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  1. Why do people always say "RIP Cartoon Network 1992-2004" or thereabouts? The CN City era began in 2004, and it's widely considered among their best and most creative eras. So how could CN die in the year where their second greatest era (next to the Powerhouse one) began? Sure, some of the 90s Cartoon Cartoons got canned, but at least there were still reruns all the way up till 07. And there were amazing new shows to tide us over like Hi Hi puffy ami yumi, Code Lyoko, Juniper lee, Class of 3000, Ozzy and Drix, and Camp Lazlo. If anything, I'd peg it as "RIP Cartoon Network 1992-2007". After the Boston bomb scare incident in February 07, the infamous Stuart Snyder took over as president. CN City ended, the beloved Fridays block was replaced with the poor Fried Dynamite, Out of Jimmy's Head premiered, some horrific new shows like Chowder and Flapjack came in, etc.
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