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  1. Apparently I'm not lucky enough to live in a town where Sonic Mania Plus was released early. That's ok, honestly I'm one of those guys who wouldn't feel right playing early anyway

    1. Kiah


      I can’t lie: I would have no problem playing Sonic Mania Plus early because Mania is that amazing!

  2. [70] A Touch Of Destiny



    OPD: November 27, 2009  ||  Length: 6:13  ||  Style: Techno


    It’s time for an original piece. And I decided to write this one while watching a Pirates Of The Caribbean marathon, hence the name was all I could think of for it. I wanted to use all of my most utilized instruments for this one, as it’s a complete original straight off the top of my head, and it had been almost a year since I had done an original like this. I wanted to make it count. It started off with a simple loop, that would eventually and gradually change as the song went on. Simple stuff, really, but still tried to be as complex as I could with simple riffs. It really is amazing what one can come up with, with a free mind.

  3. [69] Sonic Spinball - Toxic Rave




    OPD: November 15, 2009  ||  Length: 4:10  ||  Style: Techno


    Not just my top ten, this IS my #1! This one is hands down my most popular, most well-known, and most associated with me. Reaching over 35,000 listens and over 3,000 downloads, this track placed #2 for the week it was posted, #6 of the month, and has been heard all across the entire internet and across the world! It remains to this day, the best track in my collection of all time. I really felt like a faster tempo and double basses would really add to the tense feel that you could fall into acid at any time. Making the synths stand out was actually pretty easy once I got the groove going. A lot of the instruments used in this piece were homemade. I needed a synth for every tone. A couple background melodies, harmonies, and even a lower melody synth bass. Everything just kinda flowed after all pieces were in place. Learned to smooth a couple settings out, such as volume fade, and timing. I definitely went for more of a glowing, club mix feel with a slight taste of jazz. That’s exactly what I took from the original anyway with all their synths and melodies. And in the end, it turned out very successful. It was hard work, but it definitely paid off. I’m more than proud of this one.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I was just listening to this track the other day, actually. Def' one of my faves of yours.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thank you! That means a lot. It's crazy who will hear it where and when. I remember when this first came out and made it in the Weekly top tracks list, I rode the public bus and heard this being listened to by some college students on the bus. It felt amazing

  4. [68] Bejeweled Twist - Level 4



    OPD: August 5, 2009  ||  Length: 7:10  ||  Style: Dance


    Another Bejeweled remix. I actually tried to be a little more accurate as far as the way the instruments sounded. The drums and the bridge were really the only innovated things in this piece. I tried to go for a more exotic sound with mild congas, maracas and soft strings. The chord combination was really fun to work with on this one. It was an unusual setup, especially during the climax. The bridge was just made like usual, whatever came to me. But in order to match up the interesting jazzy feel, I had to come up with my own combinations. 4ths, 7ths, 9ths, any kind of unusual chord that you can identify in these. This was more for fun than anything else. I’m actually surprised I was able to get 7 minutes out of it. Most people that heard it loved it, but this was never close to popular for me.

    1. MightyRay


      Bit of an odd question but have you thought about doing a remix of the new Tetris Effect song?

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Not odd at all, in fact I'm glad you said something. I can check it out and see if i can :D

  5. [67] Sonic 3D Blast - Rusty Ruins



    OPD: July 31, 2009  ||  Length: 5:19  ||  Style: Dance


    It had been a while since I’ve touched a song with triplets. I think it really adds to a more “mystic” feel of a song, if done right. This was a pretty feel-good song and a feel-good level. What I was going for was something a little floaty, mixed in with some of the chill-sounding ideas I got from writing some of my previous Bejeweled Twist remixes. If you really listen in, you can pretty much tell that a lot of these remixes that are around the same timeframe sorta connect to each other. Overall this song did very well in the ratings. This song never won any awards, but it was very well received by the community. I can say that this one definitely helped develop a certain style that I would use for a while.

    1. Kiah


      I’m an instant sucker for Rusty Ruins as I like the Genesis versions and absolutely love the Saturn versions of the track. Nice job 🙂

  6. I got a new backpack for my laptop and equipment today. This is pretty cool, it's all fluffy. And it's reversible. But I'm probably going to keep it fluffy LOL



    1. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone
    2. NikoS


      Is that harry potter?




    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      You're telling me you don't know about Jack Bauer? 

    4. BlueSky


      I'd vote for the Cookie Monster due to all that blue hair.


      Seriously though, congrats for the new way past cool backpack!

    5. Kiah


      Omg where did you get that?! I want one! 

    6. NikoS



      You're telling me you don't know about Jack Bauer? 

      Ohh right, the guy from Mission: Impossible

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Kiah Spencer's, at the mall. I got the last one there XD I really wanted Sonic mugs to go with my new toaster but they didn't have any. BTW we'll get to that, I'm still waiting for it in the mail

    8. Kiah


      @PaulyBFromDa303 Thanks! I might have to go to the mall sometime this week because I really want one lol. 

  7. [66] Sonic 2 - Sky Chase



    OPD: July 4, 2009  ||  Length: 3:43  ||  Style: Dance


    This one was fun because I was actually trying to tell a story with this one. Picture Sonic and Tails taking the Tornado out for a quiet flight above a peaceful, summer beach, just relaxing and enjoying the day. That’s the tone I was trying to achieve with this. There were a couple things I know I could have paid attention to like resonation control in the drums. But other than that, everything went real smooth. The fans loved it. A lot of it was just making correct chords connect and seeing how innovative I could make transitions. Not the perfect song, but as long as people got my visual, that’s all I wanted. And it did, I got a lot of positive and motivating feedback.

  8. Last night I purchased the Crash Bandicoot n-sane trilogy. Here's a little confession, I've only ever played the second one. And I liked it. So far I'm liking the first one, you guys are scaring me with the whole "it gets harder" thing LOL so far so good though I just beat the witch doctor boss and got on to the second island. That's where I left off

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You have to say "WOAH" every single time you beat a stage

    2. Speederino


      It’s really not bad. A few difficulty spikes here and there but even as a kid I never had any real trouble getting through the first game. The problem used to be going for 100%, because the PS1 version made gem-collecting a much bigger hassle than it needed to be. The N. Sane version tones it down big time.

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Yeah it hasn't really been that difficult. That level, Rolling Stones, that one's so awesome and yet so whack. You gotta be absolutely perfect with it

  9. [65] Bejeweled Twist - Stratamax



    OPD: May 1, 2009  ||  Length: 6:25  ||  Style: World


    I was a big fan of this game around this time. Loved the music. The original was used in some of the challenges on Challenge Mode. The less time you had to finish the objective, the music would get more tense, and faster. I couldn’t exactly replicate the faster part, but I could absolutely make it more intense as the song went on. You’ll notice it builds up more and more all the way through to the end. Also, you’ll notice it sounds quite different. I discovered something new with the updated program I was using, where you can match instruments from different regions. So I decided to go an oriental direction with it as best as I could with tons of sitars, percussion choices, and flutes. This is also a lot slower than other songs I’m used to, with a base speed of only 70 BPM. I learned a lot about Japanese music by doing research, and by remembering some stuff from high school. This was fun AND educational.

  10. [64] Sonic 1 - Final Boss

    [TOP TEN SELECTION - 4/10]



    OPD: April 18, 2009  ||  Length: 4:33  ||  Style: Techno


    The main reason for this one is simple. I wanted to take on the challenge of turning an 18-second loop and get as close to five minutes as I could. The key is changed, and it’s sped up a little bit too, so you’ll really have to listen to get the resemblance. I threw some of my own stuff into the mix, and expanded the two-measure ending into 16 measures. I just put down what came to me. I wanted the ending sequence from the original to make more sense and connect more into the rest of the song. Then I added a bridge here and there, made a little homage to His World, which the fans were surprised to hear. This one was way different because most of it was improvised. I remember it going over very well, definitely in my top ten.

  11. Reach Up To The Clouds (80% complete)

    Beat is finished! Ready for the vocals! I've updated the lyrics as much as I could to make it, make sense, you know?


    Sonic trollface.png      Words are hard, hehehuhuhuhe.

    This really came out great tho, and the stereo effect really works much better. It's very light and playful. I'm a tad nervous about the lyrics, but I know exactly what I need to do to make this all work. At least, I'm hoping I have enough knowledge for that by now. Also, I heard from a coworker at the security job, that certain libraries have little soundproof rooms for people who want to record stuff. He also said that most of it's rappers XD. I'm gonna have to check this out, if this really exists, no more car recording! I'll have to do this soon though. I've got one more project (at least) to do after this.

  12. I don't know why I'm feeling this way, but I feel like I've made some enemies here in ssmb. I certainly hope it's not the case, I just want what's best. If there's anything anybody needs to clarify with me, I can listen.

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      EH!? You're one of the nicest guy on here! Why would you have foes??

    2. Boomer


      You're a cool guy, I've no issues with you 👍

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      I don't know, dude. Maybe I'm feeling just a little disconnected from everybody. I've been pretty busy knocking out these tracks in the hopes that the right people are indeed listening. I guess it's kind of put me in a panic state, and maybe I feel a little alienated.

      Also, I know my humor can be a little dark at times, a lot of my jokes are pretty much hit and miss, I just really hope I haven't offended anybody or anything

    4. Failinhearts


      You don't have an enemy in me, buddy. If you ever wanna talk to someone to find solace with, I'm here.

    5. Adamabba


      I doubt it man. It's pretty obvious that you're a nice guy and if anybody here has got anything against you then their out of their minds

    6. MightyRay


      I'm pretty cool with you, so you don't have much to worry about with me. :)

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      All I know is that, I'm really going to need this motobug stream. The Sonic music spectacular 3. I work at 7 p.m. that night (mountain), so at least I've got five hours

    8. Kiah


      You having enemies? I seriously doubt that. There has to be a reason for such things and you haven’t given any whatsoever. If anyone has an issue with you then it’s very likely a problem among themselves. 

      I can say that as both a friend and a moderator you are cool from both perspectives even if I had to mention a thing or two to you on the mod side of things which have been minor things that had to be said. If you were on my bad side you would definitely know it lol. 

      As for the disconnecting issue, simply interact with others in their statuses. I know you do it but aim to do it more. That’s how you connect not only with the community but with friends as well. I’ve seen you reach out to others in their time I’d need and that’s awesome. Keep that up too.

      If you continue doing these things that could not only lead to potential listeners and most importantly lead to potential friends. 

    9. qt.steeph


      I've probably mentioned this before, but I genuinely feel like I can call you a very close friend of mine on here ! Which is odd, I know LOL we haven't really talked much, but I find your work to be super inspiring and I love the overall energy you give off here at the forums. You're easily approachable which is what made me stick around for so long !!!

      I understand feeling this weird sense of people kind of being against you ? It happens to me at times too. All I can really say is I hope that the responses you've received today show you that there are people here who genuinely love you ! You bring a lot of good vibes here, and I would be very confused to hear anyone dislike you.

      Hope you feel better soon !!! Sending all my good vibes to you dude !

    10. PaulyBFromDa303


      You know, I appreciate everybody here. I think maybe I'm just anxious about this whole music thing. For some reason I can feel my dream is so close, but I'm not feeling much support. I follow a lot of people on Twitter and don't get a follow back, my YouTube videos half of them are single digit amount of views, I know it sounds ridiculous. I don't know, maybe I'm just so used to rejection because I've lived with it my entire wrestling career, which I almost died for and still have almost nothing to show for it (This is why I've been focusing more on music than wrestling lately) I guess that's it. Fear. Anxiety. I'm not trying to beg for attention or anything, but in the end, I'm going to need as much support as I can.

      I just can't get it out of my head!

    11. NikoS


      It must be anxiety, you are one of the friendliest guys around, don't let these feelings put you down.

    12. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I have absolutely no problems with you at all. You're one of the most friendliest people on the site, always seem calm, collective and well gives a positive atmosphere around here.

      Enjoy doing your music and from the sounds of things you do. At least you still have a talent on what you do and you push really hard at both. Also its very easy to get worried considering what you went through. (Oh and these days, unless you fit into their demographic people tend to get low figure viewing on Youtube anyway)

      If I don't say anything, its because I'm extremely shy, worried, have many of the same feelings and not really good at leaving feedback.

    13. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's understandable. Nowadays people want perfect responses . . . or just what they want to hear. I hope you know you can chat whenever. I'd need the same, there have been times I've asked SSMB just to chat. Dunno why. It feels safer

    14. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Well,  I'm always here to chat for friendly discussion if ya need. 

  13. [63] Bejeweled Twist - Level 3



    OPD: March 11, 2009  ||  Length: 6:34  ||  Style: Dance


    This game had a wonderful soundtrack. Very mesmerizing. I wanted to do the same. I had to use the perfect instruments, and I think I matched them up very well, playing around with categories that actually work with each other, matching melody and harmony as perfectly as I can. The background strings were treated with higher attack time and reverb for more of a spacey feel. Added with more of an 80’s pop sound, just for something different. The Newgrounds community had used this in tutorial videos and interactive games

  14. [62] Downtown Paradise



    OPD: February 16, 2009  ||  Length: 5:10  ||  Style: Techno


    It’s a riff I had in my head for a while but never made anything out of until I played a 10-hour Halo binge with my best friends and came up with a beat to go with it, so there’s some Halo inspiration here. I messed around with different percussions. I found some interesting ones. It made me think of something that would be used in a futuristic highway Sonic level. I wanted a good chance to try out some basic instruments too, like the pizzicato strings and sound effects, to check what works and what doesn’t. This is definitely one of my better originals, and hope to use it in the future.

  15. [61] PHW - Bong Doobie



    OPD: January 7, 2009  ||  Length: 2:40  ||  Style: Latin


    Made for Primos Hardcore & Wrestling for superstar Bong Doobie (played my me), to accompany a faction known as The Doobie Brothers, and so I came up with new tie-dye attire, and wrote this song specifically for the entrance. It was supposed to be a reggae beat at first, but then it ended up sounding completely different what with rougher drums than reggae, sorta like Latin. This did not take much time to make because of a time restraint, and is the shortest song I ever made.

  16. [60] Sonic Heroes - Mystic Mansion



    OPD: January 7, 2009  ||  Length: 5:55  ||  Style: Techno


    I’d always wanted to do this one. This one was focused more on background and originality than the main sequences. The song was complicated to do because the level itself wasn’t all set. The music depended on the room that you were in. So, I did my best to mix and match exactly what I thought would fit. Like a puzzle. Some people were pretty impressed with it. The pianos were probably my favorite part of it all. It allowed me chances for a better sounding chord sequence, just all around. Everything I did with the pianos was supposed to be unique and built up to something more dramatic. It was a fun piece to figure out, and the community had fun tuning in

  17. Reach Up To The Clouds (58% complete)

    That last part was ROUGH! I finished the part of the beat that the lyrics will be in. It was tough because I needed to find a way to connect my plans. I know what I want right after this part, and right before it, but the build-in was really tough to figure out. I hope I did this right, I may have to go back as I feel that something is making it really unsaturated. I have been able to analyze what all I need left for a more accurate percentage rating, we're looking at under 5 minutes again, just a tad more than the last one. I have a feeling that the hard part is over. Here's to hoping

  18. [59] Medieval Mobius



    OPD: December 29, 2008  ||  Length: 6:21  ||  Style: Techno


    Started exploring some of the new functions of the music making program. I found a setting called Mobius. It made me laugh because it just so happens to be the name of Sonic’s home planet as well. It appears to give the instrument you’re editing a kind of raspy laser effect. It works especially on basses and specific synths that fade away as opposed to holding the note. It was good practice editing fades, both in and out, using mathematics as opposed to random guessing. Had to make everything flow rhythmically and smoothly. It is definitely one of my best originals


  19. New month, New SSMB theme. Bye Rouge! Hello Vector

  20. [58] Shadow - Westopolis



    OPD: October 31, 2008  ||  Length: 4:53  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This one was a request made. But it’s also not my best. I was going through a rough time at this moment and I think that unfortunately reflected into this piece. I started running out of ideas, but got it back the deeper I got into this song. Since this level is about the chaos in Westopolis, a faster tempo and a variety of certain instruments for a darker feel was necessare. The chord combo at the end of the bridge definitely captures the scary dark feel. It was only ironic that this was posted on Halloween. Call it modest, but the people liked this more than I did. But it still did not see success

  21. Reach Up To The Clouds fka Head in the Clouds (40% complete)

    Changed the name because I'm adding lyrics to it. Yep, I'm braving out my singing and editing skills and hoping it works out. I WOULD like to somehow test the waters before i put it up. Get like a couple opinions before it goes public. I've got Newgrounds Audio's Discord, they'll have good opinions too. If my recording ends up being a waste of time, that's ok as long as the end result is as best as can be.

    Other than that, the instrumentals are sounding awesome so far. I'm balancing the stereo very well too, I received a review about that in my last one and it DOES actually sound better. I cannot wait to finish this either way

  22. [57] Sonic Heroes - Grand Metropolis



    OPD: October 11, 2008  ||  Length: 5:21  ||  Style: Dance


    By date the fastest song I’ve ever done, set at 256 BPM. I had always wanted to do a song of this speed. I think Grand Metropolis was perfect cause it’s a fast moving city, and Sonic is still running faster than the traffic, what with the roads that push you forward. Still wanted the happy-go-lucky background of the song as well. That’s why I used the lead instrument I did, a whistly satisfying sound. Had some fun with sound effects as well. Also played around with drum combinations and tempo changes. I felt it made for an interesting twist to a piece. It wasn’t just wonderful practice, but was also very well received by the audience.

  23. [56] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Boss



    OPD: October 6, 2008  ||  Length: 4:49  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This game in general had a wonderful soundtrack. This one, which was actually a request, got easier and easier the deeper I got into it. You can hear slight inspiration from Dragonforce in the end. You know, 2008 and all. There was a certain set of drums with the perfect amount of distortion in the set, and it really added to the boss fight feel for the song. Of course, a sped up tempo also helped. Worked on volume balancing, especially since a lot of the drums and synths did have that distortion sound. It was right to adjust it for a better flow, and I think I achieved it. It was very well received by others as well, and even turned out to be one of the best in this year.

  24. Head in the Clouds (30% complete)

    I always get about 10 loops in before I go back and edit through what I already have, make sure it's ready for the rest of the song. Got some electric organs in there. Maybe it's the Sonic fan in me, but I really like the sound of electric organs at fast speeds. I'm keeping the very light attitude with this, and playing around with some pan shifting. I do hope I don't overdo it. I'm paying close attention to every single detail I do. One mess up could ruin the entire song. I have to be careful

  25. [55] Chill Wave



    OPD: July 28, 2008  ||  Length: 6:01  ||  Style: Techno


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    Back in high school, my friends and I had this thing. If you’re feeling down, out, stressed, all you do is ride the Chill Wave and fly away. This basically means that if you do whatever you want to do, do what makes you happy, and nothing else in the world matters. No matter how people try to put you down, if you’re doing what you love then you’ll be happy. Happiness comes from within. Its what’s kept us trying to achieve our dreams. I know the lyrics in this one are a little repetitive. It was something I was trying to do to fit a more clubby-style. I do feel like I could’ve been better with this one. This would be my last lyrical for a while due to the fact that I was still living under my father’s anti-noise rule. Not for much longer, but I wouldn’t get that confidence back for a long time. Minus the lack of editing, the overdone reverb level, this one didn’t turn out the worst. People still enjoyed the originality and the flow throughout the entire piece.

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