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  1. Just allow you to get money from Chao Karate, that was an optional thing that did nothing besides give an emblem.

    10 minutes ago, Rosaleia said:

    You don't need to replay levels to earn money for Chaos Drives or even animals. Just simulate the minigames from the Sonic Advance games if its that big a deal.

    The point was, replaying the levels should already be fun, because then people wouldn't really have a problem doing it for Chao Garden.

    Well the actual point seemed to be that Chao Garden should be part of a game...and then this.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Celestia said:

    ...Also this is really minor but I'm guessing Sonic's line at the end is recycled from something, if so does anyone know where?

    Only Sonic's scream is recycled...

    Sonic does a SA1 drowning pose in the Chao garden...which...is also a reference that you can drown in the Chao Garden.

    That's unfortunately to specific to be intentional both ways.

  3. Yes, it was Chao shenanigrams, that's nice. Chao are very adorable. And going full Star Wars was neat.

    I actually very much like the idea that opposite of Shadow, Sonic just has a regular neutral chao. Not even evolved to look like him.

    Sonic's "woah" at the end is rp rp'd straight out of Lost World, while everything else from him is new.

    Also, is that Chao song at the end actually new, really good editing, or is it from Adventure?

  4. 1 hour ago, Domino said:

    Man, I didn't quite realize just how janky Sonic's current in-game model looks in the face department until now. His lopsided resting mouth and permanently furrowed brow look so off-putting to me compared to the movie design's more "normal" features.

    His brow's not permanently furrowed, for some reason that ridge in the middle of his eyes is molded into the model instead it being something that's only there during animation for his eyes.

    Sonic characters eyes almost never get animated outside of pupils and eyelids, so you can guess why it's always there.

  5. 53 minutes ago, Remynaka said:

     Oh I mean Eggman has plot armor...

    In this specific context that's not what plot armor is...

    None of the characters can die, so that doesn't matter.

    Plot armor would refer to the avoidance/ignoring of specific consequences that would actually deter a character's ability to win or succeed.

    In a villains case his ability to succeed...until they're suppose to actually lose. Which Eggman hasn't had yet.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    I think sonic not even thinking of considering it makes him a more interesting character. Like it didn't even cross his mind that that was an option. I think that would make for a more interesting character personally , because it would say a lot about him even in danger. That's just not his bag.

    Unless they address it in someway, it wouldn't really mean anything that he didn't consider it.

    Like, if Eggman said Sonic doing that would've been the only way he'd consider making a cure before escaping and mocking Sonic for being too nice or something.

  7. 35 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    If sonic does that, he automatically just loses.

    That's most likely why he didn't have Sonic go through with it.

    Not this reason specifically, but a similar one to be sure.

    Also, you're saying Shadow would do this without being pushed over the edge.

    That's not very interesting alone, it's interesting because Sonic's desperate enough to consider it.

  8. 20 minutes ago, thumbs13 said:

    If you didn't know exactly what it was referencing, it probably doesn't stand out much. Variations on that exact line appear in tons of media.

    I think it stands out quite a bit.

    Stuff like that works better for monologues than dialogue, not the good kind of cheesy.

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