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  1. Haven´t heard the OST yet, but I really dig the first boss music. Can´t stop listening to it!
  2. Its most likely to be the case that they forgot to actually program it into the game...as this is the only Main series game that doesn't have the ATTACK part of the spin attack.
  3. Some spoiler-tastic news about Kirby's Triple Deluxe, which was just released in Japan: In Videos posted by GameXplain... We have the opening cutscene: And besides the First 3 levels of the game, we also have a looksy at Battle Mode of the game:
  4. They really have to be...there isn't anywhere else that they'd be taking this from.
  5. You can't really say that its ALL he does because Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World are the only times that we ever see him do any of it legit, what else would he do really? In Unleashed all he does is fly Sonic from location to location and in Generations he did nothing but provide someone for Sonic to talk to, not even really figuring out what at all happened to them.
  6. It's mainly have Sonic SATAM and maybe Sonic Underground to blame for that because for some reason a Character like Sonc always has to be obnoxiously reckless/clueless and always has to be in the wrong, with little to no effort on showing otherwise.
  7. Maybe they shouldn't look so cartoony Pixar-ish, but realistic isn't really gonna mesh well next to the cartoony anthro-animals that the Sonic characters are.
  8. I like the 1st trailer...its almost like the old Kirby trailers except using the Game-play footage.
  9. Being a jerk and even juvenile are things that do come from being impatient and cocky/arrogant.
  10. The level design needs to be a bit more open ended I think for Co-op to work if its not the basic Sonic and Tails combo...that way no character sits around waiting for the enemies to respawn and it keeping flow for both characters, while still having good progression going. I don't think the team work idea should go beyond something more than just a regular assist when both players are together. It really just needs to go at a basic approach to work.
  11. Sonic giving that speech to Shadow kind is messed up when Sonic and Shadow were fighting each other right before Ark started falling, him pleading Shadow is also not really in character since he's the type to do things by force a majority of the time.
  12. Speed Boosters are there to give you a sense of Direction in the 3D games...not only that but also serves to give you start up speed after coming from a slower section or a complete stop in both 2D and 3D games, that's their actual purpose.
  13. All you need to do in Sunshine is complete every Shadow Mario mission...which is only completing every mission from actual levels. Doing any "Extra" Shine mission is pointless.
  14. That happens only due to flanderization...she just likes spending time with him, Sonic isn't against that as long as she keeps a cool head.
  15. You act like that chasing Sonic around is all Amy does...it isn't.
  16. That wasn't really his fault...and "Non-Stop" Dash pads are still here in case you didn't notice.
  17. Japanese name and meaning: Kinopio or Kinoko-zoku (キノコ族) = Mushroom People
  18. Since When...? He's a living Mushroom/fungus...that was going to be a thing anyway whether it was official or not.
  19. That limit never actually existed...Mario had 5 slots and Melee and Pokemon had 6 total characters in Brawl, Zelda in both Melee and Brawl had 5 total characters...Mario is just back at 5 slots now, with a legit rep this time and not a clone.
  20. Peach is in mid-taunt and slightly bent over so you won't be able to tell, also from the angle. But Mario looks shorter.
  21. In one of the 3Dworld videos he just starts bookin' it....like he just suddenly sped up randomly when speaking.
  22. To be fair the only thing taking away 2 from 6 Pikmin from being out does nothing but gimp his recovery, and the attack range.
  23. It can work, split screen that crap. Sonic's past co-op problems was that it was single screen and that player2 has to get left behind if not playing well and that sort of stuff just don't work out in a fast paced game. Knuckle's chaotix's problem was the tether mechanic which was very stupid gimmicky crap, Sonic 3's problem was that Tails in a few areas had to get left behind because he can't go through certain parts of the level due to programming issues, Shadow's problem was that it was no split screen, and that was also Sonic Adventure's problem, and SAdv. 3's problem was that it required handheld pieces that not many people would've had and that it required that you have a friend that also had the game. A single problem can just be said as split screen it up...don't make it effect game-play too much, and don't let players attack each other.
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