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    The hoops and hurdles this person had to go through in order to get this Steam Copy of SA2B to work on Parsec.

    It WORK.


  2. Ignoring the fact that Omega is sentient in his own right, it seems like something he'd easily shoot down due to his whole personality...but we gotta focus on Shadow's "development".
  3. There was honestly no narrative purpose for Mephiles to tell E-123 Omega that. The cutscene plays out: Omega is shooting Mephiles relentlessly, Mephiles says "You know, you're the one who captures Shadow in the future." Omega continues shooting, then Mephiles leaves. Shadow and Rouge show up right as, Omega says "Shadow, I'm the one who captured you for the humans" and Shadow feels sad. There's no reason for any of this to happen. Then 3 cutscenes later, Shadow says the thing people like with no real lead up.
  4. Plot: Eggman releases water god, Sonic defeats it. It uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform, Super Sonic beats it. Lore revelation: It has connections to the Master Emerald, we learn about that and Knuckles by Proxy.
  5. I'd like to actually see it done. Mephiles on said that it happened, but it can be done even better by actually happening.
  6. Not all of the shared cutscenes play out the same way in each story... Wait...does that actually apply to the Japanese version too? Sonic and Tails share the most amount of cutscenes and even their scenes are paced so noticeably different they couldn't have just kept them the same. I don't understand why they need to be the same, it doesn't hurt nothing.
  7. When in the right mood to do some drawing, listening to the Mother 3 soundtrack helps me focus quite a bit.

    I wonder what it's like for others.

  8. Big's story...the Emerald being why Eggman's after Froggy matters more to the story than Chaos' tail.
  9. Wouldn't have said it before, but yeah...I personally would have made his story optional along with Big and Amy's. Instead of Gamma's just going by what happens in it, he gets the Chaos Emerald from the frog (which is something actually more important to the narrative than the tail thing)...but when Tails isn't with Sonic it just becomes about growth. His growth is disconnected from the Chaos stuff, it's still pretty interesting on its own though.
  10. Big doesn't have an actual place in the narrative. Him getting the most important Tikal cutscene is most likely so the player wouldn't feel his story is pointless and Froggy having Chaos' tail means nothing outside of the Chaos 6 boss fight.
  11. I think it's time to admit I don't actually know how to draw...


    1. Soniman


      Believe in yourself 

  12. Big's Story is not relevant enough to be a main campaign, despite the crossing paths nothing of note is being missed out on...oddly enough besides the Tikal flashback he gets. Literally make Amy, E-102 Gamma, and Big just optional stories and give their Tikal cutscenes to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles since the scenes those 3 are equipped with aren't all that major anyway.
  13. Um...Bugs Bunny isn't in a Mickey Mouse situation. Ignoring the whole actor thing, in the shorts he was an actual animal. Not a "human" in da fur fur, Mickey Mouse's thing is that he's not allowed to act like a mouse...that's all.
  14. And it should stay that way...because all change is bad change. Don't take this seriously, I can't take it.
  15. Earth? I thought it was pretty obvious, but hey...it's the thing that doesn't matter as a lore thing.
  16. Pretty much all of Yoshi's current voice clips come from Yoshi Story.

    But Galaxy 2 has entirely new voice clips for him that are never used again.

    But here's Mario Strikers Voice Clips:

    They are...also new.

  17. Isn't Tom suppose to be that type of character? Or he should at least be able to fill that role as well as being the straight-man...
  18. When people have different speaking and singing voices.

    This isn't a joke. It's lovely.

    1. Perkilator
    2. StaticMania


      1 hours worth of songs?


    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I feel like I'm looking at an unaired early pilot for the Masked Singer, and the intro monolouge is his hint video.

  19. Sonic's not laid back during action. If one of Sonic's major character traits wasn't loving adventure and traveling, there's no reason he can't be laid back during downtime and be pretty hyper whenever he's in the thrill.
  20. She could be a spunky genki girl. Someone who's got significant determination to do the right thing as well as being the cheerful oblivious type, which she is. Being kind and sweet in the way that she used to be only meant that she had more compassion than...everyone else, but even back then she wasn't Cream. She wasn't polite or kind just as general character traits, she could be rude, take a "call to action" without needing much push (even if Sonic not helping was definitely a big push in SA1) and I'd say Sonic's so-called short temper would be given to her since one of the traits she then had would be getting angry pretty easily.
  21. The style is reminding me of Heroes...
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