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  1. Hmm, that's a pretty broad question, though I would say people who like Sonic tend to also like the Mega Man series as well though I find that not as common as you would think it is, or maybe it's just the friends I know. I can vouch that I'm an SNK fan and that of Arc System Works like Guilty Gear, Star Fox is also a series I've enjoyed and there is also other Nintendo games like Kirby, Metroid, F-Zero, and Pokemon for example. Also Digimon was really great back then. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Dragon Ball as a whole, Lupin the 3rd, but then again I was born and grew up in the 90's. Now for how some of those correlate with Sonic, Dragon Ball needs no mention so I can skip that. Now with Mega Man both Heroes of both Series are (usually) Blue Fighters who fight for Freedom or Everlasting Peace and fight a mad scientist with varied, often beastly robots, that and having two Comic Book Crossovers help. Sonic and Fighting Game Players I think also can go well together with both always having usually excellent music, though I will say that SNK Fighters like King of Fighters and Arc System Works' Guilty Gear would be go pretty well with those who like Sonic due to the certain style of varied music both Series have and with a connection between those series with the Sega Dreamcast's Connection with the Neo Geo Pocket Color and Sega publishing several Guilty Gear Games. Some Series from Nintendo can also fold in there due to similar interests like platforming or action games from Nintendo, Kirby's more action like gameplay I'd say appeals to some fans and F-Zero is VERY fast with Sega co-developing two shared F-Zero games. Lastly there are series that feature Anthro Characters such as Sparkster of the Rocket Knight Games, Pokemon, Digimon, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, of course Star Fox fits into that as well. After all having other animals with attitudes or human-like traits would fit in well for those who like the Sonic Series having a small notion of such a premise yet different. Sonic I'd say for me was the series that gave me a gateway to video games as a whole, in just about every kind of genre you can think of, but that's just me. I hope some of my thoughts here help you out and good luck. There's also Freedom Planet and Spark the Electric Jester, but that's rather obvious with being inspired by Sonic itself to appeal to the fans of that blue hedgehog. XP
  2. Man I really gotta make these posts when these topics come out, but I can't let this one go till I have my own say on it. So the title on here had me suggesting that it was about if Sonic's actions (in certain continuities) while having relatively good intentions caused only good results or possible damage [hence Hero or Menace], but apparently that's not this sort of topic so we'll just go with the flow. XP Seems like this only boils down to two different types of Sonic, a more friendlier relaxed Blue Streak or a more sharper, quick witted Blue Blur. Honestly I perfer the latter as seen in STC myself although the OVA one has shades of this, yet I do enjoy a more chill Sonic as in from say the Games or SatAM in some regards. However that would be a gross simplification on these Sonics as every incarnation of the character while having some similarities are very different. For one there's the context of the world Sonic is born in, does he come from a Free World where you can travel freely or a world under Robotnik's rule? Saying the Sonic of AoSTH and SatAM are the same is completely wrong, the one from AoSTH is believe it or not much more responsible as he takes care of Tails in that show like an older brother and at times surrogate father to the point I'd say he's the most Paragon Sonic we have. SatAM Sonic is tied as my favorite incarnation right next to the one from STC, he's youthful and snarky, sometimes irresponsible yet knows there are real risks if he messes up. SatAM points out a Sonic that is a kid who grew up in a harsher world that his friends are trying to take back, he's got a family in Uncle Chuck and the Freedom Fighters and that makes him the deepest incarnation we've ever had right next to STC Sonic (Though our SatAM friend here comes slightly more ahead). STC Sonic can be hard to pinpoint down for some, despite his very sharp tongue he does still care about his friends yet throughout his frustration regarding Robotnik's creation and take over, Sonic deals with a lot of crazy stuff and for that he lashes out at others sometimes through snark or really rough humor, much like a kid who goes through a rough patch in his life. He is still a kid to a young man after all, and despite his insults at others at times, even his own friends his actions speak louder then words as he always does his best to save people and fight for others, to the point he can't even rest if there isn't a threat almost like a Hero Complex of sorts. The Hedgehog of Sonic X on the other hand is completely different as he only does anything when it peaks his interest, I'll say this he's one of the worst incarnations ever tied right next to the Pre-Reboot Archie Sonic. He's completely lazy unless Eggman causes trouble which is almost the only thing that peaks his interest, otherwise he travels alone in his spare time or take naps. Sonic here is borderline Anti-Social I would say and only helps others out only when he has to, even then he plays around a bit too much sometimes (More so then Sega Sonic). Obviously it's because of that which caused pretty much every major event of that Series (being teleported to Earth, spreading the Emeralds throughout the Universe), you could argue Sonic's a catalyst of the entire series. I can't stand him and you'd be nuts to think he's a real hero, he's not. If anything he's a dangerous thrill seeker in Sonic X that ends up causing some of his friends pain, you know what I'm talking about. Said Archie Sonic I mentioned above, tied for the worst. Only reason why that is because before Ian Flynn came along his character was established by less then stellar writers, even after though Ian rolled with his characterization and tried to make him grow a bit. I can give him props for that, but even then it's almost impossible to redeem him in my eyes. Let me put it this way, unlike any other Sonic this one right here made a huge misjudge of character, and it caused the lives of BILLIONS. Tossed in Space, EVE. It's not like he could have ever known that would happen but letting something that powerful go without any double take was beyond irresponsible. Even then he continued to make horrible mistakes and contradictions, heck House of Cards played on that and the consequences of his actions which made it a pretty good story. However he didn't learn his lesson by the time of At All Costs and before the first Genesis Wave it got Sally Killed. Even then during his first issues he got far too arrogant then he should have (thanks to two certain writers) and that pretty much set the foundation of a broken world until the reboot happened. At least the Post-Reboot Archie Sonic actually had a decent head on his shoulders, he pretty much is a mirror image of his Sega Sonic counterpart, though due to that both however are an enigma that can't really be pinpointed down, not bad but not as good of a character as he could be. For me it seems like the Sonic of the Genesis Games had more of an attitude then by the time of SA1 chilled out more considerably, from SA1 onwards we have the mostly consistent Sonic of the Games we know. Not too much of a character sadly, but seems to be a rather relaxed guy who crosses anyone trying to mess things up for everyone else. I would like to know why though, and how a Free World Sonic ticks and works overall. I have my preferences sure, but honestly no matter the story I just want a Sonic whose an actual character rather then some icon or timeless figure. I do think there is room for both a Calmer or Rougher Sonic as separate stories and I'd like that. It's not like we can't handle other continuities, Sonic Boom kinda proved that point yet we have had multiple others throughout the years. Is it that some of the fandom can't handle other incarnations of Sonic or don't want to, why would some feel that way? I'll say this I'm glad to see there are those out there that love to read and tap into those older canons such as SatAM and STC, I just wish that we could see more like those with a legit storyline. There is room for both Sega Sonic and Boom Sonic, there can be room for others to get to know, Mega Man had done so for YEARS and that also goes the same for Legend of Zelda. Sonic the Hedgehog has one of the most vast continuities of any video game series with several different sources, it would be wonderful to see them all tapped into one day.
  3. Gosh this is gonna seem bizarre to what is essentially necroposting but I just remembered this topic and I can't help but put my own two cents into it, so pardon me for this. Now I LOVE STC and I have read pretty much all the issues a few times (though sadly not as much as Archie Sonic :/ ), I can admit though that Sonic Terminator is a crazy story but still it's a great one. Now I know that some people may not like Time Travel stories and hey that's fine, a poor time travel story is a headache to go through unless it's like the Back to the Future Trilogy, which is a good example on how to do a Time Travel Story. Honestly I always thought Sonic Terminator is a pretty good Time Travel story despite it being a bit of a head spinner. Why so? Well for one you have that surreal yet beautiful artwork Richard Elson and the witty writing of Nigel Kitching, honestly almost every issue of STC is a treat, not all of them but I'm getting off track. How it's structured when it starts off is just fine, rather it just about takes place right after the story Pirates of the Mystic Cave (Which I also highly recommend) which I find as a plus and yet a sort of minus. Rather half of the 4 Part Story is mainly about the Freedom Fighters dealing with Captain Plunder and his crew after they help out taking down a Robotnik Airship. They end up knowing where the Chaos Emeralds are and...well I'll say this as to not spoil it for you guys, it's rather hilarious how that part of the story turns out. Honestly the first two parts probably should have just been apart of the previous story line if you ask me, still it's action packed and pretty funny, I can't really hate that it has nothing to do with part 3 and 4 which is where the story really kicks off. Part 3 is where we find Amy kidnapped by a certain Metallic Hedgehog with her last known location being Never Lake, Sonic legs it to find her and the new Robotic Miracle/Little Planet (Which looks like a Metallic Apokolaps from DC Comics, honestly I just noticed this typing it out, pretty subtle actually unlike a certain other Sonic Comic Writer). We finally get formally introduced to...Metallix the Metal Sonic! After a fight that lasts throughout the issue Metallix brings Amy along to the Miracle Planet. As ShroomZed noted this is where we get our Stable Time Loop. Really didn't mean to make this a mini review of sorts for this story line so I'll just get straight to the point, I actually think this is a great story, not the most well paced out story considering part 1 and 2 but it ties itself well enough. The only snafu is the effects of the Time Loop, which honestly keeps itself self contained except regarding Metallix. Obviously this isn't much of a spoiler but he's not the last Metallix you'll see in STC, not by a LONG SHOT. This is just speculation on my end but when we see Robotnik and Grimer in the beginning of Part 1 we don't exactly know nor is it stated where they are. They could have been on Miracle Planet and made this version of Metallix on there, hence why he vanishes when the story ends. Actually I can kind of back this up as Metallix says the tech that made him made Miracle Planet into a Metal World. It would make sense if they built this particular Model on the Little Planet then left and had Metallix lure Sonic into a trap, honestly if that's the case it's rather brilliant as for how small the planet is, there wouldn't really be anywhere for Sonic to hide. Had Sonic not ended finding the Time Stone in an unseen timeline he'd probably be dead. Honestly that's the only line where I could coordinate how Metallix is tied to the Miracle Planet, so that's my answer on why he vanished. As for why Sonic and Amy got stuck on the planet if they had no reason to go there? Well I always assumed that Miracle Planet had it's own time frame while not effecting Mobius should you time travel on the Miracle Planet, leaving everything else that happened on Mobius rather straightforward. Well I hope you guys enjoyed this odd mini-review and speculation from me, you know i couldn't find an STC topic around here so I gotta ask is there one here besides this specific topic? Kinda figured this would go in an STC Topic if there was one, just wondering.
  4. The last episode I saw of Boom was The Biggest Fan episode, which I still can't comprehend considering the context of that episode, but I have read about the episode after it. I gotta say considering the end I really hoped with a name like The Dreamcaster that the villain would be separate from Eggman. :/
  5. Hello there everybody, I'm Michael but you can call me Mike Arcade. I've been a fan of Sonic ever since I was a little kid, been with the series since 93 or 94 really and I still have all the Genesis Games too! In recent times I've been diving head first into Sonic as a whole with every single Cartoon and Comic that's ever been made, I've even been hunting down the Sonic Novels and Game Books. I like to read all the subtext the series has to offer and ask people what would they do differently or what it could have been. There's a lot of stuff we can chat about beyond what you guys may or may not know and I'd like to share my views with all of you, so I hope to see you all around and it's good to be here. Okay we have to chat, I'm a huge fan of STC, seriously it's an awesome series! One of the best to come out from Sonic, it really is.
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