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  1. It doesn't matter when the games take place if they're using Classic Sonic... It doesn't matter which design they decide to use for a classic style game... It's all so unnecessary. Could just alternate between designs when needed...
  2. It's a retcon that doesn't need to exist, it's the kind that people don't care to acknowledge.
  3. Sure, but why after all this time would you still expect it? It's not like anyone in this series ever did anything action related in cutscenes. Outside of Sonic and Shadow, but of course.
  4. The only difference between Tails now and Tails back then was him being playable...you can't expect a character like Tails to do anything in a cutscene. It just ain't happening. Maybe Tails could've taken Classic Sonic's place as 2D representation...
  5. It'll most definitely be better story-wise, that's been guaranteed since the reveal...
  6. Any form of enjoyability is a good thing, always and forever...remember that.
  7. What's the best 3D Sonic Stage in terms of Level Design?

    Speed Highway sports secrets despite being the 2nd most linear level in the game. Spindashing up those 2 sky scrapers in the beginning of the level even though it isn't so very obvious you can do so, it's good.
  8. Why would that line be butchered in the English dialogue? There's no way you can mess up such a straightforward sentence. Torture isn't banned.
  9. I wonder if this will be the last Boost related game. It somehow seems like they're not able to come up with something to make it more interesting game-play wise. Certainly it can't come back if the levels are this basic.
  10. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    Apparently quite a lot of people are, and I guess it matters that much that almost everyone mentions it. Knuckles should do all his battles from Angel Island.
  11. How Would You Like This Game to End? Spoilers

    I'm not sure why it would matter how it ends. Sonic games pretty much end the same way each time. Unless Eggman and Infinity Man win in the end, it's whatever.
  12. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    What is the point of an easy mode, there seems not to be one yet. Right now it doesn't seem necessary, and the change to the ring mechanic also doesn't seem necessary
  13. Positive Things About Forces?

    I think it's more accurate to use Colors in place of Lost World there...
  14. Positive Things About Forces?

    The Game's levels look occasionally neat aesthetically, that's something worth something. And I guess it's cool seeing other characters kind of in a less silly scenario, I guess. That's all I got, not really into this game that much.
  15. That's inevitable until proven untrue, because unless it was an Eggman Mecha...every new villain had a super form/extra form.