't finished writing the new lyrics yet but I'm awfully close, and I've changed a few to make more sense too. It's a process. As far as the instrumentals, I've completed the backdrop for the second verse and I'm ready to start a little bridge to the guitar solo, build it up a little bit, and possibly throw in another certain signature sound effect, if my guitarist wants to use it. I should ask. (there's a hidden hint in there #FollowTheClues).

    I do feel like I'm missing something that belongs throughout the piece, this just feels too simple. I'm sure I'll find it soon, and hopefully it'll help when I get the guitars actually in there. It's one of those that will take deep though and repetitive listening for sure. It's one of the annoying parts of writing music, but it's for the best. It's really cool seeing everything come together though, little by little.

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