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  1. I didn't have any doubt about that, but still. Boo. That track is actually really grating to my ears so I don't think I could tolerate a full game of that. Forces seems like something I'd maybe get if reception is largely positive, it's on sale, and someone makes a mod that lets me swap out music for whatever I please. Edit: on the whole I'm not that bothered by Classic Sonic being in another 3D game, though I think the they're using him feels very shoehorned, as opposed to Generations where they were clearly going for something explicitly nostalgic. If anything I'm more bothered by Green Hill since it's just getting very played out. Entirely new levels based around Classic Sonic are AOK by me.
  2. Some of ya'll need to get better at spotting placeholder dates and evaluating how soon after delays launch dates are announced. It's Summer 2017 until SEGA issues a firm date or retailers receive the same information from the publisher. TBA dates always shift between retailers because they have to have a listing that falls within the projected launch window. Easy ways to spot these placeholder dates are if they fall at the end of a month, the end of the quarter, or on a day that is not a Tuesday.
  3. To add to this, the original classic games are among the very few that are still remembered well critically and outside of the fandom, even the adventure games over time have had a harder time standing up to age than the Genesis titles. The appeal of Mania is further reaching than a new modern Sonic game.
  4. Yeah, honestly I'm just being dumb about it and needlessly singled out something that struck me at the moment as being odd. Not a post I'm very proud of but hey, what'cha gonna do. edit: Also my suspicion with elemental shields interacting with environmental gimmicks is that they'll probably limit it to one per stage, if at all, so as to not risk over complicating things. That said, I'm curious to see how it plays out, the burning log and magnetized ceilings are things I never thought I'd see in a classic game, and I like them quite a bit.
  5. I guess it depends on what's under it, but it just seems weird that you'd ever drop down on that platform since the line of rings indicates you just monkey bar your way over it, and the one that extends down is far out of the way of any visible hazard. Maybe I'm just looking at it all wrong, I dunno.
  6. That flamethrower thing seems really oddly placed.
  7. Yeah. The buildings look very detailed and then the trees are just a mess of cubes. It looks super out of place.
  8. I've noticed with each new big reveal someone has made a separate thread, which is kind of a double edged sword. On one hand it's very likely someone will make a "Mania release date revealed!" thread, and it's just as likely that someone would make something like "Aquatic Ruin revealed for Mania" thread, spoiling people who may otherwise be trying to avoid new info. Avoiding stuff like level reveals is really difficult, because it's part of planned marketing, and as such will seep into so many outlets that odds are you'll eventually see it. Gaming news sites will plaster a new level on their front pages, it will be shown in countless youtube thumbnails, thread titles, etc. It's really hard to avoid that stuff. So as much as I just want a level count and release date and nothing else, I'm making my peace with the fact that I'll likely see more than that by the time I get my hands on the game.
  9. The only Mania reveal I want at this point is a release date and stage count so I can officially tune out and do my best to avoid anything else.
  10. I'm sure in the end the similarities between this and Generations begin and end with "it has Classic Sonic and also Green Hill, again." Problem is that's 50% of what they've shown off, so for the time being that's the easiest comparison to draw.
  11. You cite both games as being a "return to form" and that brings up an interesting point. I cannot think of any other gaming franchise where so many of the games are meant to be a return to form.
  12. Act 2 of GHZ in Generations is something I would also describe as "vibrant and dynamic." At least visually, Act 1 in Generations is a clear cut above Forces. Its appearance in Forces just feels like a massive step backwards, and the fact that it's being shown concurrently with another version of the same level that looks better isn't helping.
  13. If anything, part of why Force's rendition feels so underwhelming to me is because a 16-bit game looks more vibrant and dynamic than it does.
  14. Not sure it was a great idea hiring a tone deaf composer. Stage layout also looked really bland. Weird that I'd be so down on what's basically Generations 2 considering how much I loved that game, but this still just isn't doing anything for me.
  15. Not surprising. Though there's certainly marketing in Japan for Mania, they're not the outlet for new information. The GHZ Act 2 demo they did recently being a weird exception.