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  1. Not very surprising...he's rarely ever angry.
  2. Do we get Original Pac-Man forever...? Nice.
  3. If jumping through loops happens to be a problem, that would be a great time to make more than one type of loop for Metal Sonic to go through. Loops before ramps where the momentum from exiting the loop can be used to launch off it. Long loops where the exit of the loop is a high place where you need to go through the whole thing. And whatever else type of loops there can be.
  4. Theories don't work. It's too good, but I would rather that be A explanation...
  5. No he doesn't (to some), but he should... It shows the fans just how much SEGA cares...
  6. They cannot do this specifically...
  7. The game potentially sucks...and only 2 levels were shown.
  8. Just saying, it's the worst looking Scooby-Doo...but it's not that bad writing wise.
  9. We aren't gonna see Sonic character's feet actually it doesn't matter if they do.
  10. New Bad Guy: Infinite isn't in that picture.
  11. She's there so they don't have to keep inventing new characters to give the Mario's basic game-play tutorials... They should've...
  12. One of these things doesn't belong...
  13. A remixed Ice Cap having a snowboarding section in Rush Adventure style would be coolioses and if taking stuff from other games is fine, the spinning down ice stalagmites to stay on the top path would also be pretty radical. There's also those freezing machines, but besides freezing water or freezing Sonic to send him off slopes out of player control, can't really imagine much of anything.
  14. Based on how cartoon characters roll down hills, I'd say it would work exactly the same but look something like Vector's spin from Knuckles Chaotix.
  15. Not having fall damage isn't much of a pro, it was to be expected after seeing them keep the 3 hits from Galaxy...