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  1. Control The Skies (24% complete)

    Trying to keep the tensity as I create somewhat of a soft bridge with acoustic guitars and bells, but bringing it back up with warm pads. I've been listening to a couple of my favorites for inspiration. I'm making this as bossy as I can make it

  2. [46] Sonic 2 - Aquatic Ruins



    **Here's my situation this time. I ran out of room on SoundCloud. Unless I pay $8 a month I only have room for 3 hours of material. Pointless, I get 3 listens a week on SC. So from here on it's just my top tracks list. My focus will always be Newgrounds, but YouTube wins this little experiment against SC***

    OPD: September 20, 2007  ||  Length: 4:41  ||  Style: Rock


    This one had a great turnout and some history behind it. Newgrounds had recently went through an update that raised the maximum file capacity upload from 4MB to 8MB, which allowed me up to 8:30 of material per song. Of course, I would take immediate advantage. I wanted to give this one somewhat of a gimmick. The Aquatic Ruins always reminded me of some ancient Roman architecture and culture. I wanted to match that feel with orchestral instruments and a slower tempo. Added some more complex chords. Added some bells and xylophones for a bit of a touch. Still some volume problems but they weren’t too bad.

  3. Control The Skies (18% complete)

    I'm feeling so inspired and motivated right now. It's crazy. So, I've finally got a melody rolling, but I still made the intro very boss-level like. Trumpets, acoustic bass, and I learned something really cool with LFO, I found a way to make a modulating synth very intense and very dramatic. I made a riff that works well with a lot of melodies. I've been coming up with a whole bunch all night at work trying to decide which one to use. I'm using the voice recorder on my phone a bit more too. When I need to put ideas down NOW and I'm not around XD

  4. [45] Sonic 1 - Metal Marbles



    ***I know y'all are probably sick of these. I do thank you for the continued support in expanding the dream. We're halfway through now. The good stuff is just starting to come up. I promise***

    OPD: August 10, 2007  ||  Length: 3:55  ||  Style: Metal


    I don’t know why, a faster more hardcore version just felt right for this one. Not much to say about this one, but I did learn adjusted tempo changes. That’ll come in handy in the future. Also, it was around this point that I would use presets less and less, and use more and more organic drums and patterns.  People did like the twist from minor to major. I felt like it gave the light feeling near the end. I felt like after a few minutes of something hardcore, the listeners could use a breath of fresh air. It was a fun concept to learn

    1. Kiah


      Sick of these? No. Only thing is I can’t always listen to them because I’m at work when you post a good number of them. 

      And it’s fine because you aren’t spamming these in the statuses. You start doing that and we will have a problem lol. It also helps that this is not all you’re doing in the statuses too as balance is key. 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thanks for that @Kiah I needed that


  5. Control The Skies fka Project 91 (10% complete)

    Intro is finally complete! It usually takes a while at first especially with something like this, where all you want is the perfect sound for the intro, having to hunt and adjust instrument sounds. I also learned something else cool about LFO, creating somewhat of a striding instrument that can increase or decrease tensity in ways I never thought possible. It's kinda hard to describe, it sounds real futuristic. I cannot wait to get the melody started. I've got a perfect fit in mind

  6. [44] Sonic Advance 2 - True Area 53



    OPD: August 1, 2007  ||  Length: 3:37  ||  Style: Techno


    This one was (and actually still is) featured on Spotify. To say the least, this one was pretty popular amongst the audience. They enjoyed the drum lines. I modified some presets and mixed them together, gave the bass a boost. I wanted this to sound as “final level” as I possibly could. I think the key change really drove that point home. It was fun figuring out both a harmony and a melody for all parts. Proud of this one.
    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Freaking awesome dude! 10/10. Def putting this on my phone

  7. STARTING PROJECT: Project 91 (No name yet)

    TARGET: 6 minute beat (95%) Editing (5%)

    I've see a huge opportunity to show off, so I'm gonna make a DnB battle theme. This could be a big one!!!

  8. [43] Sonic Advance 2 - Sky Canyon



    OPD: July 21, 2007  ||  Length: 4:13  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    I was more concentrated on this one after my first computer got virused. I felt like this one deserved a summer feeling, much like the level itself. I was pretty proud of how the combination of electronics and brass came together for a more unique sound. I wanted to give this level some more hype. Like sky surfing. Had a tiny bit of a distortion problem with this one. I was still developing volume control. People loved it anyway. After losing my first computer, people thought this was a fitting comeback

  9. [42] Sonic R - Supersonic Racing



    OPD: July 21, 2007  ||  Length: 4:03  ||  Style: Techno


    Not particularly proud of this one. I had only ONE chance to do as decent vocals as I could. As mentioned earlier, my father, who didn’t like my singing while he was working at home. I hardly had time to edit either, and didn’t have the developed skills to do so at this time. It had been a couple months since my first computer got a virus so I had to go back to version 1 for a while. I kinda rushed through this one just so I could have something to post.

  10. OK GUYS! Here it is!!!!

    [90] Average Guys

    Track: 090//Length: 7:29//Style: Drum 'n Bass//Speed: 174 BPM//Measures: 318//Time Taken: 2 months, 4 days

    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    It's far time I've done another original. This one was created for a few friends of mine in the wrestling scene. A group known as The Average Guys. They have a podcast that's quite popular in Denver and surrounding areas, they talk about the local professional wrestling scene, and video games. One day they ask if I could make a theme for them, since they discovered my music page here on Newgrounds.

    With this one, ideas just had to pop one after another. I wanted a bit more of a happier, lightly flowing track with a good attitude. I think the bells and strings add a bit more of that feeling. I doubled up on the basses and a couple of the leads. The fast paced stuff really is my specialty. Once I was inspired, everything else came quick. Real easy setup.

    My editing skills are improving quite a bit too. I decided to take the advice of previous reviewers here on Newgrounds. I've laid off on the reverb quite a bit. I do hope it goes well. I ran into a little trouble with the microphone as it was giving me mixed qualities. By the time I realized I used the actual mic for some and the built in to the laptop mic for others, it was too late to go back. But I scrambled hard to get them to fit as well as I could. I do hope it goes over well. If anything, it should be a huge improvement from before. We will see.

    All honesty is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to listen!

    You call the shots//You always give it what you got
    We are simply there to take it into view
    Cause life is filled//With opportunities and thrills
    We'll be here until there's nothing left to do

    So turn the lights out and let's go outside now
    There's a whole world to explore
    All I need from you is just to take me to
    A place I've never been before

    Cause we're just average guys
    When you see our eyes
    But it's more than that. So much more than that
    And you would be surprised
    Once you realize
    That it's more than that. So much more than that

    1. BlueSky


      I really love the background in this, the tempo and melody and all in it!

      Sounds awesome!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thanks dude I appreciate that! Long time no see!

      I literally just posted a new one too XD

    3. BlueSky



      Though I have this funny thing about singers voices; I like it a tiny bit better when there's a bit more "bass tone" in the singing voice. That's mostly just my personal ideal though, this is awesome anyway!

  11. [41] Rundown



    OPD: February 10, 2007  //  Length: 4:03  //  Style: Rock


    This was simply more experimenting with the new program. I found a cool guitar preset and decided to put my editing skills to the test. Mixed with an interesting electronic instrument I discovered as one of my own custom synths, using a new mixer setting and additional effects. It was definitely cool trying new stuff. During the making of this piece, I was watching the movie, The Rundown, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sean William Scott, and somehow came up with some ideas. So I named it after that.


  12. I've got my new song ready!!!

    Question is, do I handle that first or the YouTube video for the day . . .

    Stay tuned!

  13. Average Guys (98% complete)

    I'm within the final day! It should be up by tomorrow afternoon. At least I'm hoping. Not much left to do. Just a little bit more on the vocals, and my final proofreading, and that's it. I've run into a few problems with the mic. The quality seems to be back and  forth. I might have to do a quick retake before finishing. It won't slow me down much, only an extra 15 minutes of work.

  14. You know what they say . . .

    images (1).jpeg

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      it's bread mario fuck you

  15. [40] Sonic 3 - Launch Base



    OPD: January 28, 2007  ||  Length: 3:58  ||  Style: Dance


    This one will always be memorable. One reason: new program. Cakewalk released Cakewalk Kinetic, v2, and I found it and got it myself. This would be the first time ever using CK2. With this song, I would experiment with a lot of the new synths and settings. There was so much to learn. All new functions, sounds, opportunities. I didn’t really want to go with an abrupt ending for the style I chose, so I eased out with it. I learned a lot in this one that would definitely help in the future. This new program was way more complex than version 1. Here I would find my more signature sounds.

  16. [39] Pokémon MD - Stormy Sea



    OPD: January 5, 2007  ||  Length: 3:49  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    A classic, simple setup for this one with the sound effect, and higher speed to enhance the stormy feeling. This level was very difficult and deserved an intense remix. It sure was fun taking the original 3-count and turn it into a 4-count DnB track, and actually people enjoyed my version of it more than the original itself. The one thing I would change if I had the chance would be the lead instruments, or at least to edit them a little more for a different sound. I think I got the tone right though. I’m pretty proud of this one.

  17. Average Guys (93% complete)

    Well now. This editing stuff is getting easier and easier each time. Now that I know what exactly to look out for and how to tune better. Still getting the hang of tone curves, but I'm sure I'll find a way to iron those out and make it smooth. It's actually sounding a lot better. I decided to take the advice of people that reviewed the Park Avenue remix, to lay off the reverb. There's hardly any reverb involved at all, and it actually works. A lot better. I'm keeping the echo though. That's my style. Got a few nights off now, I can get this finished in the next 60 hours if I really go at it. That'll have to wait for the moment . . . the sun's coming up. It's time for bed. XD Like that makes sense

  18. [38] Sonic Advance 3 - Nonaggression



    OPD: January 5, 2007  //  Length: 4:05  //  Style: Techno

    We're finally in 2007! I promise the upcoming years aren't as long


    My own twist on this one includes something different I’d never done before. I included 3-count measures in my work, to stay accurate to the original. I feel like I didn’t edit this enough due to instrument choice and distortion. But I tried to be as intense as I could all the time. The conga drums were added for a more dramatic effect. People reacted very well to it. The key change was fun to do, I wanted to stay accurate while mixing it up a little bit. This one was definitely a map marker on Newgrounds. 4th place in the Weekly Best Audio.

    1. Kiah


      My goodness you were busy with all the work you did in 2006!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      37 songs in 2006. I was in my junior/senior year of high school back then and I hadn't started my wrestling career yet. It was all I would do after school ever since I got the program for Christmas in 2005. Shortly before graduation I started training to be a wrestler, and that on top of my early "adulting" age, I wouldn't have as much time to do so. There are only 10 songs in 2007 lol

  19. Average Guys (91% complete)

    Retakes are done. Now all the vocals are perfect . . . at least they should be, once they're edited. For some reason it's hard for me to hit a lower octave. Only a matter of time now

  20. That Devolver presentation was pretty metal. Nina's dead corpse looked better than those you see on TV XD 

  21. [37] Nothing In Return



    OPD: December 6, 2006  ||  Length: 4:04  ||  Style: Techno


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    Another restricted vocal piece. I’m not particularly proud of this one. Lots of bad memories but memories nonetheless. I fooled around with the instrument synthesizer and learned how tiny tweaks can make more basic instruments, one instrument template can hold a difference between real sounding pianos, a harpsichord, and a ukulele. I did try to show as much emotion as I could in the vocals even though I had to tone it down (family household and all). This was basically just a stress reliever and I hardly took time to edit. However, my skills are definitely improving.

  22. Average Guys (90% complete)

    Recording was easy! I guess that's because I practiced it so much beforehand. That and I have my secrets, like eating a lozenge before singing. It's not perfect singing but it's good enough to be editing. I'll probably lay off on the reverb this time. That was the one thing people didn't like about the Park Avenue remix. Lesson learned. Anyway, all that's left is editing. Wish me luck! It's almost done!

  23. [36] Super Mario 64 - Boss 



    OPD: December 3, 2006  //  Length: 4:01  //  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    I gave this one the hardcore boss feel that I think it deserved. Sped up tempo and ravishing drums made this one feel intense. Introduced to Filters and basic filter settings as heard in the lead strings. I still to this day don’t exactly fully understand them, but I know some are high and low power and it controls the hardness or softness or the soundwaves of the instrument. I was starting to master mathematics skills in editing velocities. This one didn’t turn out so bad. This was definitely a huge step up in my music abilities

  24. [35] Sonic & Knux - Sky Sanctuary



    OPD: November 22, 2006  ||  Length: 3:55  ||  Style: Techno


    More transition practice with this one. The brass instruments were placed to signify the mystic feel of Sky Sanctuary. The faster tempo brings out somewhat of the lighter side of the track. Decided to go a little more orchestral with this one with added xylophones and more brass. This one was quite peppy from what I was used to at the time. I made it work as best as I could. I got good reviews on the variety of instruments I used too.

  25. Mo'nin, peeps! Tis a glorious day for some singing, yes?

    1. Kiah


      Good afternoon! And I'm not much of a singer so I'll pass ;) 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Zip-adee doo dah, zip-adee yay. My oh my what a wonderful day . . .

    3. TheOcelot




    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      @TheOcelot Yeah that's the spirit! XD

    5. NikoS



      Yeah, let's sing, everyone:


      Kill Sonic with a laser

      and then he'll be dead

      and I can do my evil stuuuff


    6. PaulyBFromDa303


      @NikoS The Pingas National Anthem

    7. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Someone say singing?


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