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  1. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The thumbnail for this video makes me feel like if I play it I'm going to go to jail.
  2. I'm gonna be super nitpicky here, but it bothers me how the Star Trek one doesn't use x's to denote black space. I understand on spaces that are intended to have some hatching, but the pants and stuff could just be marked with an x.
  3. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Not sure if you were asking me (since I wasn't clear by "classic"), but I meant Sonic 4. Although all the games you listed I think look awful.
  4. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    I don't think that graphically MM11 looks very good. In fact I think it looks the dead opposite of good, and I remember how the last 2.5D classic style game looked so nooooooooooo thanks!
  5. You can check the thread if you want, but I tried to explain the disparity issue in his backgrounds in the nicest, yet most straight-forward and concise way I could. While ultimately I do think it comes off as more lazy than experimental, I've got to hand it to him that this is a pretty level headed reaction to criticism and I respect that. I mostly brought it up because Ken mentioned CG rendering against live photography and it's maybe the most easy to understand example of that not working out as intended, plus they've been on my mind lately. That said, the Prequels and Pender's comics are two totally different beasts by the end of the day with only a few tangible similarities (something to be said about untamed artistic vision and nobody saying "maybe reel it in" too, I suppose) so I don't have a preference. In any case, I do think both are fascinating despite being of poor quality.
  6. I've been rewatching Prequel Trilogy clips and remarking to my friend how tacky and cartoony they look due to the disparity of CG sets and live action characters, and this visual disconnect is 100% applicable to what little of Ken's trash fire I've seen. Also that Knuckles omni thing is hilarious. It's just more evidence that Ken has a very convenient view on IP. His work and his stories and his characters are so sacred, but he really doesn't care much about who owns what outside of his immediate sphere. Because he's a narcissist as well, he's still fixating on Knuckles to a degree that's almost unhealthy, because in his addled mind he revolutionized the character and brought him into the mainstream or some shit. Put this man in a clinic, there's something wrong with his brain.
  7. Yeah that doesn't mean much. I've seen plenty of webcomic authors plot out chapter names in advance of having anything substantial to show. Could be taken as another sign of Pender's typical "ideas man" shtick of having a vision larger than he's willing or able to act upon.
  8. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    I've been listening to some of Classic Sonic's music and while it's mostly nowhere near as outright shit as Green Hill's dumpster fire of a theme, none of it particularly feels Sonic-y to me. Like these would be perfectly fine Genesis songs from some game totally unrelated to Sonic the Hedgehog. It's... weird. Like I don't hate them as much as I was bracing myself for, but they def don't feel right.
  9. L0FCXxO.png

    Almost finished panel of an other worldly attendant from the comic I'm putting together. I had to redraw this sequence as it gave away too much too soon, so I made it more vague and dream-like, and used it as a chance to make their design somewhat more odd.

    I've had this playing while doing the scene, and it's really helped me hit the mood I want.

  10. Alright, which one of you degenerates is Hotwheelsmaster69 in Sonic Forces?

  11. What the fuck is up with the water kingdom in Mario Odyssey? I'm unzipping the level, I'm getting moons for finding ~hidden zippers~, this lady likes to "make things grow", one of the missions is "Our Secret Little Room" where I just meet a lady in there, another is I Feel Underdressed, I'm in my boxers, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AM I ON A LIST NOW, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME IF I'M ON A LIST

  12. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Fair enough, it's been like ten almost ten years since I've played either Unleashed or a GoW game, I just recall that's often how they're compared. I still remember having zero fun with those sections of the game, finding the platforming in them to be super clunky, the performance to be poor, and the combat just not being very fun at all. You can fix the performance in a patch but the rest of it just did nothing for me, and was actively frustrating to engage with in places. As much as I'm willing to give Unleashed another go, it's not at all to do with the night stages, I just want to take a crack at the daytime ones and see if they're as good as I remember.
  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    I've begun to feel more and more over the years that review scores just don't matter. People tend to become fixated on the number over the substance and they let that color their whole opinion, be it of the game, or the publication/reviewer. It can also just be an extra step that impedes a critic's ability to complete a review as they feel a need to reduce all of their feelings into a single numerical value. Some publications use strict metrics that can cause a score to become maligned with the content of the review, too. That's partly why I dislike Famitsu so much, you can tell they pride themselves more on the score they're dulling out and not actual honest to god critique. You might think 35/40 is too high or too low, and you might have your own opinion on what 5/10 says about Forces or Polygon, but I'd encourage you to divorce the score from your mind and actually see what they have to say, then determine if that resonates with you on some personal level.
  14. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Time stamped for when the discussion gets going, but I was really reminded of this with the talk of what is "low" in terms of score and what readers take away.
  15. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Friday releases increasing in frequency is a relatively new thing. Tuesday releases have typically been more common, so no I don't find it weird. Resident Sonic defendant Tim Turi doesn't work there anymore so probably not.