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  1. Happy birthday! I hope that you're staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. I miss the presence of your unique and beautiful mind.

  2. Just saw the Sonic movie and absolutely loved it. I hope that lots of other directors in Hollywood will treat this movie as the primary role-model for their future projects, so that the decade of 2020ies could have plenty of decent films instead of cringey and pointless filth which fails to impress the true core fans of various franchises. The cliffhanger scenes at the very end were superb and left me wanting more. I'm expecting a sequel to arrive ASAP where Doctor Robotnik finally gains some weight from consuming those strange mushrooms while being marooned on that mushroom planet, and where there will be an epic showdown of the geniuses between him and Tails. Please give me a sequel soon!
  3. Congratulations! I can't believe that it's already been 15 years since I first registered on here before the server wipe. (I came in September 2005). Where have all the years gone and why have they flown away so fast? I've seen so many members coming and going, so many funny moments, so many retired veterans who I miss and because of whose absence I began decreasing my own activity. IMO, the best times on this board were back in 2007 and 2008. Back then I had a different username and I was one of the top 20 most active and most popular members on here. Furthermore, I loved how the layout and the interface of the site looked back then. I loved how there was a proper friend-list attached to every member profile, making it very easy and convenient for people to bond and interact and get to know each other better. Those were the days. I really wish for that old friend-list feature to come back and replace the current "manage followed content" system. It would also be nice if some oldies from before 2009 returned here to give me incentives and motivation for being more active. But we can't force people to do what they don't want to do. *sigh*
  4. Well, I'm still playing my way through this and enjoying it, but there's only 1 tiny glitch that I've discovered... Basically, the glitch is that sometimes when I reach the goal ring at the end of a stage then instead of being returned to the adventure field I get returned to the start of the currently completed stage. But fortunately this minor mishap doesn't prevent the savedata from being recorded, and I'm able to resume my progress by exiting to the main menu and loading the savedata which spawns me back at the adventure field with all of my newly accumulated lives and allows me to make my way into the next unlocked stage. You might argue that it's unpleasant to keep going to the menu to load the savedata, but on the bright side this gives me an opportunity to select a different character if I got bored of using the same one for multiple stages in a row.
  5. You mean to the actual download page? Fine, here it is: https://mega.nz/#!98QE3bCT!byBOVOAmISdpN0KGvglwhhCA7YBcEmJw9K1AMRjmkWQ It's a 3GB compressed file, and you will be required to install a special browser plugin for downloading something of that size. And no, there's no virus or malware there, because I already went through this process and came out clean.
  6. For those who loved Sonic Incursion but crave to play a longer and fully finished Sonic game running on the Unreal Engine there's a game called Sonic Souls by Doky. It features the same gameplay element of collecting the red rings in a rotating 3D environment, but there's somewhere around 30 stages to choose from, and supposedly around 30 characters to play as. (Although I only have around 10 characters available right now, due to just having started playing this 2 nights ago and not having unlocked anyone yet.) And yes, there's also a 2-4 player feature supposedly included. I trust that it is indeed included, because I can see that the designer totally poured their entire heart into getting this game to a finished state, but I just don't have neither the time nor the people for testing this. The only downside is that I couldn't find what the background story for this game is. There was no cutscene and no dialogue to tell me what it possibly could be. I was left guessing that the reason why it's called "Souls" is because it's very easy to earn extra lives as you play. I was literally able to earn 13 lives after playing for only a half-hour and beating the first 3 stages. (Yeah, perhaps my guess is crazy and wrong. But whatever.) Seriously though, I fell in love with this game after only beating 3 stages so far. And here's a screenshot: I hope you enjoy it too! I was impressed.
  7. I never imagined or predicted that it would eventually come to this, but 2016 is the year when I finally discovered and explored what this whole Vocaloid stuff is all about. (Yes, I'm very very late to the party, I know. But then again, I never considered myself a 100% hardcore otaku, and I'm still not really one now, despite having waifus and having been harassed by infidels for having them.) So anyways, yeah, I discovered Vocaloid songs and MMD videos while browsing YouTube at midnight on my lonely weekends. (Quite a typical and unoriginal way of discovering it, I'm guessing.) And now I'm addicted to these several songs right here: They're now residing in my playlist alongside all of the hardcore dubstep and drum-n-bass, and I can't stop replaying them. it's like a disease. I only get more and more crazy with my age. :/
  8. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    I finally watched Episode7 this morning (December 20th), and I consider myself very lucky for being able to enjoy it properly without stumbling upon any spoilers to ruin the suspense of the experience. And now, without giving away any spoilers myself, I'll just say that the film exceeded my expectations in the sense that the plot was actually moving in the general direction that I wanted it to move instead of moving in a direction that would've hurt the feelings of a lot of the diehard fans of the EU. So interpret that statement as you may, and go enjoy the film properly if you haven't done so already. Let me know when it's safe to drop spoilers and we can discuss our opinions in full details. Peace.
  9. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    If you follow the plot of Episode 4 attentively enough then you will know that Han was in debt to Jabba the Hutt. Therefore, his seeming hunger for money was primarily in desparation to save his own skin from hired assassins and bounty hunters such as Greedo and from getting himself frozen in carbonite for the punishment of having an unpaid debt. It was Jabba's greed and death threats which caused Han to appear as selfish in front of Princess Leia when they first met. But fortunately, by Episode 6 the true form of Han came into focus, and Leia realized that he was indeed a caring and generous man.
  10. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    Most likely the "stories" are about the Emperor having a sinister alter-ego and dabbling in some occult and paranormal activities. Which was the exact reality, as all of us who have watched the 6 films should be aware. From what I understand, only the Jedi Order and a few Senators and the leaders of the Separatist forces have been awake and aware of the so-called Darth Sidious persona, while the rest of the galaxy a.k.a "the non-elite masses" have been completely unaware and clueless to the whole "Dark Side versus Light Side mystical power struggle". I'm convinced that the death of the Galactic Emperor in the Star Wars universe was advertised to the non-elite masses, just like the death (or the supposed death) of Hitler was advertised in our universe. There's a lot of mysteries and theories about the Fuhrer's life and what exactly he was doing behind the scenes, so it's only natural for the profile of a fictional dictator to be inspired by this in some way. I'm convinced that in place of the Emperor there is a group of admirals and warlords squabbling for territory amongst themselves, similarly to the way that it was in the EU.
  11. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    If that's the case then it would feel like a major rip-off of the Kyle Katarn storyline from the game Jedi Outcast. I don't even know what concrete opinion to form about such a development because it gives me mixed feelings. The only thing that is certain at this point is that the people who made these trailers have done a great job of getting everyone hyped and excited with too many unanswered questions, practically guaranteeing that almost everyone will buy tickets just to get all the answers even if some of those answers will be disappointing.
  12. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    To be completely honest, I'm not particularly admiring the design of the poster either, because it gives an impression of a last-minute rush job due to the fact that all 3 characters are standing in pretty much the same pose with pretty much the same grumpy facial expression, as if they're all anxiously waiting for that final photo to be taken so that they could all leave the studio and drive back to their homes and families after a long and exhausting day of filming. But I refuse to believe that the effort, or rather the lack of effort, which was done on this poster serves as a precise premonition of the overall quality of the actual film. I base my stubborn opinion on the fact that the release of the film has been delayed from the traditional date in May to a further date which is closer to Christmas, giving the whole crew and staff extra time to ensure that any mistakes and bloopers get noticed and fixed. I had the same gut feeling about the release of the DOOM movie a decade ago, and it turned out to be correct. That movie sucked because it felt like it was a chapter of a totally different story from a totally different franchise altogether. But I wouldn't go as far as making a general rule that just because my gut feeling about one thing long ago turned out to be correct then all the other gut feelings of everybody else about other things will turn out to be correct. I believe that there's always the chance for everyone to make a mistake and that only time will tell how great or how terrible the movie is once the release happens.
  13. 188Eternal

    Star Wars

    Well, there was actually somebody above your last post who said the following statement: "I have very low expectations for this movie. The prequels were trash, but this makes them look great. This whole movie is just a shameless cash-in" in reaction to seeing that poster. So I interpreted that reaction as judging the whole unreleased film by the single promotional poster. If I misinterpreted then I'm sorry, but that's what it felt like. Anyways, I'm convinced that Harrison Ford will do his best to not disappoint the fans on camera.
  14. Being a worshipper of electronic music, I like the works of Liam Howlett who is the founder of the band The Prodigy. And then I also like some of the works by the German band Kraftwerk (whose real names I don't know). And then there's a really talented French composer who goes by the long and peculiar name of Jean-Michel Jarre, whose earlier works I really love. I used to like the Italian band Eiffel65 for a while, but nowadays they annoy me for some reason and I avoid them. I'm assuming that dubstep artists are not considered authentic composers, so I'm omitting them from being mentioned in this post, but I do love their crafts as well. And then whoever in Japan has composed the soundtrack for Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure is also regarded as my hero.
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