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  1. I'm not going to pretend I know all the ins and outs of marketing, but I despite the baffling, breadcrumb approach to marketing I've still seen loads of people hyped for Mania, and though Forces hasn't brought nearly as much hype plenty of people are still talking about it. The only way I can see how its happened this way is from word of mouth and media coverage from various gaming news outlets providing the footage we haven't even gotten from Sega directly, which is very clumsy on Sega's part obviously but I'd argue its set the foundation for a good E3 showing as long as they decide to capitalize on it.
  2. Don't you mean it'd serve to make Forces better?
  3. Holy crap, I'm in tears.

    This guy's a legend.

  4. From what the footage showed it appears that Sonic has more of his original weight to him instead of what he had in Generations; his jumps are floatier and his acceleration looks more like it used to (it actually might be slightly faster) Also the spin dash isn't ridiculously overpowered anymore, and if that was the drop dash then that would mean Sonic Team decided to take some cues from Mania's devs which is intriguing; I wonder if they've taken any more ideas. Also maybe it's an indication Gen's skill shop is returning? It certainly seems like a skill you'd have to unlock which would indicate that the red star rings will unlock skills again which is a good purpose for them. The music was a bit iffy but like I thought the footage Sega posted did the game much more justice visually than the Nintendo Direct did. All things considered I'm actually pretty satisfied with what was shown. I'm guessing the next time we'll see anything major is E3, assuming Sega decides to make a showing.
  5. I'd be fine with the idea of Sega taking a break from Sonic for a few years only if they have something in place of his absence. I've mentioned this in a post a few months back that Sega should capitalize on the hype behind Sonic Mania and try and reestablish some of their older franchises that haven't seen releases in years. Rebooting Sonic? That sounds familiar... I know this isn't exactly what was suggested but whenever I hear someone suggest a full blown reinvention for Sonic, this is what I think of. And its a terrible idea. Sonic's already having enough of an identity crisis as it is, there doesn't need to be yet another completely different Sonic running (or in that video's case walking at a brisk pace because he's too terrified to run or some nonsense).
  6. Considering its impossible to please everyone, I wouldn't be surprised if what is shown tomorrow ends up disappointing people further. I'm hoping they'll elaborate more on the footage we saw in the Nintendo Direct.
  7. So A+Start's newest video in what I guess is a new series he calls "Low Poly" was about Sonic, and of course it showed up in my recommended videos and I thought "All right, this looks interesting." Literally the first thing I hear is "Sonic the Hedgehog has had a rollercoaster of a ride since the infancy of 3D platformers," and I just cut the video off in a sigh of frustration. I mean it's not like it isn't true but I don't know why that statement irked me enough to stop watching, especially when from my perspective I usually take stuff like this in stride.

    1. Polkadi


      Continue watching it, it's really interesting.

      He even makes a point when coming to the 2006 model that the quality of the game doesn't apply, because it's still an impressive model for it's time.

    2. Person


      I've been following him for a while, he actually loves Sonic.

      Just turns out that that's one of the only ways to easily start a video about Sonic, I guess :P

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      If you haven't learned to tune that out that's kinda your deal

    4. Strickerx5


      It's a very interesting video. I'd recommend watching it anyway. It also confirms how Unleashed beats the visual shit out of any of the other titles even with its age. :V

      Even then, calling this series a rollercoaster ride is probably the nicest thing you can do for it without sugarcoating anything. Because it's literally been up and down for a while.

    5. CleverSonicUsername


      Probably because it's a very overused sentiment. It's not wrong, of course, but it often seems like you can't start a video or article that covers 3D Sonic games without drawing attention to the fact that most of those things are real clunkers.

    6. JezMM


      We as the Sonic fanbase have seen a lot of these videos, but on the individual channels, these may very well be the first Sonic video they've done, thus they have to write them in that context.

      Like I get why it might be annoying but to be fair that's Sonic's legacy, like it or not.  SEGA should've made better games lol.

    7. Celestia


      I mean, as far as I know, he's at least a casual fan of the series??

      And even as someone who only really hates two of the main 3D games (you'll never guess which two!), calling the series a rollercoaster ride isn't a huge deal lol. Though I can understand being tired of similar phrases seeming to always have to preface anything to do with Sonic.

    8. -Ace-


      At this point it's part of the starter pack of starting anything Sonic related

    9. CottonCandy


      Yeah, if I had a drink to everytime that was mentioned whenever sonic is brought up to a discussion, I'll be dead. :L



    10. Maxtiis


      I tune it out most of the time when it comes to reviews because there at least it makes sense, but I guess this time it just annoyed me due to the video's context not really warranting it, and because I swear that nearly every media I've watched or read about anything Sonic related starts off with nearly this exact line so at this point its an overused cliché (not that it isn't true) to me. After hearing/seeing it used so often it starts to appear lazy to me.

      But yeah it isn't a huge deal; I wasn't so annoyed after I made that initial post and started thinking about it, so it was more of a knee-jerk reaction. Actually that video was essentially giving a gaming focused history lesson so maybe mentioning Sonic's past history was warranted after all. But I'll still think that it could have been introduced in a more original way since its content focused more on Sonic's design than history.


  8. My contacts must be screwing with me or something. My mistake. And Hedgehog Engine 2 would literally be just that. New iterations of software usually require some way to differentiate it from the original to show that an improvement was made. A good example of this would be the various iterations of the Unreal Engine.
  9. What do you mean by just improve the logo? New game engines aren't made purely to market a game. Hell a lot of the time its the other way around like what Half-Life 2 did with the Source engine.
  10. The original Hedgehog Engine was all about lighting and shaders rather than number of polygons which that came more from the Xbox 360 and PS3's graphics card. I'd imagine the Hedgehog Engine 2 is just an even more advanced lighting engine, and when I see that first level shown in Forces' gameplay trailer I can certainly see the improvement, but to what extent it improved upon the original I don't know. For that we'll probably have to wait until the game is released and see for ourselves because YouTube's compression doesn't do video game footage any favors.
  11. In hindsight Unleashed's Pefect Dark Gaia music would have been much better like this: It's got the traditional vocal music we've come to expect out of 3-D Sonic and it meshes well with the grandiose orchestral version of "Endless Possibility." It's a shame that this had to be a fan cover instead of what officially made it into the game, but what we got was still great. Still, I wish this was more the standard for final boss music in Sonic games; it's so popular that even the harshest of Sonic's critics seem to enjoy it. Sadly I doubt Tomoya Ohtani will take this approach even if Sonic Forces' main theme has a vocal accompaniment.
  12. Y'know not that '06 doesn't warrant it but I have to ask why did James even bother with dedicating a full AVGN episode to it? He's done like 3 videos on the game now if you count his James and Mike Monday episode and the Christmas Wishlist bit where his fans requested him to review it alongside other bad Sonic games, so he's obviously had his say on it already. Then there's the decade after its release full of videos where everyone has ripped the game a new one so what's left to make a bit out of that hasn't been done plenty of times before? The green screen making fun of Sonic's Mach Speed Dance of DeathTM is cute and all and certainly has James's unique touch of quality on it but like I said everyone has made fun of it. What remains to mock that hasn't already been done by people like Blaze Hedgehog, SomecallmeJohnny, and the Game Grumps? Oh well, it isn't uncommon for James to revisit games he's reviewed previously for the sake of clarification, but I'm just tired of seeing this old piece of shit given some sort of relevancy when at this point it doesn't deserve any. It's important to learn from past mistakes but give it a rest already, we know this franchise had its period of rancid, horrible excuses for video games; I mean how can we possibly forget when we're constantly reminded of it? It's time we focus on what's to come instead of having everyone gather around to see the freakshow that is Sonic '06 we've all seen a hundred times before. Let's get back to bitching about Green Hill in Sonic Forces and gushing over Sonic Mania because that's actually relevant.
  13. One of the main reasons I want to see the remasters ported to consoles is for multi-button spindash charges. If you guys are familiar with Sonic speedruns you probably know what I'm talking about but if you don't basically spindash has nine different speeds which, from my understanding, increases whenever you rev the spindash but will decrease the longer you remain in a spindash charge until you either release it or it resets back to its lowest speed. In short the faster you can reach the max number of revs (which is six) and release the spindash, the faster it'll be, at which point you can take advantage of slopes to get Sonic back into a running state so as not to decelerate in instances where you're not rolling down inclines. But the catch to all this is it's pretty much impossible to reach the max spindash speed when you only have one button to rev a spindash with, which is why most speedrunners employ the "6-tap" which is where you quickly mash the three jump buttons (based on the A,B, and C buttons on a Genesis controller) together twice and release the spindash. Its pretty tricky to actually manage to get the max speed from doing this but its so handy when you want to go fast in a pinch, and it's a shame that you can't do it in the remasters (it doesn't seem to work in Sonic CD's remaster due to how the spindash was coded in that game, even with its setting to the Sonic 2 and 3 style) due to the hardware not allowing it. I can guarantee it'll work in Mania though; I don't see why that game wouldn't have multiple jump buttons when its trying to remain as nostalgically accurate as possible.
  14. Lately it seems that Tyson Hesse's method of drawing Classic Sonic is starting to become the standard design for him. I've heard that Sonic Mega Drive was well loved by many of the staff at Sega of America so I wouldn't be surprised if they decided that should be the way he's portrayed in Western developed media from now on.
  15. Well shit, the way all this sounds I'm feeling pretty guilty about it. I would never have shared it if I knew it would cause Max Collins trouble, but in my defense I didn't know he was part of a professional animation studio. I came across it on happenstance and just thought it was a fan project that he ended up not being satisfied with so he removed it. Oh well, if I didn't share it someone else would have found it first. What goes on the internet, stays on the internet. I'll just take solace in the fact I found something that made the community happy to make up for the disappointment a lot of you have had in regards to Sonic Forces. And I highly doubt that Sega would force it to be removed from the game just because we saw it first. They already spent money on it after all and it wasn't even complete.