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  1. Imagine That fka Project 93 (23% complete)

    Came up with the name because of how it sounds so far. The beepy synth with the pan shift, and easy going bass, a couple percussion instruments here and there, triangles, hyoshigis, and cymbals. It kinda makes it sound like a thought cloud. I know that's a weird way to put it, but it's the best way. Dramatic, but very dreamy. I'm making this for dramatic cutscenes, but I'm sure you could use this as a stealth mission in other games XD. I'm building it up very slowly. I've got plans to go a little bigger, then kill it off again. 

  2. [80] Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)


    ***This is the first song I ever made as an SSMB member. So, as I repost this here again, I want to tell you all . . . Merry Christmas (in July XD)***


    OPD: December 18, 2016  ||  Length: 4:38  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    I started this project upon my arrival to The Sonic Stadium. I also wanted to make a song to commemorate the Christmas celebration. I wanted to ring in the holiday for my new friends with this piece. That’s why I picked a level that could be associated with the bright feeling of Christmas. You can hear it in the sleigh bells that are played throughout. I added an interesting twist to mix up some of the patterns that I had to follow, specifically in the drums and synths. I figured warm sounding chords would be perfect for a wintery song like this. I also discovered some new functions using LFO, Low-Frequency Oscillation. It really gave the pianos more of a harp feel. It worked out great. The community loved this one, and I was featured at 8th place for Christmas week on Newgrounds. It remains one of my best works to this day.



  3. Project 93 (20% complete)

    This one's going by quick. I should name it soon. Added some strings with slow attack and slow release for dramatic effect. Adding just a few drums for flow, but drums will be as minimal as I can get it. I need to start raising the intensity a little bit from here then kill it off again. I need to figure out how I'm going to do it

    1. NikoS


      That was... fast man.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's focus. That and I only have five instrument slots selected. This cinematic style is so easy, but I'm learning I have to be careful that I don't miss something. I'm trying to think of something to add. It feels undersaturated

  4. STARTING PROJECT: Project 93 (1% complete)

    6 minute beat (95%), editing (5%)

    One more for Aaron Webber's project, until I think of something else. This one's gonna be more for storyline purposes, so it's gonna be a lot slower, and a lot more cinematic. Picture Quartz Quadrant Bad Future (US) slowed down and changed up. Something very dramatic. So far I have created a cool beepy synth, and a pizzicato bass. There's gonna be very minimal drums on this one. It's gonna be gradual too. I gotta figure out what goes good with all of what I have so far. This is the fun part

  5. [79] Sonic CD - Stardust Showdown



    OPD: October 1, 2016  ||  Length: 5:17  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This here is my rendering of the US version of Bad Future Stardust Speedway. Of course, the feel I was going for this would be an epic showdown between Sonic and Metal Sonic. I wanted to capture that intense battle feeling. However, I was still trying to remember everything I had lost long ago. It’s not perfect, and after hearing it now there’s a lot more I could’ve done with it. A lot of adjustments to have made. I guess maybe I felt rushed to get something out there, as it had been a long time and I was still trying to get back into the groove. It was repetitive and bland. I learned a couple other functions that I had missed in that time though too, so it was another step to recovery. I would also be mildly re-introduced to editing, I added a little whisper voice to practice.  It was still perceived very well as it had ranked 6th place for that week and was featured on the front page. Things were different on Newgrounds from before, but it was an honor.


  6. [78] Beyond The Horizon



    OPD: July 27, 2016  ||  Length: 6:19  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    I was so happy to be back to writing music after my hiatus that I wanted to share this one once and for all. In the past, I’ve uploaded songs from a demo CD I made in late 2005/early 2006 before I went public on Newgrounds. This one was the very first. My brother actually got the program, Cakewalk Kinetic, for the computer for his birthday, just a week before Christmas in 2005. He attempted to make rap beats and sell them to independent artists. However, after not spending enough time with pieces to make anything good enough, he was ridiculed at a get together with local rap artists and gave it up. He then gave the program to me for Christmas. I would start practicing right away, and I came up with this one. My very first attempt at a song. It’s pretty obvious with uneven volumes and velocities. This is where I would explore a lot of the options laid out before me. It would be my introduction to many functions that I would certainly improve later on. I would go to develop a style that I would most certainly use in the future. I figured that my return from spending far too long away would be the perfect opportunity to share it. A lot of inspiration for this actually came from playing Grand Theft Auto 3.

  7. It just occurred to me that i may or may not make the Motobug music stream tomorrow. I've got a show in Colorado Springs.

    I'll pop in and out when i can

    1. DarkRula


      It starts in about five hours. Pretty sure you're fine.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Wait . . . what? Really?

      .............I've been awake over 24 hours. Had a loooooong and rather awkward day in Wyoming, just getting back home now. I'll try to rest up for it

    3. Polkadi~☆


      it starts in HOW MANY HOURS?!


      spoiler alert: we're cutting it super fucking close

    4. Kiah


      And it’s going to run for about 9 hours. Yeah just pop in when you can.

      I’ll be doing the same as I’m currently in New Jersey and me being busy is an understatement lol.

  8. [77] Sonic Colors - Planet Wisp (with a  W)



    OPD: June 5, 2016  ||  Length: 5:57  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    After six years I make a long awaited and very triumphant return, immediately being featured in the weekly top tracks at 4th place! Six long years I’ve waited for this day. It took working a terrible job, a lot of pain, a near-death experience, and a crushed soul, but I was finally back on my feet and ready to come back 110%! Of course, I had to make it count. I needed my return to music to make an impact in a sort. And it certainly did. It had been a while since I had done this, so relearning everything with Cakewalk Kinetic version 1 took a little time, but rust is easily lost. This is where I began my journey to start creating more futuristic sounding instruments, as heard in the bass. And as always, a song like this would require inspiration, which would come from years of listening to Pandora Radio. This one was taken more seriously than anything else I’d done to that point. The clips of Sonic and Tails came from the game itself, but I couldn’t get rid of the background music. It’s ok though, the fans all loved it anyway, and I was welcomed back into the world of music with open arms. I missed it

  9. [76] DOOM 2 - The Pit



    OPD: August 11, 2010  ||  Length: 5:11  ||  Style: Techno


    This one had a pretty sick beat. I actually started making this after hearing a fellow Newgrounds artist’s rendering of this track from the DOOM series. The guy was pretty confused on where he had heard it and wanted to do the full remix, but got lost. I wanted to show him the way. It turned out ok, I was going for a little bit more of a dramatic race against time feel. That’s where the xylophones come in. That’s also why it’s a lot faster and a little bit quieter than the original. As far as reception, it got a little bit of attention but never accomplished much as far as everything else on the internet. Still, stepping stones. Unfortunately, it was after this one that a psychotic former roommate would destroy most of my possessions, including my computer and all my equipment. It would be six whole years before I would come back to music writing due to financial struggle, and most people would forget about me in that time. I basically lost everything

  10. Beat encore mode!!!

    I have no emeralds lolz

    1. LukA8


      I'm surprised I even ended with three. I've spent hours searching for the entrance to the giant Ring in Mirage Saloon Act 1, and then fell out of the stage in 10 seconds XD

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I beat Encore mode three days ago but I only just now got all the emeralds. Tap Y or triangle when in the special stages. There's a bug that upgrades your mach speed. Instant mach speed 3, easy emerald!

  11. So this is just freaky XD


    1. BlueSky


      That was horrible. I have no words to describe this other than I hope he suffocates in the chilidog.

  12. [75] The Valley Of Kings



    OPD: June 12, 2010  ||  Length: 6:04  ||  Style: Techno


    Definitely need more originals in my arsenal. This one was made after I was inspired in the ring. I wanted to make something that channels out what I feel in the ring into a musical track, the mood being that I’m ready to go to war. Much like the Vikings. I pictured domination, just taking over. It’s the feel that I was trying to go for. It required heavier drums and a booming bass. The melody just kinda came together when listening to the chords in a loop. It took some clever maneuvering as far as transitions went. I really tried to smooth things over as much as I could to make it all flow perfectly. I also tried to add more of the feel I got from a Sonic Spinball remix I made previously with the drums. It wasn’t popular, no originals really are on Newgrounds. But it’s definitely one of my best as far as originals go.

  13. I'm gonna take a quick break from Mania Plus Encore Mode (I started with Encore) to go get some food real quick and take a breather. Here's my progress so far


    I'm on the Metal Sonic Boss fight in Stardust Speedway. Everything was going great. I discovered the whole spin dash secret to beating that first part with the multiple metal Sonics. Then Robotnik gave him the, is that the phantom ruby? And WTF? For some reason I can't get past this part now XD. I think it's best if I'm Knuckles cause every hit I give him seems to put me behind the metal monster into the gap. I've game-overed once but I still have a few continues left. 


    Also, I think Ray's animation when he climbs on the monkey bars is pretty funny. It makes him look like a monkey. But I like it either way.


    Speaking of Ray, how many more of you are practically just gliding through levels as Ray? I love this style




  14. Woke up late, got a good haul at the mall. Sonic Mania Plus at GameStop, unfortunately without the reversible cover but that's ok, then I went to Spencer's and got a new Sonic shirt, Sonic glass, and the shirt came with IDW Sonic issue 1. Then I had to upload the YouTube video for the day.

    I can finally begin Mania Plussing. HERE WE GO

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Without the reversible cover? Are you sure? The reversible cover just comes as part of the package as standard. You have a holographic cardboard sleeve on the outside, and then the actual game case inside has the reversible cover. 

    2. Thigolf


      If it's the Xbox One Version, Aaron talked about this in the livestream, it's a printing error and you can get a free proper one if you write the printer service.

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      That explains it @Thigolf. It's the XB1. Yeah I got the holographic sleeve, the artbook, but the game cover is just the one side. Guess I'll be in touch with the printing people lol

  15. [74] Sonic 2 - India's Oil



    OPD: May 1, 2010  ||  Length: 5:04  ||  Style: Dance


    Let’s face it. The original sounds very cultural and unique. And I’m the kind of guy who loves giving things gimmicks. I came up with a backstory to this one too, though it seems outdated now. The joke was that President RoBushnik was mining all the oil in India and Sonic was sent out to stop him to save all of India. This one was an interesting one to make. I had to do some research on Indian music. I knew a little bit, having worked at an Indian restaurant. It was fun. Used triplets again, where the original doesn’t. I found it was an interesting twist, they’re a tad more challenging to work with. Overall this one was fairly popular. A lot of the fans got a kick out of the variety of instruments combined and the general feel of the beat. It’s definitely a favorite in the community

  16. Haven't seen it on the status feed yet. That surprises me.

    Anybody hear of Cobanermani456 retiring? Seems he's been too depressed to keep at it, been going through a lot of emotional times. He's already deleted his Twitter and everything. YouTube is still up though, who knows for how long.

    This comes as a shock but at the same time it doesn't. He was one of the best YouTubers out there. But I think some of us could tell in recent times that this was coming. Good things weren't meant to last and this one truly hits close We can only hope we'll hear from him again

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Hold on he's what?

      Oh shit just read it up. Poor guy man, he always seemed so chill and happy in his videos that this comes out extremely shocking. 

      His health is above anything else but still this really weirds me out man I didn't have a clue of this happening.

      Depression is the silent killer and shouldn't be taken lightly.

    2. DiamondX


      I watched Cobi for a very long time (since around 2013) and I saw a lack of activity.

      I however didn't know he deleted his Twitter (I don't have a Twitter account to follow him).

      I hope he's doing okay.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Really? Last I heard his dad actually came to visit him. I know he had issues with depression before, but I hope he's doing alright if this is aftermath of any sort...

    4. Biggs


      That's incredibly sad. If I were him I'd be extremely proud for the following he cultivated and the work and talent he put into his videos. I hope he recovers soon. Depression and suicidal thoughts are terrifying

    5. CottonCandy


      Cobanermani?! Geez, I hope he's doing okay. Depression is pretty serious and it shouldn't be taken lightly. I struggled through it for years. I hope he gets the help he needs. 

    6. Kiah


      I’m surprised to hear this. Cobi was one of the first I subscribed to as I liked his enthusiasm and enjoyed his videos. Hadn’t kept up with him in a while but I had no idea he retired let alone suffering from depression. 

      Which is very unfortunate and sad. Depression is a terrible terrifying beast and I hope he will be okay and get the help he needs. While I would love for him to do his videos again one day what is much more important is his recovery. Best wishes to him. 

    7. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      I'd never guess he's fighting depression just from looking at him and his mannerisms. Just goes to show you the great lengths some people go to bottle it up.

      Not a fan of him at all, but I'd never wish a horrible thing like depression upon someone like him; He makes someone out there happy, even if that someone isn't me, and I wouldn't want to take that away from them. Sincerely hope he gets better.

    8. Zaysho


      I know he’s been dealing with a lot of stuff the last year since he’s always been pretty transparent about how he was feeling in the last year or so. Given everything I’ve heard I’m not surprised but it’s a bummer he's probably done. Hopefully he gets better.

    9. DarkRula


      I've just looked up on his channel to see this, and that photo of him chilling with his dad from a month back with the update.
      I did fall out of regularly watching, but he was always energetic in his videos. After all he has done with his channel, I think he definitely deserves time away.

  17. [92] Reach Up To The Clouds


     Length: 4:31 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 186 BPM // Measures: 210 // Loops: 26 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 20 days

    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    This is another piece made for Aaron Webber's Skies Of Arcadia based independent project. This was intended to be used for in-field adventuring between objectives. Something light and playful, something that makes you want to go exploring.

    Boy did I learn a lot from this one. I wanted to keep simple instruments with synth accompaniment this time as opposed to enhancements. A lot was separated between instruments like pianos, organs, and picked basses, to created synths and sound effects. I paid more attention to the stereo effects, panning from right to left and back and forth, as well as evening out volumes accordingly.

    I'm a tad nervous about the lyrics. I know they haven't always gone over well in the past, but this time I made sure everything was organized and even, and I spent a lot of extra time polishing out as many bugs as I could with it. I learned how to master some of the settings with the editing program. I also learned how to smooth things out a little better as far as pitch changes, but it's not perfect. Luckily, I made it so that the lyrics can be cut out at any time for use in the video game. Always gotta have a plan B.

    I took a little longer this time to ensure that everything was as smooth as I could have possibly made it. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put my entire heart into it. Thank you all so much for the listen . . . and keep reaching for the clouds!

    Here we stand // A new adventure lies before us
    So just take my hand // I'll be here to guide you through this
    Cause we all need friends // everything you do will make us proud
    And it never ends

    So just reach up to the clouds
    Reach up to the clouds
    Reach up to the clouds
    When you reach up to the clouds // You will always make me proud
    When you reach up to the clouds

    1. qt.steeph


      This sounds great !! I love the chorus, it felt like something you'd hear in an opening cutscene of a video game. :D

  18. Reach Up To The Clouds (98% complete)

    Rushing to get this done and up in the next four hours! Stay tuned, I'll probably only need two! I just learned a little more about smoothing, so that it doesn't sound like autotune. I also learned about wave repairing. Really comes in handy when the mic distorts. Makes it sound a little more normal. I'm afraid it's not going to be perfect though. It's nerve wrecking lol

  19. [73] Tetris GB - Music A



    OPD: April 5, 2010  ||  Length: 4:04  ||  Style: Techno


    Ever since I joined Newgrounds Audio, I had always wanted to do this. A lot of the most prestigious musicians on Newgrounds usually did a remix of this one. All of the greatest Newgrounds had to offer did a remix of this. This is why I really wanted to try my hand at it, not for competition, but to see how I stacked up compared to them. This one never got any awards, but it was used in many online games. The faster tempo and deep basses really added intensity to the piece. I brought back some familiar feel-good synths. People loved it. It’s not the best version they’ve heard on Newgrounds, but I got really positive feedback in general for it.

  20. I'm in a pretty sour mood today. Have you ever just woken up, and wondered what the hell you're doing with your life, making that thought stay with you throughout the entire day? Cause that's becoming more and more frequent with me somehow

    1. qt.steeph


      I'm in similar mood myself, actually. I've been noticing how much more bitter I'm becoming. Hope it's just another one of those days that I can forget about soon. More importantly, I hope you feel better soon yourself ! 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Same. I do hope your day gets better. I thought it was just anxiety again, but I'm waking up with these thoughts on an almost daily basis. I think I just need a change in life. Desperately

    3. E-122-Psi


      Oh believe me, I get those all the time.

    4. Kiah


      That seems to happen more frequently to me as I get older. That causes me to reflect back on my life with what could of been and what should of been and I’m in a sour mood as a result as disappointment is a huge part of that. 

      I make it a point to quickly change gears and remember that the past is in the past and it’s about making the most of the present and look forward to the future. Easier said than done (anxiety isn’t helping by any means as I’ve been suffering with that a lot the past 2 years. It gets pretty bad at times) but it helps. Motivates me to make changes if nothing else.

      Hope you and @qt.steeph feel better soon!

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've learned to just keep pushing no matter what. I'm not the kind of guy who ever gives up. It's both a blessing and a curse.I'm sure you understand that too @Kiah

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Yeah I get that way sometimes. I'm kind of annoyed that my life has been aimless but what can you do?

    7. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Tbh I think that kind of mindset comes with age. We grow older and wiser and it causes our brains to think more aboot what we've done over the course of our lives. But when it comes right down to it you have nothing to be sour about my dude. You have a good job, you can wrestle to your hearts content, and you're a wonderful musician! You got it goin' really good :D

    8. Speederino


      I get ya, man. I need a massive shake-up in my life soon, but figuring out how to accomplish it has been a little difficult 😕

    9. PaulyBFromDa303


      @The drunkard from space! You're probably right about that. Sometimes I get tired of it though. There are times i just need to get away. 

  21. Reach Up To The Clouds (90% complete)

    I got all my vocal retakes, I did the best I could with it, and now the editing can resume. I'm under a little bit of pressure . . . I would like to have this up and online before Mania Plus releases. That gives me under 30 hours to edit everything as perfect as I can get it. I may not make this deadline but I will be concentrating really hard for the next day or so to get this done. I have a bad feeling this one isn't gonna have as much "pizzazz" as the previous one. All I can do is hope

  22. [72] Quicksand Descent



    OPD: March 2, 2010  ||  Length: 4:25  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This one was actually another one created during my practice days in early 2006 before I was posting publicly, and eventually there will be more and more of these going online. The reason for finally publishing it was because I felt like I was going to be taking a lot more time between posting to write new stuff. This one was actually my rendition of what I think a desert level would be like. I went for that slight Arabica feel in the way the sequences are put out. I also mixed the drums a little bit up from the norm, giving it more of a rushing tone, the intent of making it unique. It’s probably the best I’ve done personally, as far as my originals go, even though this is clearly still earlier work as you’ll notice some of the volumes are uneven. It’s definitely one of my favorite practices

  23. Happy birthday to you too homes! I'd sing you a song but i wouldn't want to oversaturate the status feed with birthday songs, so I'll let these fine employees do it for me

    Just replace whatever the name is with Joseph XD

    1. JosepHenry


      Thank you dude! You're awesome! :D

  24. Happy birthday to you

    This hedgehog is blue

    You look just like Eggman

    And you smell like him too XD

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      you callin me baldhead or somethin boi

      fight me

      thanks man

  25. [71] Sonic 3 - Ice Cap, Act 2



    OPD: February 12, 2010  ||  Length: 4:38  ||  Style: Techno


    I was just starting out my fifth year on Newgrounds when I made this one. After that time, I wanted to do another remix of Sonic 3’s Ice Cap, because it was the first thing I ever posted on Newgrounds in 2006. This was definitely more of a milestone piece. This time I created a bell melody that I thought was perfect for the feel of the song. The main one that can be heard from beginning to end. I basically just recreated what I did the first time and improvised a few changes from there. This one, however, would be just a tad bit more successful than that first version. By this time, I was already a better-known name. I’ve learned so much since that first post. And the people enjoyed it. Quite a bit.

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