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  1. Amy controls in future Mania title

    Just make her play like she does in Advance 1. And give her the hammer float from Sonic Heroes...
  2. Sonic Mania: Opening Animation (Minor Spoilers)

    CD has the environment traversal advantage... This could've definitely used more rolling around at the speed of sound...
  3. Sonic Mania: Opening Animation (Minor Spoilers)

    Doesn't it come out next week or somethin'?
  4. Sonic Mania: Opening Animation (Minor Spoilers)

    This animation is the best thing since cold milk... Nice movement, very fluid.
  5. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    That voice acting thing isn't true for the actual syndication...only for the shorts.
  6. That could be another positive outcome...I mean, if you really want that. I dunno.
  7. Well, those ramps certainly look nice. Hopefully there could be more than flat terrain, like a half-pipe with platforms.
  8. Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy (2017)

    Except it really didn't...the slapstick in the cutscenes was minimum and there were barely any death animations. Which is where most of Crash's slapstick comes from.
  9. I don't see how Blue Spheres really work as bonus stages...but as long as they aren't they aren't the only bonus stages, it's whatever. The new Special Stage looks neat.
  10. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    This addition was never the solution...the only advantage they actually have is knowing how far the homing attack's range is. Otherwise, not being able to HA off-screen enemies should've been a thing from the beginning.
  11. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Good Grief...it's literally nothing but yellow and purple!! Like, their schedule was bad before, but this is just ridiculous. CN might be goin' down the pooper...quality wise.
  12. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    It's the problem with CN's schedule...that has nothing to do with the cartoon's themselves. The creators of these cartoons just have to deal with it.
  13. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    Yes, Sonic's models are quite stiff...besides Eggman. He does well.
  14. Anyone else miss "3D"?

    Well, one thing is for certain here. All of these suggestions are better than having multiple character campaigns and they all play the same.