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  1. The last episode I saw of Boom was The Biggest Fan episode, which I still can't comprehend considering the context of that episode, but I have read about the episode after it. I gotta say considering the end I really hoped with a name like The Dreamcaster that the villain would be separate from Eggman. :/
  2. Hello there everybody, I'm Michael but you can call me Mike Arcade. I've been a fan of Sonic ever since I was a little kid, been with the series since 93 or 94 really and I still have all the Genesis Games too! In recent times I've been diving head first into Sonic as a whole with every single Cartoon and Comic that's ever been made, I've even been hunting down the Sonic Novels and Game Books. I like to read all the subtext the series has to offer and ask people what would they do differently or what it could have been. There's a lot of stuff we can chat about beyond what you guys may or may not know and I'd like to share my views with all of you, so I hope to see you all around and it's good to be here. Okay we have to chat, I'm a huge fan of STC, seriously it's an awesome series! One of the best to come out from Sonic, it really is.