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  1. You mean Hand-drawn sprites in Anime style? There wasn't ever one of those.
  2. Sonic 1 has no more focus on platforming than the other 2 games...the only thing it has more of in that aspect is regular run and jump platforming instead of an equal focus on both run and jump along with the faster moving momentum based platforming game-play. Its not that much more forgiving, but the slower pace doesn't make certain areas seem as cheap as they would be.
  3. In Sa2 she was just a Jewel obsessed treasure hunter hired to be an undercover agent in favor of being paid in Jewels(treasure, etc.), and she was working under the president to spy on Eggman's plans as best she can, that's either just sneaking around without being caught or working with the guy and not blowing her cover.
  4. All of Sonic's personality/character disappears the moment after game-play starts, and once it does he's just a generic hero guy.
  5. Is it not so obviously a stage hazard? MegaMan was clearly shooting at Sonic there.
  6. The small cutscene only happens the 1st time you get it in a level and only if it hasn't been seen after a while in the game(or if its a new ability)
  7. I think its because Crouching on the ice makes you start sliding faster in one direction...I don't know.
  8. I think the 8 way directional movement has something to do with that...it doesn't really hurt the game much though since it works fairly well for the level design. The back-flip neutered? I guess because you have to charge it(Like in Mario Bros. 2 USA/3DLand)...? Its shouldn't really be a big deal though...since in this game you have the spin jump which is higher than the back-flip...(maybe the G.P. jump too, I don't know)I don't really think the move is that useful in this game.
  9. I think it works as it already does...but maybe it would mesh a bit better if they maybe tone down the seriousness or just keep it to a minimum in how much they pack it on? I really don't know what the actual problem with how it is currently...but that's really just from my perspective.
  10. Its not the same Project...Kirby's Adventure Wii was the final project that was actually a success in development. The 3D game was scrapped, then another project was scrapped...and its been like that until the Wii game. The only thing carried over from the 3D game, was the giant robot boss on Extra mode in Egg engine.
  11. Unlikable...that's kind of stretching it a bit...I think. I mean they all complain...Johnny is just the one who doesn't dwell on complaining for a majority of the time, this is what I get. Ted and Lewis do nitpick a lot, though.
  12. Because Lewis finally finished recording something...(it)
  13. I like these guys...I enjoy their stuff and I'll use them as background noise when I'm playing my games. They've been on a decline and until they hit rock bottom I'll continue watching.
  14. This type of thing was already true when Tails Character Bio. says he and Eggman are basically intellectual rivals, the only difference is that Tails is still 8 yrs old and as of that he's still has the Naivety of a child his age.
  15. SSB: Best Character: Mr.Game&Watch, this guy lets me take on any skilled player and works with my reaction-based defensive playing style. Worst Character: (Out of my 10 regulars) King Dedede...I'm out of practice with this one and using Wii-mote only gimps my ability to use him proper. Bonus: Jigglypuff in online matches...as a way to troll people
  16. That theme is so freaking good...I'd say its my favorite theme from the game. So much love.
  17. I like Toad's "Ready for adventure!" Its sounds adorable.
  18. They'd have to make 9 seperate Character's each with their own moveset all for one place on the roster...that's really unneccessary and a waste of development time.
  19. He's only in Brawl...and why replace a major character from one series for a minor character from another series? How is this a fair trade-off?
  20. There's no cake this time...and he literally makes enough money in his own adventures, enough to get a castle and still have leftover riches.
  21. That does happen...in the fan-game based on SSB...No one knows yet for this one(except the developers).
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