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  1. Alright FromSoft you win, Demon's Souls is just too hard for me. I don't know where people got the idea that Dark Souls was more difficult, but to each their own I guess.

    1. Maxtiis


      Then again I may have also taken things a bit too far.


      I blame myself for being so bad at everything.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      I've yet to play the Souls series but I know that they are typically tough unless you really know what you are doing. Games can be frustratingly hard especially if they are short timing based like this one. To be honest I'm awful at games but I never get that frustrated. I just move on to a different game and try to go back to it, if not get rid of it to someone who will enjoy it.

      Still you shouldn't have broke that disc! You could have sold it (Demon's Souls around these parts aren't cheap), gave it to someone else, anything. Also I didn't know a Blu-ray disc can break like that.

    3. Maxtiis


      Oh well, what's done is done. And I did know what I was doing and still couldn't get results which is typical for me. Funny enough I've heard people claim that Souls games helped them overcome depression, but for me it had the opposite effect.

      But in the end this was pretty damn immature on my part and I'm not proud of it. Maybe sharing it here will help prevent me from repeating. Also you can get Demon's Souls pretty cheap these days. I got this one at a gamestop for like $8.

  2. Maxtiis

    Is Tomb Raider (PSX) and it's PSX sequels still good?

    I still enjoy the old Tomb Raiders for as hard and sometimes clunky as they could be. Even if the controls can make navigation a bitch if you aren't used to them (and in some cases even when you are), TR 1-4 did have really good level design. The way the labyrinths you explore unravel into a big platforming puzzle is still something I find thrilling to play through. My personal rankings from best to worst for the original continuity are: 1.Tomb Raider 3* 2. Tomb Raider 1 3. Tomb Raider 2 4. Tomb Raider: the Last Revelation 5. Tomb Raider Chronicles 6. Angel of Darkness *with 3 it has to be the pc version. The PS1 release is a real bitch due to how saving works in it, so when discussing that I'd place the PS1 version at 4.
  3. Maxtiis

    Even Yuji Naka didnt want a cutesy funny Sonic

    I don't really think there was ever any risk of Sonic losing edge as he got more popular. I always looked at his sprites and thought he looked kind of pissed off all the time, and when he transitioned to 3-D models they made his furrowed brow much more noticeable which kept that impression. Sonic's never been cute to me, just cool. Even today when I do create a character in games I tend to give them an angry look because Sonic convinced me that slanted eyebrows looked good on characters in action games. Just don't draw attention to it.
  4. It's always such a bittersweet feeling seeing youtube videos reflecting on the dreamcast, but they're also a real joy to watch.

    1. E-122-Psi


      Josh's videos are always heartfelt.

      Dreamcast at least got a better run than SEGA's other failed consoles, with a reasonable number of exclusive titles (pre-Gamecube :P), palpable third party support, and two proper mainstream Sonic games. While it's fate was sealed with the PS2's release, it still lingered on until 2007, nearly a decade. It wasn't like the 32X or Virtual Boy where it's lineup was pretty much dead before it even got released.

    2. Maxtiis


      It's also become the definitive cult classic console these days (well maybe after the Saturn). Funny how 17 years ago it was ousted by PS2 but nowadays PS2 aren't worth shit on the retro console market, but the dreamcast and its library fetch quite a price. I now that's to be expected with supply and demand, what with there being less dreamcasts around, but still I think its somewhat poetic justice.

  5. Demon's Souls world 4-2 is literally one of the most infuriating levels I've ever played in a video game.

    Seriously fuck whoever made this one. I don't get mad at video games often but holy shit has this pissed me off.

  6. Demon's Souls has pissed me off way more than any game has in a long time. The hitboxes in this game are plain horseshit.

  7. Maxtiis

    30th Anniversary

    They'll spend the next three years developing the hedgehog engine 3 and develop a "game" to tech demo their precious software in a vain attempt to license it to other companies. They'll then proceed to lose more staff to square-enix, their tech demo will review with mixed to negative reception, and we'll bitch about it to kingdom come.
  8. Maxtiis

    Can a Sonic/Dragon Ball Crossover Ever Work?

    If Batman and the Ninja Turtles can do a crossover, anything is possible. However both Sega and Toei would likely butt heads over how it would pan out, so it's highly unlikely.
  9. I'm back.

    Back again.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Who are you?

    2. Maxtiis



    3. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      So.... Are you a rabbit?

    4. Maxtiis


      Just the guy that makes the donuts.

    5. Failinhearts


      Welcome back!

    6. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      A  rabbit that makes donuts?

    7. Maxtiis


      Wouldn't that be something?

  10. It never ceases to amaze me what  people are able to do with this one simple joke.


  11. Maxtiis

    Should Sonic be "wise"?

    He shouldn't be as intelligent as Tails or Eggman but he should have a good amount of worldliness, considering he's definitely the type of character that's traveled and experienced a lot in his time. Basically what he may lack in pure book smarts, he can make up for in street smarts and with a good amount of common sense. That's the impression I've always gotten from Sonic anyway.
  12. After checking out that Sonic Adventure style book, I was reminded of an old Sonic figure I had as a kid.


    Get a load of those eyes! Those SA era figures were always weird looking but I'm getting very nostalgic seeing this.

    1. Shiguy


      I still have that gold one in my old toy box, the audio chip in it is busted but eh.

    2. Ernest-Panda


      I had the smaller version as a kid. It lasted about a week until my nephew broke his leg off. Still have Tails and Big though.

    3. Maxtiis


      I've got the larger version of the figure which came with a stand that spoke as well. Mine is also busted but the statue is still in decent shape all things considered.

  13. Just found out a girl I like isn't interested in me, but another guy.

    Ugh, story of my life.

    1. Boomer


      I know how that feels. Sorry to hear that.

    2. Maxtiis


      Problem is it happens every damn time.

    3. Boomer


      Yep, same :/


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