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  1. Man, losing to Smash Bros. A.I. is always that one thing that ruins my self-esteem so much. If I can't beat some stupid computers, how could I ever beat actual players?

    1. Maxtiis


      I know I've virtually said this already, but sheesh, it's so aggravating. And I'm too stubborn to give up.

    2. Blacklightning


      For what it's worth, the high level AI is based off actual tourney level players. There's absolutely no shame in losing to them.

    3. Celestia


      Well, that and the AI "cheats" to some extent, especially at higher levels.

    4. TCB


      I know I'm not good irl level play so I don't even attempt lvl 9 cpu matches I suck

    5. Maxtiis


      @TCB I'm not sure if I'm actually fighting what the game would consider lvl 9 cpus given that I'm running through world of light on Hard, which is vague at describing how difficult it really is. Sometimes the a.i. will be braindead, sometimes it will prove to be a completely fair challenge, and other times it's like it has permanent i-frames and no matter what you do, it'll proceed to fly right through your attacks and combo you into a spike.

    6. TCB


      Oh you talking about some of those 3-4 star spirit battles yeah those can suck all the confidence you thought you had playing up til that point

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