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  1. Just finished Mega Man 11. Overall I'd say it definitely ranks up there in how I'd rate the classic series's games, I certainly enjoyed it more than 10 just to give an idea. The stages are varied and lain out in ways that make the game's main gimmick feel more like it's up to the player's agency to use, rather than forcing you to, and still it skirts the line from being completely game breaking where most other tools the player can abuse would be.

    However it definitely has some blemishes. Enemy placement is often just obnoxious, and especially in the first Dr. Wily level, where the entire main threat of the stage is being knocked back into pits from enemies right on ledges. Bosses that use the power gear in the middle of the fight also gain invincibility which is particularly annoying with the likes of Blast Man and Torch Man.

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