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  1. That's not Rockin' enough. It's one of those misguided attempts at goodness that is actually really evil all along.
  2. Looks like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 isn't allowed to be played in your public areas anymore.
  3. Eh...yeah, but you can''t exactly get much personality out of those 3 traits alone. There's gotta be more to it than that.
  4. If that was your point than literally none of the examples of "Wacky Sonic" actually count as such. AOSTH barely does for teh surrealness but only due to the art direction.
  5. That doesn't make any sense... Knuckles isn't a crime fighter. E-123 Omega would tell Rouge that being in a relationship would cause Knuckles to be fine with her being around the M.E. and that makes him a less effective guardian (she's still a thief)... ...and she breaks it off because actually likes the challenge or whatever.
  6. It's an evolution of the Sonic 1 sketches...there aren't as many. But it matches the title screen.
  7. Having a game-play system that allows you to do more...as well as having the focus being on the world (kinda), that helps.
  8. Yes, I can imagine that. Avoiding the Western art. If not cocky, just general confidence. Sonic 2 has may favorite depictions of Classic Sonic.
  9. I meant...being arrogant and cocky. That was actually a legit mistake on my part.
  10. Just look at Sonic's face here: This doesn't scream the cool blue dude with an attitude... Can you picture this guy getting angry?
  11. A good number of those are just...unnaturally cute for Sonic though. It's not bad, but is pretty jarring.
  12. When the characters win the GP? I guess...when Amy wins. None of the Sonic Drift artwork could be described as cutesy besides Amy's. Just look at her. Sonic Jam is stuffed with entirely cute Sonic art...no attitude at all. The anti 'tude game.
  13. It made it to the west... It goes where all concept art goes...in the compile.
  14. You're right, that area Eggman's in is probably too bland to specifically be that one 3DWorld level.
  15. How odd, since when was 3D World a thing? No forget new renders.
  16. That's enough pages...I'd think. Especially since it's action on all 3. But...
  17. Sonic Riders is back. Eggman Nega's first cutscene appearance...how fun. I missed it.
  18. Oh, das nice. Dose are some nice renders. But...why does Sonic the Hedgehog look so angry riding that Skateboard? Blaze is the water princess now.
  19. Yeah, Rio didn't really do anything... There's a neat gimmick. Too bad they didn't make any new sprites. Classic.
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