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  1. This has already happened, and it didn't develop her character at all.
  2. I want to see non-automated loops and cork-screws and the player getting through stuff like that with their own speed.
  3. I don't think disturbing and strange count as the same thing. Strange just means it just confuses you to some degree and makes you want to think about why they did it. Disturbing may creep you out to a certain extent and you just don't even want to think about why they did it, that or it may scar you or ruin childhoods.
  4. Charmy probably can, but he doesn't live in a bee hive and bring back what ever bees need to make honey there for a queen bee.
  5. I would've found that disturbing to if it weren't for the horrible animation and me just being oblivious enough to not show any kind of sympathy for Tikal or the chao in that scene.
  6. The objective in the game is very tedious and I don't like it. I only played the first 2 levels before getting completely bored with the game and I never played it again. I do like the music in the game, but that's all there is.
  7. She isn't, she flew up into the sky with Chaos.
  8. Based on Cream's character I think that would be very cruel.
  9. Asterons aren't really a problem if you take into account that Tails jumps one second after you do, if you time jumping on the gears right they won't ever attack you, except in that one narrow spinning gear section.
  10. I thought it was one of the easiest stages in the game.
  11. This can be decided tomorrow when I get a chance to actually play Generations,. But my opinion on it now is Unleashed since the level is much longer and a fun level to play.
  12. The fact that People still try to defend Sonic the Hedgehog(2006). I mean no matter how much people can tell them what is wrong with the game they still try to argue against it and their arguments get really pathetic most of the time. Someone actually tried to defend this game by saying its better than some random unofficial Fan-game on the internet, I just don't get it.
  13. But Metal Sonic has grown giant, to defeat Sonic. Even if he did transform.
  14. I had recently got around to play Some Donkey Kong Country. From what I've played of it I found it quite enjoyable not that much but enough to keep me playing. I liked it and its really challenging, I may come back to play it when I feel like it but I enjoyed what I played. I also went and played Super Mario Bros.(2) Lost levels. It is really frustrating to play. I died more than 300 times when playing and the really cheap level design and enemy placement is just horrible. I like that when you get a game over you start from the world you died in that makes it some what fair but its just brutal. I think I made it worse on myself by choosing Luigi because his traction just sucks and the jump height isn't enough to compensate for it. So I just think the game sucks.
  15. I've actually never got why people liked the music in this game, I find it just very boring and don't like any of them.
  16. If Sonic Classic Heroes counts as a fan-game then yeah that one, I liked what I've played of it.
  17. Where exactly does Sonic live? I know he runs everywhere but that doesn't mean he can't have a place to live.
  18. If only I knew how, it may be very simple or very confusing.
  19. Final Boss and Ending Credits in NsMb U. Looks cool. Bowser and Bowser jr. seem to be at their very peak of desperation. I also like the concept of the boss as well.
  20. Some more 30 second clips. A new Enemy: A Fliprus More footage of the ice level and the Rocky Mountain level.
  21. Another 30 second clip: Enjoy.
  22. Tower level in New Super Mario Bros. U and other stuff.
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