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  1. Badass game covers(and just...bad ones)

    See weirdly enough I got the opposite vibe, since "hero overlooking a beautiful vista, destruction, or other awe inspiring scene with their back turned to the viewer" is so overdone that the BoW cover just came off as derivative.
  2. I mean that's pretty much what I'm getting at. He can't directly say it's Sonic or Knuckles and using descriptors like "blue hedgehog" would be far too specific, so he thinks he's being more clever than he is by skirting around that in an attempt to appropriate those characters.
  3. I just really like how he can't even seem to use stuff like "echidna" or "blue hedgehog" as descriptors because they're probably a bit too specific.
  4. Look, I'm not much of a writer myself, but everything about this reads like someone is having a stroke.
  5. My favorite party of the Geoffrey and Hersey romance was when Hersey died off screen and was never heard from again.
  6. I think, as pointed out earlier, it's that this might be from before or around the legal battle, and Penders may have been drawing things closer to what would be on-model for Archie. That's just a guess though. Plenty of Sonic characters don't wear clothes and it's not really questioned since they're obviously harmless mascot characters, but the more you try to warp them into human proportions the more it just looks like you drew someone with mumps naked.
  7. Akira's collected editions contained a very stylized recap of the previous volume. There's just a certain way they were composed that I always loved, and so I wanted to capture something similar to that with my own comic. The following goes before the first chapter and summarizes the comic that came before it: https://ibb.co/gQ9N6b

    Links lead to uncompressed pages since imgur and twitter are fucking destroying these.

    1. Mightyray


      Best of luck with your project! You've got some amazing skills!

  8. Microtransactions in my Sonic game? What will they think of next, DRM? Oh...
  9. Observations: Line art, while rough, looks less mangled than what we've come to expect. That said, Penders almost always destroys what good line art he has when coloring. More live photography with cartoons, and I cannot imagine it being any less discordant when colored. Beaches are also not that hard to draw so this just comes off as especially lazy. As you mentioned, no mirroring of the same walking sketch. You *could* argue that this is just a thumbnail and a general outline of where Penders wants to go with the page, so he's overlayed the same image to cut time, and will later refine it and put in new art for the final two panels. I would then argue that this is Ken Penders, a bum. On the same subject, in my own work I've had panels that follow the same sort of style. Static background, same framing, but the character's action is different. It's not hard to composite an image like this, and it saves so much time when you just have to do a background and two different pieces of character art. Every second I catch up in this thread I pray for death and it never comes. Yep. If a huge swath of your cast is related it would be better to not include it in a sheet like this and make a separate document summarizing the family tree. The said, considering how expansive her family seems to be, I seriously question how relevant some of them are actually going to be. I would almost make that some sort of ongoing document where you fill it in as characters are introduced, because if you have like five to ten dudes who don't matter to the story or don't even show up then whoooooo cares.
  10. Merry (late) Christmas, everyone. Here's a couple of finished pages from the comic I'm working of, if that's your kind of thing


    1. Mightyray


      So good! I hope I can reach your level in draftsmanship one day!

  11. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The thumbnail for this video makes me feel like if I play it I'm going to go to jail.
  12. I'm gonna be super nitpicky here, but it bothers me how the Star Trek one doesn't use x's to denote black space. I understand on spaces that are intended to have some hatching, but the pants and stuff could just be marked with an x.
  13. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Not sure if you were asking me (since I wasn't clear by "classic"), but I meant Sonic 4. Although all the games you listed I think look awful.
  14. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    I don't think that graphically MM11 looks very good. In fact I think it looks the dead opposite of good, and I remember how the last 2.5D classic style game looked so nooooooooooo thanks!
  15. You can check the thread if you want, but I tried to explain the disparity issue in his backgrounds in the nicest, yet most straight-forward and concise way I could. While ultimately I do think it comes off as more lazy than experimental, I've got to hand it to him that this is a pretty level headed reaction to criticism and I respect that. I mostly brought it up because Ken mentioned CG rendering against live photography and it's maybe the most easy to understand example of that not working out as intended, plus they've been on my mind lately. That said, the Prequels and Pender's comics are two totally different beasts by the end of the day with only a few tangible similarities (something to be said about untamed artistic vision and nobody saying "maybe reel it in" too, I suppose) so I don't have a preference. In any case, I do think both are fascinating despite being of poor quality.

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