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  1. Well, happy page 420 of the Lara-Su thread, everyone! At least we have each other.
  2. Hey it's been a while and I can't reasonably catch up on everything. Has Penders finally released this dumbass thing?
  3. Let the record show I predicted this Alex Kidd thing on the 27th of May. Sometimes just saying the dumbest shit imaginable turns out to be right.

  4. Oh jeez. It's been a while since I've combed through the series so I'm bad at spotting who does what at this point. Except Ron Lim. Couldn't forget that if I tried. Edit: Still, I am curious if Penders is working with the original art teams on those stories and getting their blessing before republishing anything.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, that's drawn by Dawn Best, correct? Wonder what they would think about their art being republished by Penders or if she was approached at all about this.
  6. Being on self-quarantine and playing Donkey Kong 64 is my version of Stu making pudding at 4am.

  7. Oh he's been active on Twitter again? Well cool, he never said anything about two pieces I did. Which, to be fair, I've been mean to him before and if he remembers that through avatar and name changes then I can't blame him. Also those above tweets, him restructuring and rewriting things to stay politically fresh, is some Duke Nukem Forever levels of chasing after the current "thing" and forever staying in production as you fall behind and catch up again. Just swap out game engines for current events and there you go.
  8. I was expecting to love Thousand Year Door and hate Harmony of Dissonance, and it turns out I was wrong on both counts.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      >not loving thousand year door

    2. CleverSonicUsername


      I think most people just remember the writing and the battle system and forget how much you have to backtrack over bland flat locations. The mission to find the Bomb-omb general is one of the most egregious time wasters I've ever seen in video games.

      Considering I am playing and loving Harmony of Dissonance (even after getting lost for three hours due to my own stupidity and making several loops around the entire castle), I have no fundamental issue with backtracking in games. It's just that Thousand Year Door does it excessively every time you get to a new location, and most of  the layouts are experienced in full the first time through, adding nothing of value for the following five to eight times you have to slog your way across.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I wanted to love TTYD, but the game has so much inane backtracking that it just feels more like a chore than a genuinely fun game by the third chapter. It's one of the most overt examples of padding I've ever seen in a game.

      Which is an absolute shame, because the story and characters are some of the best Mario has ever seen. I'm glad everyone else loves it, and I really, really wish I could too.

    4. Sean


      I never saw the backtracking as any worse than other RPGs that involve any amount of backtracking. The Vivian chapter gets a little silly about it but it never felt like a problem to me the rest of the game.

  9. Please tell me this whole town hall was them getting dragged on the level of this and the "I YIELD MY TIME, FUCK YOU" guy, because if so I need to consume it all.
  10. Oh word, it has the Shining Force games? Not being able to read any of the text in those sounds like it'll whip ass.
  11. And yet I kinda want to. Like the experience might be miserable, but my mind is racing at the thought of both drawing those characters better and more legitimately horrifying. Ok here I gave it a shot, can't wait to be told it's too disney or whatever. (And he'd be right to as I've said disparaging things to him on twitter, so)
  12. SEGA's net worth is less than half of Xbox's, Sony has about 12 billion on them too, and both those companies sold their current gen consoles at a loss. It's not going to be competitive hardware regardless of how well they're doing as a software house. It's just not viable. Edit: Unless you mean like what Nintendo is doing where they put together a tablet and call it a day. In which case, yeah, sure. Maybe they could.
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