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  1. Howdy-ho everyone!

    Just stopping by to show you this one, our music team just released "Our Legacy", the main theme song for the Sonic Legacy series! You'll hear this in all our future animations that are coming your way. It was a real honor to work on this with the Sonic Legacy family, and I hope you all like it as well!

    I also want to extend a thanks to @SonicWindAttack for keeping our SSMB peeps updated on the series and for creating this topic. I'm sure the entire team would be so grateful, I know I am. Thank you isn't exactly enough, so if there's anything you need just let me know

  2. [99] Sonic Mania - Destiny Or Fate (Mirage Saloon)



    Track 099 // Length: 5:49 // Style: Drum ‘n Bass // Speed: 185 BPM // Measures: 258 // Loops: 31 // Clips: 6 // Time Taken: 23 days


    Original composition: Tee Lopes

    Lyrics written/performed: Pauly B

    Sonic The Hedgehog ™ is property of SEGA Enterprises

    This remix was a request made for another fan project, with the only stipulation being that it had to sound western. So, I decided to make it a fusion with Drum ‘n Bass! I always love the challenge of creating themes with music, it works the brain a little, makes you think of which instruments to use to emulate an environment, and which instruments go together. In this case, I would use trumpets, harmonicas, acoustic guitars, and pianos, some of which enhanced with other synths for a more prominent sound. Also played around with bending and vibrato for a more unique sound.

    Tee Lopes did such a great job with the original. Very jazzy, very fancy. Just my style. I had a jazz background growing up, playing piano all through high school. It was really cool to be able to utilize all that knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my life into this one particular remix. Sometimes it took a lot of thought in order to be unique and yet stay based to the original at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to improvise in situations like that because sometimes the end result ends up being better than once imagined. Lot of unusual chords that I don’t often get a chance to use. It’s always easier if you plan it ahead of time. It was actually real easy to get together once things started flowing.

    I hope you guys enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed making it, I had a blast with this! All honest comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you all for peeping this remix!

    LYRICS will be posted on all sites

  3. Thanks brother! It's quite the honor to be opening up the series for them. I mean, this is the very first scene of the very first episode! I'm also in charge of overseeing everybody's music projects throughout this episode. This probably won't be the case every episode, but this is still a pretty amazing experience. 

    Honestly, I couldn't be more proud to represent Sonic Legacy.

  4. Looks like my remix of Sonic Forces - Sunset Heights is set in its place at 3RD PLACE for the week on Newgrounds and is currently enjoying a feature spot on the Newgrounds Audio front page!!!

    I owe a huge thanks to the entire Sonic community. It's amazing how we all support each other through music, art, writing, etc. It really is just a huge worldwide family to me. Thank you all for such wonderful support!


  5. [98] Sonic Forces - Sunset Heights



    Track 098 // Length: 3:15 // Style: Drum ‘n Bass // Speed: 168 BPM // Measures: 134 // Loops: 23 // Time Taken: 24 days


    Original composition: Tomoya Ohtani

    Sonic The Hedgehog ™ is property of SEGA Enterprises

    Sonic Legacy ™ is property of Sonic Paradox

    There’s a little bit of context to this one. This remix is actually TWO parts, and this particular submission is NOT the full remix. Sonic Legacy is currently trying to put together an animated series based off of the comic. This remix will be heard in the very first scene, of the very first episode, where we get an introduction to Sonic the Hedgehog, Tempest the Dolphin, and their first encounter together. This really is quite an honor to be kicking off the series! You can follow Sonic Legacy on Tapas (https://tapas.io/series/Sonic-Legacy) to read Issue 1 of the comic (https://tapas.io/episode/1191915), and check out their YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4NJ6kc_DLlLpXyiqVqZ1Jg) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/sonic_legacy) for updates on this particular animation!

    The first part of this remix was done using a technique musicians know as “Mickey-Mousing”, and it’s a technique that’s entirely new to me, but not unfamiliar. This is where one is provided either an animation or a voice-dub (in this case it was voices), and so we have to shape our music to fit emotions and action throughout the scene. Hyper Potions did this with Sonic Mania Adventures, and Tee Lopes did this with Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. You can hear this in many of your favorite cartoons and shows (a particular favorite of mine is Sean Callery who composed for TV shows like Bones and 24). I was also given a stipulation that the scene took place at a beach, so using instruments to represent such was crucial. I’ve added steel drums, Hawaiian guitar, brass instruments, and a fretless bass to help illustrate this. Due to spoiler alerts, and for contextual purposes, this part of the remix IS NOT in this submission. I will release the full version some time in the future, when episode 1 of Sonic Legacy has been released (I will title it as Legacy VIP). We’re all working very hard to take this into fruition, so please stay tuned! It won’t be too long

    This submission you are listening to now is the second part of the remix. After the Mickey-Mousing part was over and my submission was ready for Sonic Legacy, the result was not even two and a half minutes. I figured I still had plenty of time on it, and I had actually planned for this from the beginning, so I decided to add a full-on remix to follow it. The total result will be just under five and a half minutes. In this part I added a few things, my signature synth Sky Synth to accompany the Hawaiian guitar, modified marimbas to accompany the steel drums, and plenty more. The intensity in this part is practically double of the first part. Plus, of course, I like to jam out a little bit with a few solos and modifications of my own. Sonic Legacy will not be using the parts you are hearing, except for the intro. I decided to edit that in. Everything was particularly simple once it all got rolling.

    This whole project was definitely one of the most fun times I’ve ever had with a Sonic remix! I hope you all have just as much fun listening to it. And please, stay tuned! This isn’t over, not by a long shot! Make sure you subscribe/follow Sonic Legacy for updates as well as new issues! If you liked this, you’re really gonna love the full version! Feel free to leave an honest review! Thank you all for listening and for the continued support! It goes a really long way!

  6. [97] Journey Cross These Worlds


    Track 097 // Length: 5:17 // Style: Drum ‘n Bass // Speed: 170 BPM // Measures: 225 // Loops: 28 // Clips: 15 // Time Taken: 10 weeks


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    This commissioned track was created for an upcoming web-series known as Journey Across Worlds. It’s a comic and animated series based off of so many video game references from Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot to Nights, Star Fox, Undertale, and I’m not gonna give too much away cause there would be too many spoilers if I continued this list. It’s an ultimate mashup as various video game stars interact and save the universe from the just as various evil entities that lurk throughout. I will say that from what I’ve seen so far, this is sure to be an entertaining project altogether.

    This is the main theme of the series. The only stipulations were that it had to be upbeat and had to have very certain references to the games being featured. Drum ‘n Bass is usually my go-to, but I wanted to make this just a tad bit different. What I really wanted was for this to sound like an opening to an anime because most anime music I’ve heard is just as epic as a main theme should be. My jazz past has definitely come in handy here, using a variety of pianos and chorded synths as well as bells to balance out the mix

    The hardest and most time-consuming part of this whole thing was the editing of the vocals. It’s still a learning experience, but quite the learning experience it is. I’m getting much better at identifying wave forms and separating them but I don’t think it’s perfect as of yet. There are still many choppy areas that I at least attempted to fix by inverting a lot of the clips and removing extra noise. But it’s also the fact that this track has the most lyrics I’ve ever put into a song. One clip would often take about three and a half hours at one time. It was very tedious work, but it’s the experience gained that really makes it all worthwhile.

    I don’t have too high expectations for this track but I will say it was a fun and interesting experience. Good practice. Plus, at least it sounded very close to what I had in mind. As always, thank you all for the listen, and I’m open to suggestions and reviews!

    LYRICS posted on given sites

  7. [96] Sonic Legacy - When The World Is Mine (Dr. Eggman)



    Track 096 // Length: 6:44 // Style: Drum ‘n Bass // Speed: 172 BPM // Measures: 290 // Loops: 35 // Clips: 17 // Time Taken: 55 days


    Composed, lyrics written and performed by: Pauly B
    Extra contributions: Fleetway
    Icon Art by: Rush

    Sonic The Hedgehog (TM) is property of SEGA Enterprises
    Sonic Legacy (TM) is property of Sonic Paradox

    My first official contribution to Sonic Legacy! I decided to take on the task of composing a theme for Dr. Eggman in this up-and-coming web-series! The point was to make a mix of sound styles, with the orchestral Eggman theme from Sonic ’06, an intense feeling from Eggman’s theme from Sonic Adventure 2, and my own little twist of Drum ‘n Bass. It features a few orchestral MIDIs along with plenty of customized synths, and completely original lyrics.

    Trumpets and strings in the beginning to give it a darker feel before it really pops off. The YEEHAW was inspired by Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, as that was his line in the game. I’m learning quite a bit by just exploring equalizers and finding new sounds, and learning how to better adjust then in-pattern. Hence the futuristic sounding synths. Tried to keep it intense, what I really pictured was a hostile robot takeover in action. Something that fits the attitude that lets you know that Eggman means business.

    I received a lot of external help from the Sonic Legacy crew, fixing up knicks and smoothing things over. It took quite a bit of time and a lot of extra ears to oversee that this is as good as it can get. I am a little nervous about how well my voice is going to go over. I tried my best to sing it out and edit it properly. I even learned a few things along the way, mostly about how most raw files need to be compressed to even things out. I spent a lot of time editing each and every individual waveform, every consonant and vowel. I am now more easily identifying starts and ends, and I’m paying attention to every detail down to the last 1/1000th of a second to keep it smooth and not jumpy. It helps

    Eggman Army come forth! Arise! Get down to the jams and party it up robot style! And hey . . . thanks for the listen! Here’s to the future!


    You’ve taken everything
    I used to be, away from me
    You left me broken down and shaken

    It’s boiling up inside
    This pain I feel’s become so real
    It hurts so much and I can’t take it

    My vengeance is burning
    You will see a side of me I just can’t hide
    My time is approaching
    You could never stop me even if you try

    Keep your fear
    Take your sorrow
    It’s too late for you to leave it all behind
    And when you see my face, you will know your place
    You will pay when I take over for all time
    When the world is mine (x2)

    Now I'm coming and I'm headed your way
    There's nothing you can change, nothing you can say
    I'm gonna take over and it starts today (x2)
    LET'S GO!

    Keep your fear
    Take your sorrow
    It’s too late for you to leave it all behind
    And when you see my face, you will know your place
    You will pay when I take over for all time
    When the world is mine (x4)

  8. [95] Radical Rex - Do Or Die (Graveyard)


    Length: 6:16 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 168 BPM // Loops: 27 // Clips: 9 // Time Taken: 25 days


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    Just in time for the Halloween season, it's my little tribute to one of my favorite, and one of the most underrated SEGA games ever, Radical Rex! Tread lightly, this track is haunted! Ooooooo!!!

    I did something different with this one. I actually started creating from the middle, as it was the first part that came to my mind before I decided to create it. I wanted to create somewhat of the perfect sound beforehand so that I could build off of it a lot smoother. Everything else was added along the way, I very much just went with wherever the flow took me on this song.

    It gave me a great chance to dig deeper into some more settings of the Envelope Generator. I wanted to create a feedback sounding instrument to make it kinda modern. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while and this song gave me that perfect opportunity. I did use a lot of bass instruments with this one because I felt like it gave it more of an intense feel, like it's really time to do or die. The church organ and the whistly vibrato synth in the beginning were pretty easy to do, but even more fun to modify. I've been finding what works and what doesn't as far as pan-shifting and volume control. I can't have it too bassy.

    The poem in the beginning was pretty much freestyled. I wanted to add the words "radical" and "legendary" because those were some of Radical Rex's catchphrases. But it was a little hard to rhyme radical when I was first thinking of what to use. I ended up using some website to find some and I ended up using "fractional". I tried to make it a little scary sounding by lowering the pitch and adding just a little reverb (I really tried to control it this time). For the chorus, I wanted to double up on the vocal tracks to give it more of a rock-n-roll sound. I've never really gone this metal with my voice before. It was fun, and it came out exactly as I wanted it. I didn't even really edit the vocals at all with the pitch change, as I wanted it to sound natural. All it took was volume control and effects. I'm actually happy with the vocals, and I hope you are too.

    Really fun project to do. And I finished it just in time for the Halloween season, which was the goal. That being said, thank you all for listening, all honesty is completely appreciated, and please, have a fun and safe Halloween!

    Darkness falls in the midnight hour
    The dead rise once more in the moonlight's power.
    This evil presence on a field so clear
    A cursed aura of suffering and pain draws so near
    In a place where survival is fractional
    To tread amongst this land one would have to be so radical
    And only when you conquer a land so scary
    Can you be known in history as . . . LEGENDARY!

    Now's the time to do or die
    You have to think clearly if you're gonna survive
    Better keep moving or get buried alive

    Now's the time to do or die
    You have to think clearly if you're gonna survive
    Better keep moving or get buried alive!

  9. [94] Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins)



    Length: 6:02 // Style: Techno // Speed: 154 BPM // Measures: 219 // Loops: 29 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 45 days


    Lyrics written by Pauly B, performed by Fallen4Freedom

    It’s my official audition to join Sonic Legacy as a contributor. Sonic Legacy, formerly known as Sonic Paradox, is a group of comic writers, artists, musicians, and voice actors dedicated to the Sonic fandom, It’s a beat I’ve had in my head for a long time, years. I could never start it because I had a requirement for a female vocalist, as it wouldn’t have sounded as good with my own voice. It took a while to find one. I was asking around one day, when my newfound friends over at Sonic Legacy pointed me towards one of their members, Fallen4Freedom, who agreed to help me out with this project. Hence, the project can commence!

    I replaced the original sitar melody with her voice, and moved the sitars to the middle bridge and the solo for variety. I had listened to a few examples of Persian electronica to study, and I incorporated a lot of percussive drums and ethnic instruments, mixed with fast paced synths, and I felt like speeding up the tempo was necessary for more of the feel that you’re racing. I tried to focus on layering, and adjusting the left-and-right panning accordingly. It’s still something I need to master, so I’ll gladly take any opportunity to practice it. I also took some time to balance out bass and treble and everything in between.

    As far as editing the voice clips go, I learned a lot from the single project, and Fallen4Freedom did an absolutely wonderful job with execution, and a lot of it was super easy to edit. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement from past projects, and I learned so much. I got a deeper look into a few functions that I hardly used, mainly in attempts to blend clips together when necessary. I’m paying closer attention to the little details, such as timing and volume control. Using two different programs to adjust volumes actually really comes in handy. There are some things I can’t touch with my producing program, Cakewalk Kinetic, that I can in my editing program, Audacity. I’m finding out what those things are, slowly but surely.

    Overall this was a really fun project to do. I want to send an extra thanks to Fallen4Freedom for doing such a wonderful job, and to Sonic Legacy for providing an opportunity. I hope you all like this as much as I liked learning from it. Thanks everybody!

    Racing through the sands of time
    No one knows just what you'll find
    All the answers lie in sand
    Your own fate rests in your hands

    Rests in your hands

  10. Here's an extra nudge for ya . . . it works. I see the colors as symbolism for the chaos and difficulties of matters that one would not have control over, as Ray is hunched up trying to protect himself from it all

    This really speaks to me and i actually feel something in my soul from this. I don't say that often. You should keep trying new things like this. It really is amazing

  11. [93] Imagine That

    Track 093//Length: 4:14//Style: Cinematic//Speed: 90 BPM//Measures: 96//Loops: 16//Time Taken: 11 days

    This is another track for Aaron Webber for use in his independent project based off of Skies Of Arcadia. This one is a lot slower, and a lot more dramatic. It's supposed to be for cutscenes, or for very dramatic moments.

    I set it up so that every round gets more and more intense, as if you're heading closer towards some sort of goal. I used a lot of orchestral instruments, as well as a few of my own created synths. I wanted something that sounded sorta futuristic in the background. I think I nailed it, that instrument from the beginning was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    I really wanted to avoid using snares as much as possible. So instead, I used all sorts of percussive instruments. I also played around with the pan shifting on them to even out some of the cluster. I used a LOT of percussion. It is different for me, but I like it. The hardest part of the whole song was adding effects and adjusting volumes. I spent some extra time during the editing process to make sure everything was nice and smooth, not to loud, not too soft, every part right where it needs to be. I did a lot of experimenting with MIDI effects to make sure I could find the best sound possible. I learned the real importance of "phasing" and how to use it in the right spot.

    I gave it my all! I hope you all like it! All honesty is greatly appreciated. Feel free to vote, review, and share alike, and as always, download is free! Thank you all so much!

  12. [92] Reach Up To The Clouds


     Length: 4:31 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 186 BPM // Measures: 210 // Loops: 26 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 20 days

    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    This is another piece made for Aaron Webber's Skies Of Arcadia based independent project. This was intended to be used for in-field adventuring between objectives. Something light and playful, something that makes you want to go exploring.

    Boy did I learn a lot from this one. I wanted to keep simple instruments with synth accompaniment this time as opposed to enhancements. A lot was separated between instruments like pianos, organs, and picked basses, to created synths and sound effects. I paid more attention to the stereo effects, panning from right to left and back and forth, as well as evening out volumes accordingly.

    I'm a tad nervous about the lyrics. I know they haven't always gone over well in the past, but this time I made sure everything was organized and even, and I spent a lot of extra time polishing out as many bugs as I could with it. I learned how to master some of the settings with the editing program. I also learned how to smooth things out a little better as far as pitch changes, but it's not perfect. Luckily, I made it so that the lyrics can be cut out at any time for use in the video game. Always gotta have a plan B.

    I took a little longer this time to ensure that everything was as smooth as I could have possibly made it. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put my entire heart into it. Thank you all so much for the listen . . . and keep reaching for the clouds!

    Here we stand // A new adventure lies before us
    So just take my hand // I'll be here to guide you through this
    Cause we all need friends // everything you do will make us proud
    And it never ends

    So just reach up to the clouds
    Reach up to the clouds
    Reach up to the clouds
    When you reach up to the clouds // You will always make me proud
    When you reach up to the clouds

  13. Selections made!

    Sonic CD - Quartz Quadrant (Present, US) 


    Sonic Advance 3 - Special Stage 

    Sonic Riders - Sand Ruins 

    And this remix, my own of course, is from Sonic 2 for the Game Gear 

    I would love to do a remix for this event, but this time I've got a priority list and wouldn't have time

  14. **HI GUYS!!!! I just want to say before we start this, this could be one of THE BIG ONES. I'll be doing more for this project in the description, but I could definitely use all the support I can on this. Spread the word and what not (if you want lol)***

    [91] Control The Skies

    Track 091 // Length: 4:24 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 176 BPM // Measures: 194 // Loops: 23 // Time Taken: 8 days

    This one was created for an independent project. Aaron Webber is the Public Relations and Social Media manager for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. He's been working on a side project, an RPG video game based off the SEGA Dreamcast classic, Skies Of Arcadia. He sends out a tweet (I told y'all I was taking this going viral thing serious now lol) stating that he's allowing the people to contribute with art, music, programming, etc.

    This is intended to be a battle/boss battle theme. I've had a history of remixing Boss music that ended up doing really well amongst the community. This time it's a Drum 'n Bass piece with a touch of orchestral instruments enhanced by synths. I tried to make it as intense as I could, I do think dying down the drums to bring them up really help illustrate a sense of being able to think your actions during gameplay, while still fighting a tense battle. Most of the focus with this one was chord play. Making things work that you wouldn't normally hear. My childhood jazz background really helped with that bit.

    I know 8 days doesn't sound like a lot, but I'll be honest I've never felt more focused and motivated in my life. There would often be times I'd stay up over 24 hours at a time to work on it. I've done nothing this past week and a half except work on this. It's a project I'm super excited for, and I cannot wait to see the final project, assuming everything follows through smooth as silk.

    You all know what to do! All honesty is greatly appreciated! And thank you all so much for the listen!

  15. [90] Average Guys

    Track: 090//Length: 7:29//Style: Drum 'n Bass//Speed: 174 BPM//Measures: 318//Time Taken: 2 months, 4 days

    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    It's far time I've done another original. This one was created for a few friends of mine in the wrestling scene. A group known as The Average Guys. They have a podcast that's quite popular in Denver and surrounding areas, they walk about the local professional wrestling scene, and video games. One day they ask if I could make a theme for them, since they discovered my music page here on Newgrounds.

    With this one, ideas just had to pop one after another. I wanted a bit more of a happier, lightly flowing track with a good attitude. I think the bells and strings add a bit more of that feeling. I doubled up on the basses and a couple of the leads. The fast paced stuff really is my specialty. Once I was inspired, everything else came quick. Real easy setup.

    My editing skills are improving quite a bit too. I decided to take the advice of previous reviewers here on Newgrounds. I've laid off on the reverb quite a bit. I do hope it goes well. I ran into a little trouble with the microphone as it was giving me mixed qualities. By the time I realized I used the actual mic for some and the built in to the laptop mic for others, it was too late to go back. But I scrambled hard to get them to fit as well as I could. I do hope it goes over well. If anything, it should be a huge improvement from before. We will see.

    All honesty is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to listen!

    You call the shots//You always give it what you got
    We are simply there to take it into view
    Cause life is filled//With opportunities and thrills
    We'll be here until there's nothing left to do

    So turn the lights out and let's go outside now
    There's a whole world to explore
    All I need from you is just to take me to
    A place I've never been before

    Cause we're just average guys
    When you see our eyes
    But it's more than that. So much more than that
    And you would be surprised
    Once you realize
    That it's more than that. So much more than that

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