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  1. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Yes, of course. It was a trick question...though Sonic 4 episode 2 looks fine to me. It's the most visually appealing of the 4.
  2. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    Are you talking about...? Powered up... Sonic 4 episode 1... Sonic 4 episode 2... NSMB...
  3. That's weird logic. But that's fine I guess, she's still a horrible great character...but hasn't the chance to be ruined even more than originally portrayed.
  4. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    That would only apply to Sonic...and only recently(9 years). No other game really has to be limited to be one perspective, especially since...you can only do certain things in either perspective and developers would rather be able to use both to offer challenge/variety.
  5. Consistent role? She's only in one game...that literally means nothing in a franchise this wide and tonally mixed.
  6. Outside of having 7 macguffins, Super Sonic, and Silver...I'd say it's not very strong. Though that one line from Sonic in Forces probably won't help matters, it basically says Sonic is Broli, and I don't like the sound of that to be honest.
  7. Character deterioration

    I don't think I was saying that they should just be plopped into the game's plot without care or reason...what I said would really only apply if there were hub worlds and they within reason would show up in the world, not in the story or related to the plot.
  8. Character deterioration

    That's not really much of an option in terms of making a full world...if a character is or isn't gonna be in a game, it should always be within reasoning and not whether they're useful to the plot.
  9. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Forces Eggman got deeds done off screen, but failed to be threat without Infinity Jackal...and ultimately wasn't entertaining. Colors Eggman tried to get deeds done, still failed to be a threat...being more on-screen and just more involved allowed him to be entertaining. Sonic treats him like a joke regardless. This was sooo easy.
  10. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    Well, even if it is...it isn't like it matters. It's a non-offensive side thing that SEGA was never really invested in to begin with.
  11. Character deterioration

    It's an angle, dude bro. They've been pushing this since Sonic 3. It's why he's in Triple Trouble and Pocket Adventure, as well as being the only reason he has a special theme for fighting Sonic in Fighters.
  12. Character deterioration

    If we saw the characters actually interacting as much as they work together, I could see Knuckles acting like that. I mean in a few of his appearances he pretty much acts like he's got real chops above Sonic anyway, so that really doesn't seem OOC.
  13. Character deterioration

    Amy's more "the heart" again, but it's kinda overshadowed by not being useful to the story. Knuckles is something, but I don't know what else he had outside of being hot headed and overconfident. That's not really being used.
  14. Character deterioration

    Knuckles' gullibility hasn't really been a thing for a wiggle now, he hasn't had much of a defining trait in the past 3 games. Which is fine. Amy's temper pretty much stopped being a thing too, outside of lasting from Heroes to Riders...the last it was even mentioned was the end of Black Knight.
  15. Character deterioration

    Knuckles being tricked by Eggman was the most consistently stupid thing about him.