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  1. If any of you are interested, I highly recommend trying out Smooth Doom. It's just a cosmetic mod with no alterations to gameplay, but it really is a nice touch of paint to an old classic. Honestly, it reminds me of how Sonic Mania updated the classic sprites.

    I only found out about it from a recent Civvie 11 video called Pro Doom, whose Youtube channel I'd also recommend.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've got a friend from high school who would make all sorts of DOOM levels and such mods on his own computer using all sorts of things he downloaded. He's really talented with it. I just wish he'd pursue something of that nature. He hasn't had the best of luck in life

    2. Maxtiis


      I'd definitely call making doom wads an art of their own.

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