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  1. Everyone knows the next anniversary title is going to be a Sonic Heroes 2, time to give that style a shot again. Though if nobody wants that, that's fine too.
  2. The intention was there, but stuff like that should be a lot less influential to main game mechanics. Higher evasion and crits would be an occasional bonus (5%) rather than something guaranteed to happen from do the optional stuff.
  3. I don't why anyone wouldn't expect that, but there ya go. Something to look forward to, I guess.
  4. Until it comes out...people who have disliked it so far can say it's bad all they want. Then when it does come out, they either will or won't have that opinion verified by viewer consensus...and decide if it's worth it or not to verify their opinion themselves by watching it.
  5. Yeah, he's from Dark Moon. Luigi adopted the dead boy apparently.
  6. It's not weird to assume that it's just a similar adaptational liberty based on how the Giant Rings work.
  7. Sonic 3D Blast makes it a thing that Flickies use Giant Rings to warp from place to place. Though even disregarding the Special Stage nonsense, Sonic 3&K establish that Giant Rings do just warp to places. Since the giant rings in the 2nd half all send you to the Emerald Altar. Sonic Advance 3 also has its Giant Rings that just Warp you somewheres.
  8. I actually hope they do that, being choosy about items due to storage is not a fun feeling in games.
  9. Pretty totally definitely certainly overthinking. 100% coincidental, not intentional.
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