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  1. [93] Imagine That



    OPD: August 1, 2018  //  Length: 4:14  //  Style: Cinematic


    This is another track for Aaron Webber for use in his independent project based off of Skies Of Arcadia. This one is a lot slower, and a lot more dramatic. It's supposed to be for cutscenes, or for very dramatic moments.

    I set it up so that every round gets more and more intense, as if you're heading closer towards some sort of goal. I used a lot of orchestral instruments, as well as a few of my own created synths. I wanted something that sounded sorta futuristic in the background. I think I nailed it, that instrument from the beginning was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    I really wanted to avoid using snares as much as possible. So instead, I used all sorts of percussive instruments. I also played around with the pan shifting on them to even out some of the cluster. I used a LOT of percussion. It is different for me, but I like it. The hardest part of the whole song was adding effects and adjusting volumes. I spent some extra time during the editing process to make sure everything was nice and smooth, not to loud, not too soft, every part right where it needs to be. I did a lot of experimenting with MIDI effects to make sure I could find the best sound possible. I learned the real importance of "phasing" and how to use it in the right spot.

  2. [92] Reach Up To The Clouds



    OPD: June 17, 2018 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Length: 4:31


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    This is another piece made for Aaron Webber's Skies Of Arcadia based independent project. This was intended to be used for in-field adventuring between objectives. Something light and playful, something that makes you want to go exploring. I learned a lot from this one. I wanted to keep simple instruments with synth accompaniment this time as opposed to enhancements. A lot was separated between instruments like pianos, organs, and picked basses, to created synths and sound effects. I paid more attention to the stereo effects, panning from right to left and back and forth, as well as evening out volumes accordingly.

    I know my lyricals haven't always gone over well in the past, but this time I made sure everything was organized and even, and I spent a lot of extra time polishing out as many bugs as I could with it. I learned how to master some of the settings with the editing program. I also learned how to smooth things out a little better as far as pitch changes, but it's not perfect. Luckily, I made it so that the lyrics can be cut out at any time for use in the video game. Always gotta have a plan B.

    I took a little longer this time to ensure that everything was as smooth as I could have possibly made it. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put my entire heart into it. Thank you all so much for the listen . . . and keep reaching for the clouds!

    LYRICS are on all pages

  3. TFW you're doing a live broadcast, you're almost done you're kicking ass . . . and the power goes out XD


    1. NikoS
    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      I was able to get one chaos emerald on encore mode finally XD

    3. NikoS


      I still don't have Encore mode, but from what i'm hearing it seems the Special Stages difficult level is kinda high.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Hell. Took me THIS long to get ONE. I celebrated too much for what it was XD

  4. I'm just gonna run through Encore Mode just for fun. Come hang out!


  5. [91] Control The Skies




    OPD: June 24, 2018   //   Length: 4:24   //   Style: Drum 'n Bass


    This one was created for an independent project. Aaron Webber is the Public Relations and Social Media manager for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. He's been working on a side project, an RPG video game based off the SEGA Dreamcast classic, Skies Of Arcadia. He sends out a tweet stating that he's allowing the people to contribute with art, music, programming, etc. 

    This is intended to be a battle/boss battle theme. I've had a history of remixing Boss music that ended up doing really well amongst the community. This time it's a Drum 'n Bass piece with a touch of orchestral instruments enhanced by synths. I tried to make it as intense as I could, I do think dying down the drums to bring them up really help illustrate a sense of being able to think your actions during gameplay, while still fighting a tense battle. Most of the focus with this one was chord play. Making things work that you wouldn't normally hear. My childhood jazz background really helped with that bit.

    I know 8 days doesn't sound like a lot, but I'll be honest I've never felt more focused and motivated in my life. There would often be times I'd stay up over 24 hours at a time to work on it. I've done nothing this past week and a half except work on this. It's a project I'm super excited for, and I cannot wait to see the final product, assuming everything follows through smooth as silk.

    In its short time in the public, this song has made quite the splash. It's my only original to make the Newgrounds Weekly Top Audio list, ranking at 5th to start and 7th by the end of the week. It's definitely one of the best I've ever done

  6. [90] Average Guys



    OPD: June 14, 2018   //   Length: 7:29   //   Style: Drum 'n Bass

    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    This one was created for a popular podcast revolving around the Denver professional wrestling scene known as The Average Guys. As I was writing the beat, I discovered a few synth settings, that I could use different attack times within the same loop. It came in handy. The recording and editing was the hardest part. It's not perfect, and the microphone used was a little buggy during use. Very floaty. Once this project got going it was easier to piece everything together. The podcasters were very pleased with the song overall. It's not my best, but it worked out. 

    Lyrics are on all pages

  7. So I'm broadcasting a playthrough of Sonic Mania Plus on Mania Mode with Ray. I've got a chat going but I've got no mic, but anyway, it's https://www.mixer.com/PaulyBFromDa303

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      My dude I would join but aside from broadcasting I am literally doing the exact same thing XD. Ray is a beast in Sonic Mania, he's the only character I play as now haha.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      I dunno. I used to like him because of his flying technique but he's not a good fighter lol. Either that or i just suck XD

      However i just unlocked Super Ray and it's so much better

    3. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      You just suck as Ray XP jk

      Super Ray is the epitome of broken and it is amazing!

  8. [93] Imagine That <---Click here!

    Track 093//Length: 4:14//Style: Cinematic//Speed: 90 BPM//Measures: 96//Loops: 16//Time Taken: 11 days

    This is another track for Aaron Webber for use in his independent project based off of Skies Of Arcadia. This one is a lot slower, and a lot more dramatic. It's supposed to be for cutscenes, or for very dramatic moments.

    I set it up so that every round gets more and more intense, as if you're heading closer towards some sort of goal. I used a lot of orchestral instruments, as well as a few of my own created synths. I wanted something that sounded sorta futuristic in the background. I think I nailed it, that instrument from the beginning was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    I really wanted to avoid using snares as much as possible. So instead, I used all sorts of percussive instruments. I also played around with the pan shifting on them to even out some of the cluster. I used a LOT of percussion. It is different for me, but I like it. The hardest part of the whole song was adding effects and adjusting volumes. I spent some extra time during the editing process to make sure everything was nice and smooth, not to loud, not too soft, every part right where it needs to be. I did a lot of experimenting with MIDI effects to make sure I could find the best sound possible. I learned the real importance of "phasing" and how to use it in the right spot.

    I gave it my all! I hope you all like it! All honesty is greatly appreciated. Feel free to vote, review, and share alike, and as always, download is free! Thank you all so much!


  9. [89] Sonic Forces - Never Enough (Park Avenue ft. The Sonic Stadium)



    ***BIG THANKS TO @The drunkard from space! @Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley @-Justin- @Kellan @NikoS @qt.steephAND THE ENTIRE TSSZ/SSMB FAMILY FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE***


    OPD: March 15, 2018  ||  Length: 7:07  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass

    I received so much support and contributions from all my Sonic Stadium friends with this one. I had to make it count. The original composition was done so well that I thought it would be a perfect challenge for me. More lyrics to this one, and even added in my own. This would give me a great chance to work on vocals and show off my voice. It would also be a real test of my editing. This is where I would get a general idea of what works and what doesn’t. I do know that at one point I added too much reverb to one of the verses. Every track is a learning experience. I really wanted more of a rocking piano to accompany the melody. I created a lot of new instruments for this one. I used effects like pan shifting, flangering, cutoff, and more LFO playing. I finally learned how to get that futuristic sounding effect that you hear in the drop bass, and also learned that I can adjust the envelope generator within the pattern itself. I learned about a lot of things that I will definitely be using in the future. And the people responded wonderfully. 2nd place for the week, 9th place for the month. I was really hoping to make an impact with this one. In its short time it’s already getting around. I’m happy about that because it tells me that there’s a future in this no matter what. 

    LYRICS posted on all pages

    1. NikoS


      L E T ' S  G O  I N T E N S I F I E S ! ! !

  10. [88] Sonic 2 - Chemically Bound (Chemical Plant)



    OPD: January 4, 2018  ||  Length: 4:39  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This one was a little treat for all my fellow 90’s kids. It’s a drum ‘n bass version of Chemical Plant, within it incorporated clips of Bill Nye the Science Guy. I went for more of a rock-n-roll sounding lead synth. I wanted this one to have its own solo as opposed to vocals, since I was already using voice clips. It really helped to have somewhat of a jazz background as a little kid. Once the ideas started flowing, as did the entire song. Unusual chords, sequences, and replicating the original to the exact, even if very subtle, this one was definitely very fun to do once I got into it. To be honest, if the intro doesn’t give it away, this song was supposed to be something completely different. An original. I went with a Sonic remix when the idea finally came to me. I had a little trouble with volume adjustments but overall, not bad. Still got some positive feedback

  11. Imagine That (100% complete)

    I'm finished with this and it's ready to roll! Unfortunately, due to working a night shift, I have no time to post this or promote it. I'm going to have to wait until morning when I'm off. Stay tuned!

  12. [87] Sonic 3 - Head Above Water (Hydrocity)




    OPD: November 6, 2017  ||  Length: 5:31  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B


    This one was made to go along with Frozen In Despair. Once again, I utilized xylophones and echo to signify a watery mood. Also added sound effects of seagulls and was able to edit them to flow in with the music itself. I even wrote and performed my own lyrics. My editing skills were establishing. I really wanted to take an interesting twist with it because of a genre and speed switch. The unique pattern of the drums was supposed to add a little intensity to the overall feel of it. Make things flow a little more, shall we say, swimmingly. I used the trumpet synth from a previous piece because of how well it worked out. I also incorporated a favorite synth. The point of the lyrics was to add more of a positive note to the song. A lot of people liked the ending. I think the Sonic sound effect was perfect for the final climax, especially with the drowning jingle buildup just seconds before. I tried my best to make this song signify the level as much as I could. People did enjoy it, but it never saw much glory.

  13. Imagine That (95% complete)

    Yeah. quite a big jump. I was able to finish the beat but it may need some going over and adjusting a few things. I can see it being up today. Or tomorrow morning. Anyways, it's just about ready! I'm excited. Of course, this is my last piece for Aaron Webber's project. At least for now. Fingers crossed on this one

  14. You got some 'splainin' to dooo!


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Holy shit that was scary

    2. NikoS


      One word




    3. BlueSky


      Somehow I was too tired to get any jumpscares out of myself before I noticed what happened.


      Sometimes being tired is a good thing for one's health I suppose.

  15. Imagine That (72% complete)

    I was able to close the gap with the combination of strings and trumpets, with a timpani bass for a little bit. I've got all my pieces ready, I just need to piece them together. Shouldn't take long at all. I wonder how I'm gonna close this out

    1. Patticus


      So I said what about breakfast at Timpani's...

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      She said I think I remember the flute

  16. [86] Sonic 3 - Frozen In Despair (Ice Cap)




    OPD: August 18, 2017  ||  Length: 6:28  ||  Style: Techno


    Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B

    I really poured my heart into this one. I added in everything I knew, including my own lyrics. All out, kind of like a big test of everything I’d learned and recovered from my time back. It’s at this point that I’m ready to take the next step in achieving my dream. It’s also my third installment of this remix. It’s also at this point that I’d be ready to take the next step, so it was crucial to do my very best. This time I went for a faster, more retro sounding techno. I learned more about a function known as Envelope Generator, which helps you layer different synths together for different sounds, and edit the little pieces like attack time, decay time, hold, release, and reverb for each layer. I made a cool bass synth doing just this, and even created my own phaser. I also incorporated a bunch of sequences from my first two remixes and perfected them. It’s definitely one of the most important pieces in my repertoire. And it was received wonderfully. Ranked 1st for the week and scoring a spot on the Newgrounds Homepage for three weeks, I actually did receive some wanted attention from other entities. This was a huge step forward. It only goes up from here.

  17. I'm surrounded by so many wonderful people and it makes me proud to be here.

    Thanks for the birthday love everybody! You guys are awesome!

    1. Failinhearts


      Happy birthday, again!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Thank you Failin. Again XD

    3. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Merry Burfmas!

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Burfmas in July?

      LMAO thank you so much

    5. Forte-Metallix


      Happy birthday, Pauly! Hope you've got lots of sweets!


    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      Happy birthday!

    7. PaulyBFromDa303
    8. Polkadi~☆


      Aw nuts, it's your birthday? I was so caught up in things, that I didn't know!

      Happy birthday, mate, and may life treat you well~

    9. Kiah


      Welcome to the 30’s club! We have cookies! 🍪🙂

      I dreaded turning 30 at this time 5 years ago but I’ve comr to embrace it as it’s been an exciting time full of growth and opportunity and experience proving to be useful as well as memorable. May it be the same for you 😉.

    10. qt.steeph



    11. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Happy Birthday Paul!

    12. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon


      Well Pual man! We've had some great times! As well as more to come from here and on yonder into the future! Happy Birthday man!

    13. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Kiah I've actually been looking forward to it. This decade is gonna be mine. Maybe even better than my 20s. We will see ;D

      @Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley This is all truth. The future is still bright enough. I look forward to marching through it with you.

      Thanks everybody! I love you all

    14. SpinSlash165


      Damnit, I missed it. Happy birthday, man! Best of luck with your music!

      Sorry for the late response - I got pretty busy this weekend.

    15. PaulyBFromDa303


      The fact you said anything at all means so much that timing doesn't matter. Thank you @SpinSlash165

    16. BlueSky


      Well, THIS is pretty late now, but well,

      happy birthday anyways, hope it was awesome!

    17. PaulyBFromDa303


      Better late than never bro. Thanks

      Also, as Sonic famously says, "Long time no see!" Where ya been? XD

    18. BlueSky


      Working. :S

      Aside from that, I've tried to get my sleeping schedule on track. I need all of my brain powers after all.

      And tomorrow my studies continue, no rest for the weary. It's like, you either have time but that's because you didn't manage to get any summer job thus you're broke, or you have the money because of the work but you have no time because of the work. But I'm not too sad, I happily sell my time, especially considering the job was from my own field of study. At least I managed to get some off-days, those that are included in the contract, but still. But I was pretty lucky this summer, I managed to locate this one cool retro-/board game store about a year ago, and while I was working they managed to get in some really cool stuff I was missing I thought I'd never get my hands on. And I had the money to actually buy the said stuff.

      Like, you know, Sonic Chronicles... 😂 It's awesome, don't judge my tastes please.

      So yeah, Christmas holidays are going to be something this year...

  18. Imagine That (67% complete)

    Made it halfway through the final breakdown. I don't think trumpets will work in the second half but the options are running a little thin. I'll find something. I need a few hours. Been awake a long time. See y'all in a bit

  19. [85] Final Fantasy VIII - Battle



    OPD: July 27, 2017  ||  Length: 6:05  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    It’s a remix that I’d always wanted to do but didn’t quite turn out as planned. The major problem with this one was that my computer kept crashing when I was in the middle of making this. It took three attempts and a lot of time. Total time on this one is close to three months, but in reality, it was only three days because I was rushed to get something up once and for all. At least I knew what I had and could recreate it as best as I could to those points, but it could’ve used more work. But it wasn’t bad either. For what it was, this one had the challenge of creating a 5-count song as opposed to the usual 4 or 3 counts. It was crucial that everything was different in every section. Everything from sequence transitions to drum cycles, and still flowed with the different kind of rhythm. I also wanted more of a cinematic feel to it. I got my inspiration for this one my watching the television series, “24”. Something that seemed action-packed. The partially orchestral selection of instruments really helped with that aspect.

  20. [84] Sonic Unleashed - Perfect Dark Gaia



    *** @The Deleter I dunno if you have already, but if you'd like to take this down from your page you can. Or keep it up, it doesn't matter lol***


    OPD: July 6, 2017  ||  Length: 6:24  ||  Style: Dance


    This was created for an event held by The Sonic Stadium celebrating the 26th anniversary of Sonic and all the music throughout the series (Motobug Sonic Musical Spectacular 2). This level and genre were chosen by request. (Actually I just asked @Ryannumber1gamer if there was something special he wanted to hear during the stream). I was more than glad to honor that request. It was definitely an interesting turn slowing it down and yet keeping the livelihood of the original. I had learned some more about LFO and was starting to utilize it more and more. It really brings out that sweet sound that flows, like the vibrato heard when one of the synths is played long enough. Also learned that sometimes layering instruments together can make for a stronger, more vibrant sound, as heard in the trumpets. The Sonic Stadium community sure did love how it turned out. This saw a little success on Newgrounds as it was placed 4th for the week and was also featured on the Newgrounds Home page for two weeks. It had been a while since I had touched this genre. I really oughta do more with this style.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I was actually listening to this the other day! Still my favorite track of yours!

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Is it? It DOES bring back good memories, if I say so myself. Of the game AND the stream from last year XD

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      If you don't mind I'd like to keep it up; it's one of my only video projects I've worked on personally, and I'd like to hang onto it. If it's not private I'll try changing it to that, though, so it doesn't show in any public searches or anything

      Happy birthday, by the way!

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      I honestly don't care what you do with it. Keep it public for what it's worth lol. Hell, everybody knows that the more is the merrier. It might even help me out in the end, different sources and analytics and what not.

      You rock, @The Deleter. "Thank you" does no justice

  21. Imagine That (59% complete)

    I've been able to analyze what all I need left for the rest of the song, but there's still an 8-measure margin. The end result is gonna be right around 4 minutes, if not just under. I've added trumpets and timpani to this next part, the final blowout before the go-home. I'm making this part really intense before slowly dying it down and fading out, basically. I've got plenty for a good loop. It's only a matter of time now. And hopefully I can get my trumpet plan to work, cause it seems like I'm missing something else I haven't found yet. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

  22. [83] Sonic R - Livin' In Da City



    OPD: June 9, 2017  ||  Length: 7:13  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    Lyrics written by Richard Jacques; vocals by T.J. Davis; Mixed by Pauly B

    This was made for a competition held on Newgrounds. Here I would get some practice in on editing, using original voice clips, to innovate, and to better familiarize myself to waveforms and wavelengths. Identify the break-off between notes, words, syllables, and consonants. I worked more on making everything blend than anything. I tried to be a little more creative with the riff. Discovered more mathematical patterns and more options. Unfortunately, it didn’t do too well in the competition, placing in at 151 out of 273. The judges weren’t too keen on remixes

    1. Sean


      I really dig this, dude.

  23. Imagine That (40% complete)

    Well I seem to have hit a block at this point. I was able to connect what I had and what I wanted to the killoff. I went with the sky synth after the guitar. I changed up the percussion a little bit. I am trying to avoid any snares until I get closer to the end. It's getting tougher though. I need to figure out where to go from here. I'm gonna keep it drumless for about 16 more measures then find a way to close out. I'm actually probably a lot closer to completion than 40%, but I'm not yet able to analyze exactly where I'm at. I'm getting there though.

  24. [82] Robotnik's MBM - Exercise



    OPD: February 14, 2017  ||  Length: 7:20  ||  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    My own little taking of a childhood favorite. I feel like I could’ve done a lot more with this one if I’m being honest. Not my best. I could’ve adjusted volumes a little better. I was also a tad bit repetitive. I wanted to take a little more time and learn more of the functions that I may had forgotten from the past, as well as an opportunity to learn new ones. I practiced pan shifting with a couple of individual instruments, getting deeper, more stagnant sounds from the bass line, more LFO functionality, that kind of things. I did discover a lot that would definitely help me in the future. And for what it is, it’s interesting to say the least. I learned about Envelope Generation, which allows to you take different layers of synth instruments and add different effects to each one, creating a unique sound. The best example of this is the main bass line.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      One of my favorite songs from the classic era remixed in one of my favorite styles! You're so awesome dude!!

    2. Kiah


      I like it! Now I want to play Mean Bean Machine...

  25. Imagine That (29% complete)

    I've incorporated some acoustic guitars into the mix and light drums. I'm gonna kill it off again in a sec, but I need to come up with how I'm going to do that. Either flutes, or more likely the Sky Synth I made. It's my signature, I've used it in almost everything since 2008 XD. I do hope I'm not overdoing it on the drums. I mean, the percussive part was cool enough. I'll come up with something. I tend to be quick about it too lol

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