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  1. Reach Up To The Clouds (58% complete)

    That last part was ROUGH! I finished the part of the beat that the lyrics will be in. It was tough because I needed to find a way to connect my plans. I know what I want right after this part, and right before it, but the build-in was really tough to figure out. I hope I did this right, I may have to go back as I feel that something is making it really unsaturated. I have been able to analyze what all I need left for a more accurate percentage rating, we're looking at under 5 minutes again, just a tad more than the last one. I have a feeling that the hard part is over. Here's to hoping

  2. [59] Medieval Mobius



    OPD: December 29, 2008  ||  Length: 6:21  ||  Style: Techno


    Started exploring some of the new functions of the music making program. I found a setting called Mobius. It made me laugh because it just so happens to be the name of Sonic’s home planet as well. It appears to give the instrument you’re editing a kind of raspy laser effect. It works especially on basses and specific synths that fade away as opposed to holding the note. It was good practice editing fades, both in and out, using mathematics as opposed to random guessing. Had to make everything flow rhythmically and smoothly. It is definitely one of my best originals


  3. New month, New SSMB theme. Bye Rouge! Hello Vector

  4. [58] Shadow - Westopolis



    OPD: October 31, 2008  ||  Length: 4:53  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This one was a request made. But it’s also not my best. I was going through a rough time at this moment and I think that unfortunately reflected into this piece. I started running out of ideas, but got it back the deeper I got into this song. Since this level is about the chaos in Westopolis, a faster tempo and a variety of certain instruments for a darker feel was necessare. The chord combo at the end of the bridge definitely captures the scary dark feel. It was only ironic that this was posted on Halloween. Call it modest, but the people liked this more than I did. But it still did not see success

  5. Reach Up To The Clouds fka Head in the Clouds (40% complete)

    Changed the name because I'm adding lyrics to it. Yep, I'm braving out my singing and editing skills and hoping it works out. I WOULD like to somehow test the waters before i put it up. Get like a couple opinions before it goes public. I've got Newgrounds Audio's Discord, they'll have good opinions too. If my recording ends up being a waste of time, that's ok as long as the end result is as best as can be.

    Other than that, the instrumentals are sounding awesome so far. I'm balancing the stereo very well too, I received a review about that in my last one and it DOES actually sound better. I cannot wait to finish this either way

  6. [57] Sonic Heroes - Grand Metropolis



    OPD: October 11, 2008  ||  Length: 5:21  ||  Style: Dance


    By date the fastest song I’ve ever done, set at 256 BPM. I had always wanted to do a song of this speed. I think Grand Metropolis was perfect cause it’s a fast moving city, and Sonic is still running faster than the traffic, what with the roads that push you forward. Still wanted the happy-go-lucky background of the song as well. That’s why I used the lead instrument I did, a whistly satisfying sound. Had some fun with sound effects as well. Also played around with drum combinations and tempo changes. I felt it made for an interesting twist to a piece. It wasn’t just wonderful practice, but was also very well received by the audience.

  7. [56] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Boss



    OPD: October 6, 2008  ||  Length: 4:49  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This game in general had a wonderful soundtrack. This one, which was actually a request, got easier and easier the deeper I got into it. You can hear slight inspiration from Dragonforce in the end. You know, 2008 and all. There was a certain set of drums with the perfect amount of distortion in the set, and it really added to the boss fight feel for the song. Of course, a sped up tempo also helped. Worked on volume balancing, especially since a lot of the drums and synths did have that distortion sound. It was right to adjust it for a better flow, and I think I achieved it. It was very well received by others as well, and even turned out to be one of the best in this year.

  8. Head in the Clouds (30% complete)

    I always get about 10 loops in before I go back and edit through what I already have, make sure it's ready for the rest of the song. Got some electric organs in there. Maybe it's the Sonic fan in me, but I really like the sound of electric organs at fast speeds. I'm keeping the very light attitude with this, and playing around with some pan shifting. I do hope I don't overdo it. I'm paying close attention to every single detail I do. One mess up could ruin the entire song. I have to be careful

  9. [55] Chill Wave



    OPD: July 28, 2008  ||  Length: 6:01  ||  Style: Techno


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    Back in high school, my friends and I had this thing. If you’re feeling down, out, stressed, all you do is ride the Chill Wave and fly away. This basically means that if you do whatever you want to do, do what makes you happy, and nothing else in the world matters. No matter how people try to put you down, if you’re doing what you love then you’ll be happy. Happiness comes from within. Its what’s kept us trying to achieve our dreams. I know the lyrics in this one are a little repetitive. It was something I was trying to do to fit a more clubby-style. I do feel like I could’ve been better with this one. This would be my last lyrical for a while due to the fact that I was still living under my father’s anti-noise rule. Not for much longer, but I wouldn’t get that confidence back for a long time. Minus the lack of editing, the overdone reverb level, this one didn’t turn out the worst. People still enjoyed the originality and the flow throughout the entire piece.

  10. Sup guys!

    So my newest track made it in Newgrounds weekly top list ranked at #5. I'm hoping this is a sign of good things to come . . .

    It's the only original i have to be in this list too.


  11. [54] Sonic 3 - Final Boss



    OPD: July 4, 2008  ||  Length: 5:59  ||  Style: Metal


    This one is most famous for being in numerous YouTube Poops, and most well-known in Boogidyboo’s “Robotnik Runs Out Of Toilet Paper”. The original plan was to make this one a lot faster, but it didn’t sound as good as expected. I decided to instead go with rapid drums and an extreme attitude, like heavy metal. It was really fun messing around with the timing, switching from 4 to 5 to 6 counts. I learned a little while listening to metal bands like Killswitch Engage. I was going for something extremely crazy like a final boss should be. It was perceived very well by the audience and still to this day remains one of my most popular pieces ever, which surprised me as this piece was all synth.

  12. Started: Project 92 (7% complete)

    Target: 6 minute beat (95%), editing (5%)

    I've decided to do a couple more for the Skies of Arcadia project. Really this is all about showing variety. If this is really what I want to accomplish, I need to show then I can do anything in any style. This one is going to be another DnB track, only a lot lighter and happier sounding, and a tad bit faster. The intention is for use while adventuring between objectives. I've got plans for other things other than DnB too, though it is my strong point and usual go-to lol

    So far I have a piano and string line down, a cool bass riff, and hi-hat drums with low cut-off speed, for the beginning of a buildup. The basic pieces are in place, now I build. I'm also planning to mix the drums up a little bit from the usual. Make something interesting out of it, as long as it's going to be light and floaty

  13. [53] Sonic Advance - Angel Island



    OPD: May 26, 2008  ||  Length: 5:28  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This one was requested as an entry for a contest that pinned a bunch of remix artists to do a remix of the same exact level. This wasn’t the winning entry, but It was placed 3rd out of I think 9. Another sky level that I wanted to give a summery feel to. I made a kind of whistly synth lead that I thought would sound perfect for the attitude I was trying to achieve, that high up and floaty sound. Also tried to make my transitions as smooth as possible. Learned some more effects as well using the editing program.

  14. [52] Sonic Heroes - Final Fortress



    OPD: April 13, 2008  ||  Length: 5:02  ||  Style: Techno


    Another intense work, another sky level, and more spacey feel. As always, I tried to match the feel of the level into this piece, dark chords and sequences, and even darker sounding instruments. I’ve edited some more instruments and learned some more functions. An interesting thing about working with different versions of music programs is that they may be similar, which really helps if you already have prior knowledge and a basic idea of what you want and how to use it. This one went over very well with the crowd and was even streamed live in front of a thousand people at a convention in 2009

  15. [51] Pokémon MD - Sky Tower



    OPD: April 11, 2008  ||  Length: 5:00  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This level was such a rush. I wanted to match it. Faster tempos and light feelings with flutes. Played around with special effects a little bit. Found one that sounded like a meteorite. Makes sense with a sky level and used it. I also used a synth I made perfect for melodic chordplay combinations. I kinda wanted a Star Trek feel to that instrument as well. This didn’t turn out too bad. It’s my most popular Pokemon remix today.

  16. [91] Control The Skies

    Track 091 // Length: 4:24 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 176 BPM // Measures: 194 // Loops: 23 // Time Taken: 8 days

    This one was created for an independent project. Aaron Webber is the Public Relations and Social Media manager for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. He's been working on a side project, an RPG video game based off the SEGA Dreamcast classic, Skies Of Arcadia. He sends out a tweet (I told y'all I was taking this going viral thing serious now lol) stating that he's allowing the people to contribute with art, music, programming, etc.

    This is intended to be a battle/boss battle theme. I've had a history of remixing Boss music that ended up doing really well amongst the community. This time it's a Drum 'n Bass piece with a touch of orchestral instruments enhanced by synths. I tried to make it as intense as I could, I do think dying down the drums to bring them up really help illustrate a sense of being able to think your actions during gameplay, while still fighting a tense battle. Most of the focus with this one was chord play. Making things work that you wouldn't normally hear. My childhood jazz background really helped with that bit.

    I know 8 days doesn't sound like a lot, but I'll be honest I've never felt more focused and motivated in my life. There would often be times I'd stay up over 24 hours at a time to work on it. I've done nothing this past week and a half except work on this. It's a project I'm super excited for, and I cannot wait to see the final project, assuming everything follows through smooth as silk.

    You all know what to do! All honesty is greatly appreciated! And thanks for the listen!

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Really peppy, and I love me some DnB. Got my foot tappin'. The drums and synths blend well together. I don't really know anything about Skies of Arcadia or the types of things you fight, but I could definitely hear this playing over some kind of battle between aircraft moreso than a physical confrontation.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      I appreciate that man! I hadn't played SoA in so long I actually had to look up gameplay for a minute before I was like "Oh yeah! This!" That's how I got the idea to do orchestral, and of course DnB is my specialty. So is Boss music though, my most popular remixes have always been the Boss music. It could've been anything but I had to go with battle music

  17. Control The Skies (95% complete)

    IT'S FINISHED!!!!! I tackled this one like the fandom tackled the Sonic Pumas. I was so excited and motivated with this one that I just couldn't stop. I did three weeks worth of work in one and a half. I better REALLY take this time to go over every little detail and make sure I don't miss ANYTHING. I definitely made this one for a boss battle. I tried to make it as intense as possible. I was also able to confirm that Webber is indeed paying attention. Twitter can be tough communication sometimes but it works. This is one worry off my back. Now i just hope it pays off


    1. NikoS


      I'm prepared over here already man


  18. Control The Skies (88% complete)

    As this gets closer and closer to completion, I can't help but feel nervous, but more over self doubting, and actually extremely worried that I might be wasting my efforts. I mean, what if the ones I'm reaching out to don't see it, they don't pay attention, and they never hear of it? How does one connect for something like that? Maybe it's just something I'm used to already . . . these thoughts hold me back a little bit. But I'm not giving up, no matter what. I won't know unless I try. Anyway, it should be online in the next 48-72 hours

  19. Wow. Johnny Gioeli is so talented. Listen to him hold that high note for so long


    1. Ferno


      No doubt that he's talented, but sometimes I wonder how much of his vocal recordings are cleaned up and improved in post-production/ final mixing, etc, due to how he always sounds like he's straining when singing the same songs live.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Especially this version. He sounds like Justin Beiber in the end

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Makes you want to kill the Finalhazard even faster before he passes out!

    4. Ferno


      *actually presses play*


      why u gotta be like this

    5. BlueSky


      You wanna hear a really long high note?

      I'll give you a record-owning one (according to the Classic Pop magazine issue I can't remember);

      Not their best song but it's one of the somewhat better ones after their 80's I think...


    [50] Sonic & Knux - Death Egg




    OPD: March 5, 2008  ||  Length: 5:02  ||  Style: Techno


    No doubt this is one of my highest rated pieces of all time. Lots of echo and reverb used in this one to add a spacey feel. As a 50th song celebration I worked really hard on this one, learning volume control and bend switches. I wanted a unique sound to this one, something totally different from anything else. The bridge was fun to do because I wanted a sequence of chords that would accompany the original very well. I think I did well with it. A lot of the fans did too.

  21. Control The Skies (64% complete)

    It's all downhill from here. I have all the bridges I need, now it's time to close everything up and out after the last breakdown. I'm ready. All I can hope is that the right people are listening and paying attention. This last section I did is so metal. I love how it came out, and I hope you do too. You'll hear which part I mean

  22. [49] PHW - Horror Squad



    OPD: January 22, 2008  ||  Length: 3:57  ||  Style: Cinematic


    It was in this time period that I started my career as a professional wrestler. I had been training for nine months at this point, and I had made my public debut as a wrestler the week before this song came out. My promoter knew about my music and asked that I made him a theme song for a tag team known as The Horror Squad, two guys dressed up as Jason Voorhees (Jason The Terrible) and Michael Myers (Cannibal Lecter), so the song had to have a scary feel to it. It was the morning of the show so I didn’t have much time. I threw everything here together within two hours. I found a synth pad that sounded spookier and spookier the longer you played it, so I played it on hold throughout the entire song, along with slower echoed drums. It was appreciated and is still used to this day, usually for the Halloween shows

    1. BlueSky


      That's pretty awesome actually, it's really worth reading the text too since you manage to have this kind of stories behind the songs.

  23. Control The Skies (57% complete)

    I've been working on this for almost 24 hours straight now. I am now at work and have to continue later. But I did a lot today. I made a solo with a since I created a long time ago, called "Sky Synth". Perfect for what's going on here. I'm also far enough now to where I've planned out what I want for the rest of the song. The old percentage of course was based off of 6 minutes, the final result will be just under 5. And of course I will provide Mr Webber with an extended loopable version. I've got this set up perfectly. I'm probably going to take tomorrow to just go over what I have so far. I don't want to finish this too quickly or I will miss details. I'm treating this piece like it's going to be a foot in the door. I feel like this is the one that may make my dream actually come true. We will see. Fingers crossed

    1. Kiah


      Fingers crossed! 🤞 

  24. [48] Sonic 2 GG - Sky High




    OPD: January 22, 2008  ||  Length: 5:05  ||  Style: Dance


    I made an upgrade to my music program back to Cakewalk Kinetic V2. The thing is, you have to register a code to use the program, but if the code is already used you can’t re-install it. Prevents theft but is also a pain in the ass. Anyway, this is where I would discover one my custom instrument of choice, which I had used more and more often and even to this day. I named it “Sky Synth”. People liked how I went with a jazzy version and added an upbeat sequence. It had been a while since I had used a triplet tempo as well. The true test though was turning an 8-bit song into something way more complex. It actually got easier the deeper I got into it and the more fun I had with it. Overall, it’s definitely one of my best of all time.

  25. [47] Sonic '06 - His World



    ***Honestly I'm a little embarrassed to post this one. It's a remix that's just as bad as the game itself. But it IS a part of my history . . . so . . . . . ***

    OPD: November 17, 2007  ||  Length: 6:21  ||  Style: Rock


    Original written by Jun Senoue and Mike Szuter; additional lyrics written by Pauly B; performed by Pauly B

    First and foremost, I am not a rapper, so forgive me. This one was done by request, my own rendering with my own lyrics. I had originally planned to find someone else to rap these lyrics, however I found no volunteers. However, you can tell the direction I was trying to go for this one. I started developing a few more editing skills with this one as well, using melodics and harmonics in my lyrics and trying to match them up pitch perfect. I was on a little bit of a time restraint with this one. It didn’t hit too well with too many, but this was a pretty good practice piece, and a pretty big step up.

    1. qt.steeph


      It's always the projects that you're most ashamed of that end up being a big gateway to your progression as an artist :P

    2. Tarnish


      Wohoo, the remix I requested or suggested back in the day, lol.

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Tarnish Lol was this one you? I know you've requested a few here and there back then lol. We go back

    4. Tarnish


      I requested more? I honestly only remember suggesting this one.

      Btw I still have the WIP versions and the instrumental version you sent, lol. I personally think it works better as an instrumental song than a vocal song. Maybe it's worth sharing that one as well.

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      I'm pretty sure you requested one from 2006. There's a few actually. I happened to notice some of my paraphrased descriptions I made back then where I credited you for requesting it XD

    6. Tarnish


      Maybe I did and I'm just senile, lol. I can't recall if Westopolis was my suggestion or I'm just making stuff up at this point.

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      That one's coming up in about a week and a half. I believe you also requested Frog Forest and some boss music. I'd have to go back through everything. But I'm a little busy atm lol

    8. Tarnish


      Sure, no hurry.

      I doubt I suggested Frog Forest tho since I was never a big fan of that song.

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