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  1. Hyperdimension Neptunia: General Console Moe Thread

    NO WAY! THE 3rd GAME!!! I'm still saving money for Mk2. I seriously can't wait for more info on this game!! <333
  2. The Introduction Topic

    I apollogize for not posting in here the first time. A certain SOMEBODY didn't warn me quick enough. ^ w ^; Hello every member. My name is DietPepsi, but you can call me Pepsi or Minamoto. I've joined the forums and the Skype chat with high intentions to become friends with all of you~ ^ o ^ I am personal friends with Edward and he was the first person to reccomend me joining the forums. Let's all have a great time together! Oh, and just a forewarning, I'm bipolar. I may act like a pretty little flower now but I may get a little irrky~<333 Ttyl~!!
  3. Welcome to the Stadium!