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  1. Oh, das nice. Dose are some nice renders. But...why does Sonic the Hedgehog look so angry riding that Skateboard? Blaze is the water princess now.
  2. Yeah, Rio didn't really do anything... There's a neat gimmick. Too bad they didn't make any new sprites. Classic.
  3. That's always the fatal flaw of the "smart" character...
  4. It's the Advance games...you said. No one has fewer abilities. Except wait...Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy have a stomp type move when pressing B in the air. Incredible.
  5. I didn't say that because he's got the fastest top speed, I said that because Tails, Knuckles, Cream, and Amy all have abilities that are inherently slow. Tails, Cream, & Knuckles, you play them like Sonic...or you use their flight (or Gliding) which kills their momentum. And Amy's the oddball. This is ignoring all the B button abilities which were entirely useless.
  6. Candy Kong use to exist... Hal didn't realize anything, Chuchu as well as the other Dreamland friends were only part of a specific set of games...it was nothing more than that.
  7. This seems like a pointless question... You'd play as him for the same reason as in the classics, he doesn't have core moves that slows him down. He's fast, which is enough for people who wanna play the game that way.
  8. That "could" happen, but there's not much reason to believe it will. Give it 3 games and if Tails isn't playable before the 3rd game, that's a hard sell.
  9. Wouldn't that make Shadow 66 years old? I thought he was suppose to represent good stuffs.
  10. No, she's the fairy from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
  11. ...Who are you talking about for Kirby? There's only one recurring female character, and Adeleine definitely doesn't like Kirby. They're talking about Ribbon...who counts as recurring now.
  12. I wouldn't think so at that point. Amy would do it for free.
  13. Sonic really likes theming, he lets a pro photographer take these photos for free...wait?
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