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  1. You're right, the poor are more impervious to terminal illness and debilitation. It's all that living in squalor, boostin' their immune system. They don't know how good they got it! Illness can impact anyone at any time, and whether or not you're able to seek treatment shouldn't be based on your income bracket.
  2. This is what I expect our government to sit down and figure out, the problem is they're so damn obstinate. Though I have many grievances with the GOP, I'll happily take a plan if they can devise something better than Obamacare. Instead we got whatever the hell Ryan cooked up, which is so much worse it almost comes across like cartoon level villainy. And that was the best they could do. They kicked and moaned for years and when they finally had control, they pinched out the worst plan they could possibly think of and then gave up. But what bothers me most is that you apparently look down on your friends as bandwagoners because they want health coverage, the basic expectation that if they get sick they can do something about it. The example you explicitly used was your friends.
  3. Wow. Ok. So everyone deserves health care. The fact that your friends don't work shouldn't mean they deserve to get sick and then eat massive costs or hope their illness doesn't spiral out of control. The fact that this isn't a guaranteed right is an embarrassment.
  4. I'm glad to see it failed because its success meant taking 24 million off health insurance, limiting coverage, and hiking premiums even further. Trumpryangopcare should be buried 12 feet under and the earth salted just to be sure. And no, I don't need to offer up a better replacement to validate my opinion. Just like I can look at a subpar piece of artwork and explain to you why it's poor without being required to paint a masterpiece.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm dead, i'm dead on the ground i'm dying i'm dead
  6. Well, if you say "institutional racism" backwards it makes it go away, like Mr.Mxyzptlk.
  7. Good on Playtonic. It's a smart move too since you know Jon would just plug his involvement in the game on release, and I'm sure they don't want to be roped in even by proxy with the rest of his messaging on Twitter. Except he's not being silenced. Look this might sound crazy but speech has consequences. You cannot, in fact, just say whatever you want and not expect some kind of blowback. That's not equivalent to being silenced, though. Being silenced would be having the government show up and jail you for saying something disagreeable. People love to beat the free speech drum like they actually know what it even is, but they very plainly do not. Nobody is silencing Jontron. He can lose every endorsement, he can be cut from every product, he can be railroaded off Youtube, and it still would not be silencing him, because he will always - always - be able to voice his opinion freely.
  8. Been watching the episodes they have up on Netflix, and I'm really looking forward to the revival season on the 14th. Watch out for snakes.
  9. It's only March. I have to keep reminding myself that he hasn't even been in office for a quarter of a year and already look at all this shit. I have to imagine that even if the Russian scandal doesn't persist through his term, he'll generate enough bad press that eventually something is going to give.
  10. Happy belated birthday, dude who keeps liking all my posts.


  11. I think a release date in April is doubtful. Too soon after announcing the delay. If they needed to buy more time with a broad Summer window then they're not close enough to be considering a specific launch day. I'd think May or June for a release date reveal is more likely.
  12. I doubt they're adding more levels or anything like that, seems late in the game to start working on something from the ground up. Most likely they're trying to refine what they have, fix what they've been given feedback on, and finalize content. Most of the demos they've shown have been buggy, and while they're likely older builds, it's clear that even what they're comfortable showing has some work left to be done. I can only imagine there's a bit of road left on the stages they aren't showing before they're ready for release. Edit: Actually I dunno, not sure how long it takes them to make a stage from concept, to drawing art, to assembly. I suppose it's possible some stages are still early in, or special stages are still being tinkered with. Who knows! Video games!
  13. I swear every couple weeks it gets brought up along with speculation that we'll get game gear stages. The Mania team has been pretty clear on this stuff.
  14. We need some kinda new Godwin's Law for racists. Like, as soon as you mention the purity of the gene pool, the argument is over, you're a racist.
  15. Thank fuck. Edit: Guess this means either the guy doesn't know what he saw, or this is some kind of bonus stage. Either way I still think there's probably three builds going around. Nick was pretty clear about hearing a different track for Green Hill, and it's not unlikely that the one we've seen was part of the Mirage Saloon build, but they weren't wanting to show it yet. Double Edit: Stealth cleared up on Sonic Retro that the guy in the Easy Allies video doesn't seem to know what he's talking about. He confirmed that there's no Mania demo which showcases special stages or bonus stages. So that's that, I guess. I wonder if the guy in that video played the Sonic 2 remaster and got profoundly confused.