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  1. StaticMania

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog : Do people want Sonic to simply emote or do they just wanna see Sonic break down? When it comes to exaggerations like the one that started this discussion, it's honestly hard to tell.
  2. StaticMania

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Unless it's literally like the Super Mario Bros. cartoon, having 2 worlds isn't that at all... That's definitely the way it's being used, but it doesn't soley mean that.
  3. Nope, and it's only because he's black...because of his color scheme which people will label anything with it as edgy. People will never forget that game: ShtH
  4. That would be the joke, yes? It can only work as a joke due to the absurdity of what he's bragging about, but I assume the only thing making it not work is that it's Tails and he's bragging about things of a different scale than what he normally does.
  5. I guess I just see that as the true start of his bland exposition characterization, but only because happens more than his personality and flaws actually showing. Plus it was only 2 mistakes, forgiven.
  6. People having problems with just the mention of those words is just a standards thing...not even particularly related to demographic. Sometimes people are just a bit too picky about stuff like that. It's not even the words that matter most of the time, it's what's shown, so it makes less sense when people say the use of a word like "kill" is edgy.
  7. Okay...Again that's one part of his character and doesn't apply to appearances in games like Nex Gen, Riders, Rush, etc. I already know the problem with Tails' writing, being scared of things isn't the only problem. I don't really mind Tails' dialogue in SA1, it helps that it isn't 75% exposition at least...
  8. That's just one thing, not his entire character. Also inaccurate, unless ghosts count as everything.
  9. I would hope you mean since SA2...similar development aside. Considering that was the start of him being written poorly.
  10. StaticMania

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Um Occasionally...I guess.
  11. StaticMania

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Amy and Cream don't wear pants...why is this a thing that's happening?
  12. They do that because they're typically the face, well known dock for the praise boat... This isn't a one way street either, because while they do get praise like that...the moment a game or games do something people don't like, people are just as quick to blame those same people for whatever it is they dislike. It's just as stupid and honestly more annoying.
  13. Maybe when you're moving slow I guess it can be stiff, but that's literally all I can say...since I don't think the game controls bad.
  14. That Mario 64 thing might just be a you problem... Also comparing 64 and Adventure...ew.
  15. StaticMania

    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    What do you mean now? For Green Hill at least, it was never Not a staple zone. You've got Green Hill OG, Green Hill GG, Green Hills GG2, Emerald Hill which is the same despite toning down the checkerboard pattern, Green Grove Zone 3DBlast, the overworld in Sonic Jam, and Green Hill in Sonic Pocket Adventure. Then you have Green Hill SA2, Seaside Hill aping off its looks, Sunset Hill doing the same even having the music, Forest Falls in Rivals aping the looks again, Sega All-Stars Tennis bringing back Green Hill again... There has Never been a time where Green Hill wasn't the go to iconic stage for this series.

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