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  1. Which people forget that Sonic 1 was "not" when Sonic & Eggman first met. Making sense here.
  2. Good luck defeating the Dark Knight, Sir Sonic.
  3. Because people hated it. Nobody played For Fun except for extreme casuals who stayed in taunt parties and everyone else just used For Glory anyway if they actually wanted to play the game. For Glory isn't "better" than what is currently here, but what is here just doesn't need to exist, especially since there's nothing different about Elite Smash anyway.
  4. And it's such a common thing for some reason. Like they can't think of anything else and they just really want to give the player an extra upgrade. Or...they want to give the player an extra upgrade and make the base mechanic slightly worse so it'll actually seem useful.
  5. This is not a thing not a lot of games seem to get right. And it seems that an upgrade like this should either be the default speed or not exist for Shantae. The point of an upgrade like that is to decrease the risk of using it, not to just make it less tedious.
  6. That's not exactly cynical, it's just real. And totally tubular, dude. It's the individual thing that can become fresh using something old, that's whatever. New ways to tackle old ideas is literally the only place to go.
  7. There's no such thing as fresh and interesting.
  8. But that is replacement in a sense and "I" as a fan, simply cannot overlook that. Every character has been replaced with air since Unleashed onward, so it's bad.
  9. Transforming Final Smashes made sense when doing 4 Player Vs. But most Final Smashes still only work for that even without being a transformation. They should've just given every character 2 final smashes. A FS for 1 vs. 1 An FS for FFA
  10. There's no reason to think they would since this is a hypothetical situation... Fear the worst. Ignore the likely.
  11. He was specifically saying the opposite of that in the only scene that has him using a computer.
  12. You verily can. The backstories are the least important part of them at a base level...literally except for Bunnie.
  13. Minimal corrections. Rather there be no confusion.
  14. The dislike for Sally & Friends is astonishing at this current moment in time.
  15. So it'd be like the Combi-ring but better. Tangle would be automatically better due to not having to drag someone else around. That was a neat idea that...ironically could be more realized without the 2 characters thing.
  16. 90% of the things Tails builds is literally just planes, so it doesn't even matter.
  17. By proxy...which isn't a direct cause of guilt. She's good.
  18. Why would Rouge not call Shadow? Is that the why?
  19. I saw your expo... I'mma still say "for some reason" since it just kinda skips the "why".
  20. She called Sonic for help and that's bad for some reason...
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