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  1.  Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

    Target: 6 minutes (60% complete) by 12/25/16

    Having a hard time trying to remember every thing i was going to add. Probably for the better. Gotta keep it simple to an extent. I think I'm about ready for the closeout too. Maybe it will be around 6 minutes after all.  I do hope you guys take a listen when I'm done. I'm working hard but I'm having fun with it

  2. Sonic Unleashed Cool Edge

    Target: 6 minutes (51% complete) by 12/25/16

    Not much progress this hour. I wanted to focus on a neat transition from the climax to the second part. You guys are not gonna see it coming. I'm so excited

  3. Home from work early. Bad weather and all. Time to work on my Christmas Sonic masterpiece. Only 8 days to finish but I'm already at 45%. Wish me luck

  4. Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

    Goal: 6 minutes (45% complete) by 12/25/16

    Rose the tempo a little bit. Leaves room to add more. I've only just hit the climax of the song. I'm halfway through the song and It's JUST gotten more interesting. And the first half was fun enough. I think you guys will like it. It's different. Variety is good, yes? I decided to scrap the whole real electric guitar bit, I found a synth that's WAY more badass than a simple guitar. FYI Yes I'm making this one a little Christmasy. I've added a bunch of bells in the background including sleigh bells. Hey, Cool Edge is a glacier after all. is it not? That's why I want to finish before Xmas

  5. Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

    Target: 6 minutes (34% complete)

    I find this song is really testing my production skills. Trying to make everything flow into one another, finding new innovative ways to sorta mix it up a little. I'm trying some things I never tried before so I sure hope it's successful. Of course, I won't know that until it's posted and I hear feedback from it lol. This says I'm 34% complete to 6 minutes, but I get the feeling that by the time I'm done I'll have at least 8:30. So much I want to throw in

  6. Current project: Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

    Target: 6 minutes

    25% complete.

    All caught up and back on track. The cool part about writing music is that as you progress, you think of better and better ideas, and you can go back and update as you will. They can't call it a masterpiece if you can't master the piece itself

  7. It's 4:20 in the morning. Just got home from work. Time to Blaze one up and keep working on my remix of Sonic Unleashed Cool Edge. 9 days to finish it and I have to backtrack a little bit before I add more. But this sounds pretty sick so far. I can't wait to show you guys

  8. Current project: Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge

    Goal: 6 minutes + guitar recording

    23% complete

    Due date: 12/25/2016

    Oh yeah. I'll make the due date. So long as I have a way to record the guitars after. Can't say it'll be simple

  9. Starting project: Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge

    Goal: 6 minutes

    0% complete

  10. Have you ever had writer's block but when you try to clear your mind you get distracted?

    1. ImPantsAtThis


      No. Why don't you describe it for me? It might help.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      it SUCKS!!!

      Or as the hipsters would say, it's not lit

    3. ImPantsAtThis


      >writer's block
      >not lit

      Was that intentional?

    4. Forte-Metallix


      You kiddin'? I get distracted doing just about anyth-


      Wait, what was I talking about?

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      Maybe it's a hint as to what I'm doing at the moment

      #ItsLegalHere #Colorado



    6. ImPantsAtThis


      Is that helping with the writer's block?

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sometimes is does. I made this completely stoned


    8. ImPantsAtThis


      Sounds more like the work of Coke than Weed to me lol

    9. PaulyBFromDa303


      Exactly. That's the irony of it

    10. PaulyBFromDa303


      Well hey, if you're looking for something a tad calmer, try this one out http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/261647

  11. Hi guys! Glad to finally be on Sonic Stadium. Please check out my Sonic remixes at http://paulybfromda303.newgrounds.com/audio

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