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  1. If I was a child I'd be terrified of that photo... He looks pretty scary!
  2. That episode was fantastic! I'm glad there's a falafel place in the village ? I really liked when amy was like "and you're the strongest one in the group" and knuckles replied with "Clearly" while looking at sonic ?? also I like that sonic said "what the heck" and they didn't go THAT FAR with the child protection stuff ?I love when knuckles ran to charlie and Belinda to tell them about what sonic said, and when knuckles sat on charlie ?
  3. https://twitter.com/EmilyLancman715/status/817113472865595392?s=09 More episodes discovered!! "Give bees a chance" is gonna be the first Amy episode and that's great considering there hasn't been one yet!! I wonder if it turns out the same as the buster episode or different...the season is amazing!
  4. Can anyone give us a detailed description as to what happened because here in the UK we are totally cut off from anything sonic related ?? and I can't wait until tomorrow *GMT*** to watch a poopy YouTube version
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