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  1. Sonic was "...along for the..." ride in Sky Chase in Sonic Adventure.
  2. Multi-Player is improved from Colors. You can no longer be off-screened because now they programmed the game to use the game-pad for a fair extra screen for player 2. That is the kind of idea/concept I was hoping that any game with multi-player/Co-op developed for the Wii-U would have. Sega(Sonic team)actually thought of doing this before Nintendo. Also there's no Sonic simulator substitute meaning these levels won't be lame and bland, have actual 3D level design, and will be long&enjoyable(depending on the player). What a plus, also if the Chaos Emeralds aren't part of the plot, they can be brought back for being Special stage only.
  3. Sa1&Sa2 had perfectly fine dialogue some of the time. Some of the time, but it still has its cringe-worthy/terrible writing. It ain't nonsense of any degree, or on the equal ground of Shadow, Heroes, 2006/Next gen. Sa1&Sa2 had perfectly fine dialogue some of the time. Some of the time, but it still has its cringe-worthy/terrible writing. It ain't nonsense of any degree, or on the equal ground of Shadow, Heroes, 2006/Next gen.
  4. Its common in any Platformer(even Sonic)that no matter how quickly you(try to)go through the level, you will always have to go through atleast one slow section of the level(which can be made somewhat faster upon further practice). These "slower" sections will either slow the speed down a bit for a slower-paced platforming section or Completely "stop" the speed for an even slower obstacle dodging section(for challenge). You can make these go by quicker with your pace being un-broken with more and more practice.
  5. Besides wonky collision detection on patches of the levels and auto-mated sections the only other thing wrong the levels themselves is the level design.
  6. It looks more like Mario than snow themed Super Monkey Ball?
  7. Major Example: Like Sonic the Hedgehog(2006).
  8. Thinking things, its not always good. Why did the idea of the animals being mandatory for level progression come up anyway? Is there just always thoughts of the negative kind? Or do you just try to think negative to keep your hype down for less impact of possible dissappointment?
  9. Animals stated to be collected for optional Bonus Unlockables, not mandatory things like level progression.
  10. I like a lot of people in situations where I have to wait will crouch to the music. I will always try to run down slopes whenever possible, its not the safest way to play. I will set controls of Sonic and Tails the same so it makes sense for him to keep up in universe. This way I can make him fly me places, to shortcuts, and the part of Launch base where Sonic rides the Egg-o-matic he'll be flying right behind him. I will always be in Light speed dash mode when playing through levels in Sonic Adventure, so I can see how the momentum actually effects his speed. In cases I will always try to run instead of roll when getting very fast, when there's a low ceiling after gaining speed or spindashing I'll jump to it to keep the speed up while running. I come down faster when hitting the ceiling so I won't lose momentum when jumping.
  11. The enemies from Sonic CD can't be killed with a Normal Homing attack every time. Hit them once and they get angry, hit them again they'll start carrying you around for a few seconds. You had to use the homing kick attack instead(Pressing the "X" button I believe).
  12. Aren't the Flicky gates pretty much how few sections of Mirage road were?
  13. [The "air-dash" can be done in all of the Boost trilogy with an empty boost meter. The Air-dash can't be done in Colors. They don't act the same, but both can be used for that One important thing, Saving you when you mis-jump(Colors level design in areas allow this). The "air dash" acts the same way in the Rush games as it does in Colors(when you empty boost meter)getting start up speed.] I'll just stop and call the "Air-dash" the Jump-dash now. After seeing the Gamescom footage preview, it seems he does have the "air-dash".
  14. Air dash: Really short dash, only increasing jump distance a tiny bit from not homing on to anything, still spinning ball. Doesn't carry momentum, just gets you little more distance for platforming. "Air dash"(in Colors)Increased forward air movement while uncurling. Good for getting boost of speed after a slow start. Not good for slower platforming sections.
  15. That's still technically an "air boost" the "air dash" is non aimed homing attack, useful for extending jump distance just a little and nothing else. Useful more in a 2D environment than a 3D one.
  16. There wasn't one in Colors either.
  17. Shadow the Hedgehog. Its the only one I play to really consider that. I don't enjoy playing through the game normally(or any game)but I would go back to play around in the levels if only because I like to do my own thing when playing back through levels and like to just experiment with what I can do in the levels. Even though its my least favorite Sonic game, I will at times go back to play it.
  18. Sonic fans can be called whatever you want them to be called, divide them be sections though. Going down by how much of a Sonic nerd they actually are.
  19. He got injured because Sonic didn't listen to him, Sonic feels bad about him getting hurt, but that doesn't mean that him feeling bad about it means that Tails should just let him off the hook for it, right after it happened. That just doesn't sound right.
  20. Rouge has Black pants too(He said not understandingly) Vivian is a transexual originally, just to say.
  21. Well only two of them attacked, maybe he was just speaking to Zazz and Zomomom...Eh?
  22. That's not artificial difficulty, that's just bad programming/twitchy controls.
  23. That's just one cameo in a random spin-off game that's kinda styled after SatAM.
  24. How would they bring them back if they were never part of the video game continuity or were never officially Sega(Sonic team)made characters?
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