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    Professional wrestling, Drum n' Bass, video games, comedy, nature, adventures and sightseeing
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  1. Just another musical progress report. Don't mind me XD

    Bonds Unbroken (81% complete)

    Original track, lyrics inspired by the Sonic/Tails friendship. Instrumental is complete! Well, mostly. I've got a few loops to edit and touch up, and polish out, but that;s it. Only a few more lines to write as far as lyrics go, and as for recording, I've already got the first verse down but need a few retakes. All that's really left at this point, is the hard part. Finding time to record and go out, and editing lyrics. Hopefully I can get this one done soon, but this will be another great opportunity to train myself with the editing process, since I desperately need it

    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (64% complete)

    Finally hopping back on this one, Cisco got a new mic that he's gonna try out with new recordings for better sound. I myself, also getting back to recording and getting everything done. I have a new goal. I NEED THIS SONG DONE AND ONLINE BY THE 30th ANNIVERSARY!!! But THIS time, I actually found someone who can assist with the editing, you probably know him as Trey Nobles. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about doing this better as well. Who knows? All I know is, this will be quite the experience, it already has been. Wish us all luck! I'm shooting for my best of all time!

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