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  1. Just another musical progress report. Don't mind me XD

    Bonds Unbroken (81% complete)

    Original track, lyrics inspired by the Sonic/Tails friendship. Instrumental is complete! Well, mostly. I've got a few loops to edit and touch up, and polish out, but that;s it. Only a few more lines to write as far as lyrics go, and as for recording, I've already got the first verse down but need a few retakes. All that's really left at this point, is the hard part. Finding time to record and go out, and editing lyrics. Hopefully I can get this one done soon, but this will be another great opportunity to train myself with the editing process, since I desperately need it

    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (64% complete)

    Finally hopping back on this one, Cisco got a new mic that he's gonna try out with new recordings for better sound. I myself, also getting back to recording and getting everything done. I have a new goal. I NEED THIS SONG DONE AND ONLINE BY THE 30th ANNIVERSARY!!! But THIS time, I actually found someone who can assist with the editing, you probably know him as Trey Nobles. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about doing this better as well. Who knows? All I know is, this will be quite the experience, it already has been. Wish us all luck! I'm shooting for my best of all time!

  2. Know what though? This one was much better than last year's.

    Not personally a fan of Mario sports games, but remakes of Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts & Goblins, and Skyward Sword, and Splatoon 3 to top it all off?

    I wish I had Switch

    1. PaddyFancy


      Well it would be better than last years. There wasn't one.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Is that why it doesn't FEEL like its been any more than a year? XD

    3. PaddyFancy


      Well the loads of little Directs in between probably offset our senses a bit.

  3. This is a hilarious point because what I'm about to say is like, a complete contrast to non-gloved characters like Sticks . . . And Sally Acorn. In Sally's case, I like her better without gloves. I dunno. Something about this image makes me think some characters WOULD be better without gloves. And I pulled this image straight from Sonic News Network so it has to be somewhere
  4. Thought I'd give a little musical progress report, It's been a while since I've had time to do such, since my main focus has been getting music together for Episode 3 of Sonic Legacy. That should be out soon, I can't wait for that. But now, I've got to get back to some of the projects I set aside until right about now. So, here's a recap!

    SONIC ADVENTURE - OPEN YOUR HEART ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (62% complete)

    So I;m over the dread of having to start this one over from a checkpoint again. I at least still have the full instrumental, including the guitars. I'm still in chats with everyone involved and hopefully we can eventually once and for all get this one finished and fixed up and ready to go online. I've already started re-recording some of my own vocals, and THIS TIME I'M GONNA SAVE EVERYTHING ON A SEPERATE HARD DRIVE BEFORE EDITING. This is my last chance at this one

    BONDS UNBROKEN (60% complete)

    This is the track I've been writing inspired by the friendship between Sonic and Tails. It's a DnB that's a little more on the light side, I've gotten most of the lyrics written down for it, and have already started recording for it. As for the beat itself, I've already mapped out what all I'll need to finish this track and have it estimated at around 6:15 in length. It is pretty synthy, but it includes pianos, acoustic guitars, and a fretless bass. I'm not really exploring very much with this one, I'm just using what I know already, just to put myself in a better, more creative mood. Hopefully, this won't take long.

    Stay tuned, Sonic fam! I've also got 3 more tracks waiting for publication!

  5. Haven't said anything about this yet

    I for one will certainly miss Roger as Sonic. But the dude's such a talent, and has had quite the resume. He can easily find work. I remember hearing when he was first chosen to be Sonic, how excited I was that Ezio from Assassin's Creed was gonna be Sonic's voice. It'll be surprising who they find next. I heard a voice reel recently of this guy Max Mittelman (Persona 5, One Punch Man, FF7R) that I think would make a pretty good Sonic. I'll post it below 

    As for Pontac, also sad to see him go. he never interacted with the fans much, so I hate to say that it's a little more difficult to sympathize. For what it was, his work was ok. Just ok. At least it filled the time and got us by. 

    But with all these changes being made, it feels like they're going for a total overhaul for Sonic. And it might be just about time too . . . but one thing is clear

    Things are about to get interesting. REAL interesting

  6. Proud to announce that all the music for Episode 3 of Sonic Legacy is completed and ready for its final steps! This one includes the talents of EkoNeo, Aaron Mesquita, and myself, a remix of Sonic 1's Labyrinth, some high intensity rock 'n roll, and deep drama. I look forward to sharing this with you all! I'll know more about the release soon

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Awesome! Looking forward to hearing it

  7. Time to break up the monotony of this timeline here . . . with something random that showed up in my recommendations XD


    1. The drunkard from space!
    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      i know i shouldve stayed home today


    Working on a few things, I've got an original track with lyrics that I'm working on, and it's inspired by the friendship between Tails and Sonic (I call it Bonds Unbroken). That's about halfway done.

    Working on Episode 3 of Sonic Legacy. and I've actually got TWO (possibly three) tracks I'm working on for that, including a collaboration with fellow musician, the very talented Aaron Mesquita on a Sonic remix, Labyrinth from Sonic 1.

    There's also the Open Your Heart remix I started over a year ago. I've not given up on it yet, but after two failed attempts at the editing of it, I am still taking a break from it. Not for much longer though, I'm starting to feel a little more inspired lately

    That's about it for now. HOPEFULLY I can have something up soon . . . I'm a bit ashamed of myself that I've not posted a lot this year . . . but at least I still got 4 new tracks published this year, the same amount as I did last year. Barely. I still have one more waiting for publication, soon enough. Most Legacy fans have wanted this particular one for a while, but it's not quite time . . . yet

    Oh yeah, I wanted to show you guys some of Aaron's work. He's got the super dramatic sound that is just perfect for Sonic Legacy. I hope you guys enjoy his work 


    1. qt.steeph


      WOOHOO !! Super proud of you dude =D Can't wait to see what you accomplish next year as well !

  9. SEGA did a thing, and I'm in this video as well! It was such an honor to publicly wish SEGA a great 60th anniversary along with many other wonderful people in this community! Just know that I meant every word I said. I love this family

  10. [103] Sonic Legacy - Eruption https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/984929 https://www.soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-legacy-eruption Track 103 // Length: 3:19 // Style: Drum ‘n Bass // Speed: 183 BPM // Measures: 152 // Loops: 19 // Time Taken: 24 days Sonic the Hedgehog ™ is property of SEGA Enterprises Sonic Legacy ™ is property of Sonic Paradox This one was the lava/Badnik escape scene in the 2nd installment of the Sonic Legacy voicedub! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_VJLy7gdtQ You can read the comic directly by our website https://soniclegacyonline.com/sl/issue-02/. Be sure you’re keeping up with the wild adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tempest the Dolphin! To be fair, this one was a little more experimental in the ways it was done, the steps we had to take to get these out there. It was all more visual than it was audial. Basically, this is my rendition of what a similar Sonic lava level would sorta sound like, with a few of my own elements thrown in. I had to picture the lava rapidly flowing, with a whole ambush of killer robots waiting on the other side of a beautiful lavafall. Then I had to put it all into an adrenaline pumping soundtrack. And there you have, Eruption! I worked a little bit more with some of the futuristic bass synths that represent the lava flow, which came to mind because it’s about as rough of a feeling as you’d get from escaping molten lava flying at you, as well as the uppity rush that you’d get. Then of course, there’s the jazzy bridge, a breath of fresh air before more chaos ensues. The solos, I must confess, were a little bit rushed, and I feel like I could’ve added more variety to them. But the beautiful thing about having a jazz background is being able to connect a sequence of notes free handedly. Other than that, I don’t have much else to say about this. I wanted to be a little more straight forward with it, if I could Hopefully you guys enjoy this, and leave a little bit of honesty in the comments! You’ll definitely hear more of this in Sonic Legacy’s future! Thanks for listening!
  11. [103] Sonic Legacy - Eruption



    As heard in Issue 2 of Sonic Legacy's voicedub during the lava/Badnik escape scene. Things are heating up now! Hope you all like it

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and ears! Sonic Legacy Issue 2 voicedub is now up and online!!! Join Sonic and Tempest as they explore an unknown underground world, and you'll hear yours truly in the lava scene with that adrenaline pumping music! But seriously, from all of us at Sonic Legacy we hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to the future of an epic adventure! Also, keep your eyes peeled. This also means I will be publishing new music within the next day or so. Hope you enjoy . . . ERUPTION! See you all soon! Enjoy!
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and ears! Sonic Legacy Issue 2 voicedub is now up and online!!!

    Join Sonic and Tempest as they explore an unknown underground world, and you'll hear yours truly in the lava scene with that adrenaline pumping music! But seriously, from all of us at Sonic Legacy we hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to the future of an epic adventure!

    Also, keep your eyes peeled. This also means I will be publishing new music within the next day or so. Hope you enjoy . . . ERUPTION! See you all soon! Enjoy!

  14. I've not been making many music updates lately. I'm still very much peeved about cancelling Open Your Heart.

    But I've been working on a few things in secret until I'm more confident that things will actually come to fruition

  15. Back in 2011 an article was written about me and my music, right here in SSMB. It was my introduction to the Stadium. Unfortunately at that time I couldn't actually join the forums, because of life priorities and obstacles (not to mention this was during my musical hiatus). I wouldn't be able to join until 2016 when my memory was jogged of this place, and it's the first Sonic related site I ever joined. I've been super honored to meet all the wonderful people in this community. And SSMB alone opened the door to something much more awesome in my life. I owe this site so much! And I'm so happy to be here on its 20th anniversary! So, happy birfamaday SSMB! Here's to many more! And thank you all for being here, and being a big part of my life! I love you all
  16. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart (POSTPONED, 55% complete)

    "Frustration" isn't even the word for what I'm feeling right now.

    Turns out I have to postpone this project AGAIN so that further, more extensive re-editing can be done

    Which means we all have to re-record everything ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

    I need a vacation . . .

    EDIT: I'm not mad at anybody in particular, and those involved that happen to read this shouldn't think such. I'm more frustrated over the fact that I spent the last three months editing this on my own, only for it to be overedited and sound like garbage. But EVERYONE I showed the final draft to said the same exact thing, that some things are messed up and needed to be done over again. And I'm fine with that! I should be more positive about getting this done. But the fact that it's already been OVER 13 MONTHS and I keep having to go back . . . THAT is what's eating me. So hopefully, this time, it can be done right. The way this gets done is gonna change for sure. We got this!

    1. qt.steeph


      I admire your dedication to keep going with the project when instances like this go down. You got this !!! 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thanks @qt.steeph. I really needed to see that right now, and that's real.

      I need to be more positive about this

  17. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (100% complete)

    It's over! It's finally over! Everything sounds as good as I think it's gonna get. But it sure is nerve wrecking, because I've got a plan

    I will not be posting this right away, not today anyway. I still have to make the video version so I can post it on YouTube, because I'm planning on premiering this THIS UPCOMING WEDNESDAY NIGHT (10/21) at 6pm MOUNTAIN (5pm Pacific)!!!

    I hope to see as many of you there as possible. RIght now, this date and time is the set goal, but it's subject to change depending on the rest of the crew, and my very own, availability. But this is the plan so far.

    I can't wait, yet I'm so nervous. I spent so long on this, it's hard to say whether or not it'll pay off. Fingers crossed. I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!! More details to come as they develop 

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Man, you HAVE been working on this a long time. Looking forward to finally hearing the end result! Congrats!

  18. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (99% complete)

    Alright! It's the homestretch now! And it kinda doesn't feel like I have just 1% left. I still have a few clips left to edit! But I'm also doing the finalizing process with this track at the same time, just to get it out of the way. That way, the time it takes to get it ready will only be like half. I also found a friend who wants to put this to an actual video with After Effects, so I think he's gonna show me a few things about it for the future as well. All of my YouTube videos are kinda bland with a still image and text. So this will be a great change of pace, and I suppose if I wanna think of it this way, a great intro to a new era of my musical life.

    STAY TUNED GUYS! I'm planning on premiering this on YouTube, and I'll have more info as soon as possible. You know, I just realized . . . this 99% completion really just represents the music itself, I wonder what kind of process this video making will be. Hopefully it's not too much of an ordeal lol

  19. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (98% complete)

    Finally moved in to the new apartment and settled, and I'm back in business! I've got just a few more clips left to edit, then the finalizing stage where I make sure everything is smooth and clear and free of strange editing cutoffs and clipping. But actually, I've been taking care of that part along with the editing. I'm all done with Cisco's clips, all that's left is my own. This should be over very quickly! I'm already promoting it, but still do not know when the YouTube premiere will be. That will be revealed when I know! Please stay tuned!!!

  20. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft Cisconic & EkoNeo (97% complete)

    Just a little more editing to do, then finalizing. I hope to have enough time to get this absolutely finished and online this month! After I'm done editing the remaining 8 clips (there were 53 total), I typically take about 24-48 hours and make sure that EVERYTHING is done and perfect. Of course, it never is, but it never hurts to try to make it as good as I possibly can. So close now!

  21. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft Cisconic & EkoNeo (95% complete)

    Back to work I go! Now that I'm no longer under the stress of finding a new place to live, I'd love to try to get this done before I leave this place at the very least. I know, things have happened and plans have changed, and I've been through a LOT just to get this track finished once and for all, but I'm still pretty ashamed its taken THIS long. I'm over the year mark at this point . . .

  22. I've lately been taking a break from editing music, as well as most forms of social media. I had to go apartment hunting for the last week and a half because my lease is up at the end of the month. But everything seems to be in order now.

    I hate those situations that are just out of the blue like that, but I learned that only by pushing forward through the stress can something simple be accomplished.

    Back to chasing those dreams!

  23. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (94% complete)

    Quickly getting caught back up! It won't be too much longer now! I got a lot of work done tonight! I learned how to use the "new and improved" Audacity equalizer to really improve the input sound of the voice clips. Turns out my microphone ALREADY needs replacing, which is a shame because I used one half the price before and it came out better than the one I'm currently using. So at least I know it'll be inexpensive to do that for future pieces. Still haven't found any clips I need to retake, and it's definitely thanks to that new EQ. 

    Sometimes, updates CAN improve something XD

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Yeeeaaah, you bounced back!! :DD

  24. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (90% complete)

    Short status this time, all I have to say at this point is . . . 10% MORE TO GO!!! 30 voice clips left to edit, and the finalization! Get ready!

  25. Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (88% complete)

    Moving along with the editing, I took care of the hardest and lengthiest clips first, get the tough ones out of the way to make this whole thing flow a little more smoothly. Those of you who have me on Discord, or can see me on Discord, will notice I've got a countdown going in my status, how many clips I have left to edit (currently 36). There will only be a finalization process after that, and then I'll be ready to post it!

    I wanted to show you guys something, Eko and Cisco have been working on a few things together while I continue this project. They did the Infinite theme from Sonic Forces together recently, and it would be super awesome if you guys could show them support as well.


    I'm hoping to have Open Your Heart done in the next few weeks, so I'll be on it. Stay tuned!

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