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  1. If they for some reason do decide to remove the weapons breaking mechanic in the BotW 2, then I'd want them to limit the amount of weapons you can carry.

    Since that won't matter anymore, there should be enemies that certain weapon types would be better against.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The weapon breaking mechanic in Breath of the Wild is great, and I've not heard a single good argument for repairable weapons or weapons without durability limits. Weapons in the game are not unique, they are found in abundance and you can carry loads of them. Even before you upgrade your inventory, you get new weapons to replace your old ones at a regular rate. The game is built in such a way that none of them have much value at all.

      I see people get attached to weapons that they like, for example the elemental ones or uncommon ones like the giant boomerang, but there's really no need to. The weapons have very few unique qualities. They're mostly differentiated by their damage output and material, with a handful of other qualities applied to various weapons. It's best to think of the weapons as ammo. 

    2. Diogenes


      if they get rid of durability i imagine they'll have to completely overhaul the weapon system and several things attached to it. it's not impossible that they'd go for it, considering it has been one of the most common complaints, but it'd take a hell of a lot more than the half-measures fans have suggested to make it work.

      and personally i've never been bothered by it anyway, like blue blood said they're not so rare that you should ever run out or so special that you should worry about losing them; i've never played through without being flooded with more weapons than i know what to do with, sometimes i almost wish they'd break faster. it won't satisfy the people who are dead set against it, but i think all the system needs are some minor tweaks, like better indications of how damaged a weapon is and better incentives for throwing weapons and parrying and such.


      Since that won't matter anymore, there should be enemies that certain weapon types would be better against.

      that's kind of already true, except it's not directly weapon vs enemy, but weapon vs weapon. spears are fast and have long reach so they can safely lock down 2h users, 2 handers can easily knock away shields that 1h users are carrying, 1 handers allow you to use a shield and safely block/parry the typically low-damage spears.

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