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  1. The secret of Mount Dash is that it has obvious Arrows on the sides and that its the best race track for CPUs.
  2. Appears and 1 less cutscene and has only 2 lines.
  3. Technically Super Mario Sunshine would be considered the worst 3D Mario game or at best just a decent Black Sheep game, but its still considered a great game.
  4. Lava is the one thing that's most memorable about the entire Metroid series, why would it not be part of the stage? Its a heavy necessity, it really is.
  5. Its not One hit Kill, but it does do damage and a fair bit of knock-back.
  6. Apparently Goldeen was a 1-hit kill if a player/Cpu hit the horn on its head in some specific way, they removed that in Brawl.
  7. The dying animations weren't "realistic", they were just him dying. I don't think that him just touching a badnik would cause him to twirl backwards in the sky and die, bounce backwards spin around and die, or just fly backwards in general.
  8. Um...to continue what I was saying was while they at best are better than (the 3 Bolded names) in terms of character(as 2 dimensional as they are) as an actual threat they still stay below even those 3 as they don't ever prove themselves to be one towards Sonic, even when they were supposedly getting stronger Sonic's immediate response to them appearing for their final time is just a slightly annoyed "I'm getting tired of you guys." They never turn out to be the Deadly 6 Eggman said they were and that kind of ruins their purpose in the game. For their place in the plot they worked well enough, I suppose. But their character, its not written good enough for actual story trying to be told and it doesn't live up to expectations for a lot of people as they aren't made interesting enough or threatining enough which in turn makes even the serious/darker scenes with them actually feel like the story tried too hard, which also in turn makes it harder to watch more than once. The 3 characters Zomom, Zeena, and Zik are just really a result of writing too hard into the stereotypes they are and as a result stay the most forgettable. Zazz, Zor, and Zavok while still very much stereotypes like the other 3 are, they are written just well enough for it to be passable, and they do have the better lines/"scenes" in the game. Zomom: Is written as the F.A.T. one who loves food, is simple minded, but not too slow on the uptake. He's 1 good scene in the game and that's it. Anywhere else he's just eating, being a dumboat, eating, or thinking of eating. Not an interesting character, they did almost nothing with him. Zeena: Is the pretty girl who has her appearance as top priority and easily swayed by compliments. As a character herself has no real good scenes at all in the game and doesn't do much. She does give Sonic one good line in her second cutscene but that's it. They did even less with her and has not much to her outside of the stereotype. She may not be actually cruel/truly evil like the others but there's nothing to really support this besides the part where she's easily convinced by compliments/flattery. Zik: The old master...who likes tending to his daily activity of watering his garden but is also very much a Kung-fu guy...and evil? Has absolutely no real reason to even be apart of the story but to complete the group of stereotypes with an ancient wise kung-fu master. He adds nothing and nothing of value would be lost if he(along with Zomom and Zeena)wasn't ever there at all. Zazz: He's the crazy one, he's very insane, enjoys physical violence, and has twitchy/erratic movements. He's a fun guy, never hold himself back on anything he enjoys like violence. Has a few good scenes, no real memorable lines, and plays his role well enough. Zor: The emo stereotype...well while he doesn't live past the emo attitude, the lines he has that come from it are actually pretty funny and make him an interesting character to listen to when ever the the lines are spoken...
  9. The entire Deadly 6 stay below the interest level on both design and personality scales. They're a nice change, but they simply weren't developed enough as characters to actually be more than what they already are and at their best they are only better than characters like Black Doom, the Biolizard, and Mephiles...
  10. If you say so...I get more of a sewer filled barrage levels of adventure.
  11. (Toon Link is better than Link, so obviously in the fashion choice of no duplicates, Link should go and ToonLink should stay.) "Or in the eyes of every non-believer they can both stay and we can all get along with getting an alternate skin(or not)for WFT..."
  12. You see the thing with "the Barrel" is that there many barrel obstacles beforehand and since jumping effects those certain barrels, the only viable mindset people would get is that they need to keep jumping. Since jumping pushes it down(Which past barrel you use the jump as rises up which increases jump height)you're never in the other barrel sections long enough to really know that it only goes down so much when you jump on it and because of that you never know that jumping won't work and Sonic team making the buttons "up" and "down" was just stupid design on their part because that's the only place in the entire game where you HAVE to use them. Modern gamers: I wouldn't say that they're worse, I mean they play the games bad but the modern gamer just rushes into the games they play. They don't take the time to learn how do anything other than basic and that makes the game harder for them later on when they don't know what to do. Some gamers in this position will blame the game on this when its not really the game's fault and the player's fault for not really bothering to learn how the game works themselves, normally in an old-school that's what the 1st level is for and why you can never really fail at it. Games now include any type of tutorial because of the developers mindset that some gamers won't bother to learn how to play the game properly(and for newcomers)
  13. He's not very teenage bratty, he's just they type of kid who blows up his own ego due to his talent. Obviously this was already a thing, and to add a more "realistic" take to it, the story shows that hanging out with Sonic and looking up to him for some time that Tails picked up on Sonic's traits of cockines and ego-blowing, as he blows his own ego a bit when saying how easy it was for him to fix the plane. He still stays a naive child, but still as one it shows more depth to his character, that he holds his talent for tech with passion as he knows he's able to be reliable to Sonic(being his sidekick/best friend)
  14. They can just do some Luigi-ification for the whole clone thing, that's an option that they'd actually try to do.
  15. The Blue Pikachu is your snarky side-kick partner and it helps you to defeat the enemy/evil Pikachu from becoming into Long-Chu.
  16. Never explained? They clearly show that the machine he created is sucking the "Life" out of the planet, multiple times! They even show that it does indeed suck out all of its life energy with the 2nd to last cutscene that Amy's in.
  17. The 5th(extra)game of each era is SMB 2(Lost levels), NSLU, and SM64Ds, while they don't really add anything to the games they expand from they're still seperate games.
  18. There are 5 Classic SMB games, 5 3D collect-a-thon platformer games, 5 2D NSMB games, right now they are on the 2D in 3D platformer games and there will most likely be 3 or 2 more games for that style.
  19. The world needs some Ristar lovin' to do, its a great game and it deserves a remake. Its one of the best games I've ever played even if I didn't finish it.
  20. Last 2 3Dland styled games, or last 3 if the "pattern" goes on.
  21. I like Toon Link's Spinning slash effect better, I think he has a higher chance of winning that.
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