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  1. Still alive, in case anyone cares.

    well ok bye

  2. My personal theory is that SEGA just hasn't pursued the rights, since doing so would be an admission of their dealings with Jackson, something they clearly want to distance themselves on. Instead, they're being ultra conservative in their approach to Sonic 3 so as to not raise any potential problem that would force them to deal with his estate. That said, I bet the real peril is more to do with Buxer lifting one of his songs wholesale and throwing it in the game when nobody was looking.
  3. SEGA's squeamishness with Sonic 3 predates Leaving Neverland by years.
  4. At this point I'd just settle for them porting the HD versions of 1 and 2 to other platforms like they did with CD. It's bizarre to me that they have not.
  5. This is especially funny considering the "parents just don't understand" dynamic he has with them later on. Which is pretty much all they exist for after returning to Knothole. Really the whole thing of these characters living with their parents and sneaking out and going to school is some whole other lame-ass addition the never should have been introduced, although it's a byproduct of Pender's need to have family be a focal point in his stories.
  6. Inspired by Snatcher, I made my first attempt at pixel art and animation. GlVTatc.gif

  7. Yeah I get that. I would also say the vast majority of extended family in that comic were not used well at all. They mostly just... exist.
  8. I don't know who you could attribute it to specifically, but Sonic was given parents, Tails was also given family, Robotnik even got a brother and niece. They definitely expanded family trees in that series, and a lot of times I would say it was totally superfluous. Granted, yes, all the Knuckles stuff was completely off the rails, since that's where Ken dumped the story he really wanted to tell.
  9. You know, when you find out that this is Ken's thought process when laying out a story, the long confusing bullshit family trees in the Sonic comic start to make a lot more sense.
  10. Putting aside that it's been phased out, I'm sure SEGA cares a lot about some nutjob using Mobius in his book that's coming out approximately never.
  11. Dr.Strange draws arcane symbols in the air and pulls forth from a pocket dimension his Sonic the Hedgehog chess set. Dormammu's first mistake was allowing Strange to pick the rules of engagement. edit: Strange: "Ok, I'll be playing as the Mobians, and you will be the Badniks..." Dormammu: "What is a... 'badnik'?" Strange, smirking: "Glad you asked."
  12. Hell the first Michael Bay TMNT movie got knocked to hell and back for making the Turtles look horrifying, but it still made enough for a sequel (which then finally unperformed.) I think there's a good chance this doesn't make enough of its money back, especially after the cost of revamping Sonic's design, but who knows, really. There's been enough absolute trash that performed well enough to get at least one sequel, it could totally happen.
  13. "We're in the endgame now" whispers Dr.Strange, mentally congratulating himself for an obscure reference to an old Sonic the Hedgehog comic book.
  14. As a writer, i always ask myself "who do character fuck?" Ask any writer and they'll tell you, they always do several drafts exploring their character's sex having from all angles. Does this character work better as a gay, an asexual, is he a player??? I have hundreds of documents in my filing cabinet, each one exploring that great question. Anyway, I just moved in across the street and by law I have to inform you that I am a registered sex offender. Edit: Oh my god that one about how asexual characters are "less interesting." It really tells you what kind of writer Ken is that the only layer of depth worth caring about with a character is whether they're sexually attracted to someone and who specifically they're attracted to. Double edit: Hey by the way to be perfectly clear I'm not saying Ken is a sex pervert but this is a really creepy question to pose about a children's cartoon character who is also in his mid-teens and described as being perpetually young. I am playing it up for ~comedic effect~
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