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  1. [102] Sonic 3 - Let Me In (Marble Garden)



    Track 102 // Length: 5:42 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 176 BPM // Measures: 251 // Loops: 29 // Clips: 9 // Time Taken: 43 days


    Original composer: Miyoko Takaoka

    Lyrics written/performed: Pauly B

    Sonic The Hedgehog (TM) is property of SEGA Enterprises

    My special submission attempt for a community collab effort hosted by Chaos Creators, a yearly festival for Sonic community content creators! I've done this remix way back in 2006, and for a long time I've wanted to revisit this track and make a better remake. And, as usual, I tried to emulate a positive message in my lyrics. It's about how no matter how bad things can be, and whatever obstacles you may face, it's never healthy to bottle up bad emotions. This is why friendship exists, to see you through these hard times.

    I've done a lot of sound adjusting with these, tried my best to balance out all volumes and make sure nothing is too overpowering. I used a lot of double-stacking synths to emphasize the melodies. That was probably the most difficult part of this assembly, but it came through with no distortion and I'm super proud of what I've learned about mixing to this point. I've also been learning more when it comes to editing vocals, becoming more accurate with each move I make (It helps to log every step you take in a notepad or document). I do still feel like there's something I have yet to learn, some sort of balance, but that's all part of the journey. For what it is, I do feel like I'm improving little by little each time

    I do hope you guys like this! Never forget that there's always someone out there who cares! Thank you all for the listen!


    LYRICS available on pages

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Also, I wanna secretly dedicate this one to @Tarnish because I remember back when I did my 2006 remix for this level, just how much you liked it. Well, I hope this 2020 version is an improvement to you XD

    2. qt.steeph


      Finally got the time to listen to the track, and I must say, this sounds like it could've been in Forces ! Really good work man, very fun listen. =D 

    3. Tarnish


      Is it really 'secretly' if you announce it on the Internet tho? =P

      By the way, I still have the 'full version' of the original with the intro that you couldn't fit on Newgrounds back then due to size limit or something, lol.

      It's a nice update of the song btw. Now I'm gonna wait for your Sky Chase remake, as that's probably my favorite remix of yours. =P So chill and relaxing.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      My profile banner gif is the perfect reaction when it comes to Sky Chase XD

      Yeah I remember that. Mystic Cave was the same way. I'm so glad the limit is now 250 MB, and not a mere 4. BIG difference.

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