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  1. Is it really possible for a 3D model to be off-model?

    Where's the line there?

    1. JezMM


      I'd say so.  The line is fuzzy but the human brain can decide firmly if something looks "off" or not.  In a more traditional sense, intent is important.  If Sonic's special stage model in Sonic Mania had the same proportions as Sonic Riders Sonic, he'd be arguably off-model compared to what he is "meant" to look like (Classic Sonic proportions).  Naturally one could argue that Riders Sonic is off-model compared to Sonic's typical look at the time, but the context of Riders having a different art style that is applied to all characters holds it up via context.


      And... then there's also the fact that characters can become intentionally off-model during animation if it creates for an appealing visual in the moment, particularly by games that use model deformation during movement to intimate the smears and squash and stretch of 2D animation.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Off-model means inaccurate or incorrectly portrayed relative to the standard. Characters usually have standardised designs and references to show how they're supposed to look from different angles (along work various other details like their colours, size, facial expressions, movements etc etc). For example, look at Knuckles in the 3DS Boom games in this video from 7 minutes. All 3D models, but his 3D model is off-model giving him a very different looking face to any of his other appearances. It doesn't even match up to how he's presented in the pre-rendered cutscenes elsewhere in the game. Or to take it even further, look at the character models in Chronicles. Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow are all missing spikes. And in Sonic R where Knuckles' shoes are the wrong colours in-game. They're off-model.

      The "model" part of the term "off-model" doesn't mean "3D model". 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      proceed with caution




      GMod Heavy Blank Template - Imgflip

      Watch Ubisoft own up to the mess that was Assassin's Creed Unity - Polygon



      Horrifying MLB The Show Glitch Is Not Okay



    4. StaticMania


      Not all 3D model's will be built the same, even if they're inspired by the same character sheet...

      Though I'm especially wondering simply because of 3D animation and how expressions are baked into a model or because they have to make a new model for specific alterations.

    5. Strickerx5


      From project to project, yeah most definitely for the reasons both Jez and Blue stated. Though, say within a given episode or something, now that's a bit more rare to see.

      Sometimes a model can break when an animator tries to pull off movement that's outside its rigging but that's usually a controlled instance (and is usually done because that movement then looks better/ more natural). But yeah, if it's the same model being used, from what I've seen, it is pretty rare for it to be "off model" in the traditional sense.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      There's a degree of subjectivity involved. I think that what JezMM said is pretty much the point; if it looks weird, it's probably off-model. There's the way that something is supposed to look and the way that it actually looks.  If two models of different fidelity, by different artists or created for different purposes are compared, they can look weird when compared to each other even ton they're gone on their own in their intended contexts.

      Do you play the Ace Attorney games at all? There's an interesting case there in the newer, 3D games. The games use subtly different models for forward-facing moments (usually in the investigation and testimony portions) and the bench views in court. This is literally a case of the developers creating entirely separate 3D models for different camera angles and animations. The forward facing models look wrong when viewed from the bench angles. They're on model for some angles, and off for others.

      Another fun example is the statue room in Generations. Aa soon as you rotate the status (Classic Sonic being a great example), the models look really odd. They're posed in impossible ways, but look perfectly fine from their intended angles.

    7. Milo


      @Supah Berry Well, it was fun having the MLB player glitches blocked out of my memory up until today.

      Now if only I can tell my body to stop shivering with revulsion, that would be swell.

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