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  1. When playing Sonic fan games or those testing engines I feel that even as good as control can be...certain abilities are soooo broken.

    I end up thinking how important the limitations of potentially game breaking abilities are...and appreciate it more.

    1. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      Sonic's boost is super problematic for me because it lets you just plow over enemies with almost no risk. They're basically just stage decorations. The only hazards and spikes and bottomless pits.

      And since enemies only seem to be capable of attacking Sonic when he's moving slow, there's no reason to ever not just boost past them.

      Either the boost needs to be nerfed or enemy design needs to get a lot more creative. How do you open Sonic up to attack or consequence at those speeds? Enemies armed with bumpers, springs, and spikes?

    2. Diogenes


      yeah a lot of fan games are a little too fast to say "fuck limits, go wild" without considering that some limits might've been there for good reason. it's understandable, given how restrictive the official games have become, but overcorrecting can be just as bad. hardly seems worth taking the time to design an engaging, fluid, dense level if you're going to let players rocket into the sky at mach 1 and skip over it all.

    3. Kuzu


      Things like this makes you realize that Sonic Team aren't as lazy or uncreative as people say they are. The things they do have a deliberate purpose. 

    4. Diogenes



      Things like this makes you realize that Sonic Team aren't as lazy or uncreative as people say they are. 

      i wouldn't go quite that far

    5. Kuzu


      I would. Funny thing about growing older is that you realize that you didn't know shit about how game development works when you were younger when you were making those essays about how much ST suck.

      I'm not going to say ST are these perfect angels who dindu nuthin, but this is shit that goes way beyond what anyone here really understands beyond what is in the end product. We don't know shit about the development process or what their ideas were, or the deadlines, or resources, etc etc.

    6. StaticMania


      I mean those already in the industry already have that mindset to limit stuff like that, so their goal then is just to create a fine line for not making things too good it destroys levels or so limited it becomes unfun.

      A lot of people already agree that the parkour system in Lost World would've been way better if it was just much less rigid and more fluid.

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