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  1. Maybe so, maybe not...nobody can really know for sure.
  2. Yep, music is awesome like that. It probably won't change due to fan request though, that doesn't seem likely.
  3. It's already too late...hopeless. Not worth the time...pointless. Accept or don't accept it as is.
  4. That's odd usually people say the opposite...and by opposite, they typically mean his eyes should be narrowed a bit more by default while being a darker shade of blue.
  5. In Adventure it would've been fine if you only needed the essential plot points, meaning you only played as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. In Heroes it was just padding.
  6. Well, knowing that Eggman is doing something is more than enough. Like, even if he doesn't constantly show up as a boss, at least showing that he's trying to further his goals would be pretty neat. Games like Unleashed and Colors don't even do that, he only gets halfway there and we don't see him do anything the rest of the game. That's just weak.
  7. Seesaws aren't really that interesting a gimmick. They can be made more interesting in working with the level design, though. So there's that.
  8. Sooo...are you saying that Lost World's characterization is low expectations or is Lost World's characterization middling?
  9. You mean Sonic Heroes? Honestly he didn't sound that high in SA2, it was a noticeable difference, but not as much as Heroes.
  10. Characters mostly ever did anything when they were playable though, so it's not likely that they'll do anything of note. But positive: They'll do something, like attack enemies in cutscenes.
  11. Even if they could use more characters, do you think they would be allowed to do anything? Anything relevant?
  12. How can you tell? The level design doesn't show off his control all that well.
  13. What's the point? Is this suppose to be negative? This might or might not be true, but...Re-working Required. Not every level would end up being the same. They'd still have to be altered.
  14. Why would you do this? Any level that has this gimmick is designed around it, so getting rid of it is missing the point.
  15. Maybe Modern and Original Sonic the Hedgehogs will get completely original stages, separate from eachother.