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  1. What about Yoshi going from "walk to run" makes the control feel clunky?
  2. The Knuckles design change is ONLY to make him stand out as the obvious "power house" of the group, the new design doesn't suit his character normally, but it'll fit his Boom character more so there's no real problem. Now with that out of the way, I don't really like it anyway.
  3. Calling Sonic 4...Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and marketing it as a Classic style game being the TRUE sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3&Knuckles is a Classic fan's main problem with this game. To be a True sequel, the sequel needs to take the basic concepts of the previous game and keep building on it while bring its own fresh new concepts to table. Sonic 4 does not do this at all, not even trying to. The game has Sonic 1, 2, and 3&K as a foundation or base to build on and it doesn't do that. It uses Sonic 1, 2, and Rush as the starting idea and pretty much goes on from there. Sonic 4 as a classic Sonic game is not a worthy sequel or a very faithful sequel to Sonic 3: It does not have proper Sonic physics to work with, Sonic does not carry momentum while running or rolling, making rolling essentially useless not even being faster than running even when still holding right. The level design doesn't even allow for the classic Sonic physics to even serve a purpose, its way more automated than it should be just to have speedy segments, because they don't require any player skill and consist of nothing but "Springs and Dash pads" which isn't interesting at all. The level design doesn't allow you to go fast on your own, so anything not automated is almost always flow-breakingly slow. It doesn't bring any new level themes or original takes on old level themes...obvious RE-USE of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 level themes, complete with same exact enviornment aesthetics, same enemies, and same bosses. Inclusion of the Homing attack and air dash make requiring speed nothing of skill anymore, killing enemies even easier than necessary, and Mandatory Homing attack chains above bottom-less pits which aren't even difficult, just repetitive. with the level design, the game might as well be Sonic Rush..,without the boost and even more automation.
  4. A lot of people blame Sony and Microsoft for the game being rushed, even though Sega clearly made it primary rule to release the game by the holidays and the PS3 version was released a whole year later...supposedly fixing things that were still there in plenty.
  5. What about Charmy's design screams "Tails in a bee suit"...? I don't get it, Charmy's design isn't even remotely similar to Tails or even based off it. Neither designs give me a Tails vibe.
  6. Just because people bought Secret Rings does not mean that all of them were Sonic fans and even Sonic fans who did buy the game actually still had some amount of hope that "That" game would be better than the the 2006 Rush Job...some fans would just wait for the next Sonic game that seems like it would have promise that it could live up to. To the fans who Despised '06 and didn't care for Secret Rings which was a spin-off made by only a portion of Sonic Team staff, that game was Sonic Unleashed and it gave them the willingness to come back to the series. Cannot blame the fans for coming back to Unleashed, it was the 1st game in a long time to be an almost completely Solid experience to the player, the game-play and level design were both fast and fun, the music was top notch, the story wasn't pretentious or melodramatic, and it felt like a Breathe of Fresh air to the games from 2007 back to 2003. While not many fans may like Unleashed as much as they used to, you can only sum up why they did in one sentence..."Its NOT Sonic the Hedgehog 2006." Also wondering why people think the series fell into a bottom-less pit at that point, once again you can't blame them. Its not like they have any reasons for thinking Sonic Team could redeem themselves from the quality dropping from Sonic Heroes, to Shadow the Hedgehog, and finally to Sonic '06 at the very bottom. They had no reason to think that it could happen because it had been happening with each game release...the only way they could see otherwise was if Sonic Team actually proved themselves by making an enjoyable higher quality game than anything from 2003 - 2007. That's what Sonic Team did.
  7. It kind of is if it really won't matter in the long run, unless they possibly decide to change how the assist trophy worked and there fore have a reason to update a model for new animations...otherwise it isn't necessary and not a detail worth caring about.
  8. I think Friend Code matches will tend to have less lag than a Match with Anyone...I think that the only worry is how solid the Internet connection quality is in your home or area, because it will start lagging all over the place with heavy usage of the Internet connection.
  9. Well in a 3D animated cartoon series, you don't really want to waste too much material. Even with a good budget you still want every piece of material you have to have a purpose and still be reusable in some way. Unless they're reoccurring in infrequent appearances, its kind of a waste for the specific models to appear in just 1-2 episodes. That's the way I see it.
  10. That's really only because of the color...and because this pokemon looks a bit similar to both Pikachu and Raichu anyway.
  11. The whole game should look like this artwork, I mean DAMN. It should be hand-drawn sprite work?
  12. Music...you collected it outside the mission you completed in order to get it. You had to chase it...a little
  13. Appearing in a main title Mario game doesn't mean jack about the personality of a Mario character, in actuality character's like Mario and Peach show more personality in Spin-off titles than they ever would have in the "canon" games. His personality doesn't really change from game to game...being a jerk, being a sore loser, being arrogant, being a coward, being a butt-monkey, and causing mischief...don't really change from game to game. Most of these aspects will appear in the opening or ending cutscenes of the Mario sports games, mainly the games developed by Camelot, some of the others will appear in the Next.Level.Games. Mario Strikers duo "Scoring a goal" and "Winning the game" cutscenes. The fans made their own personality for the guy because that's what some fans tend to do, they just exaggerated most of what was already there. He likes making fun of Luigi, likes making fun of opponents, likes taking the easy way out, causing mischief, winning, not being the butt-monkey, likes Daisy, and likes to Cheat. Other than that, anything else is not necessary to know because its really unimportant when he's in the position he is now.
  14. Well Geno had pretty much 0% chance to begin with...a character like Waluigi only really has a chance if Sakurai actually wanted to represent Mario Spin-offs in someway besides Peach's regular Smash attack.
  15. Nintendo's Version...= A way of making DLC that game developers did before Nintendo even decided to do their own.
  16. What a bummer... Online was the only way I played Brawl... The only way I would play Mario Kart Wii, and I just got it... And the only other way I would play Mario Strikers Charged... If the online feature is gonna be terminated, I can't see myself playing those games as frequently as I did.
  17. No...each hit will make you rise in the air more and more.
  18. Wha'choo talkin' 'bout Foo?!? Seriously, where did that come from?
  19. No need to spam it actually, you got a full half second. Glitch: Sonic the Hedgehog 3&Knuckles...of course to say this again, that even the mighty Genesis/Mega Drive can't handle the whole Blast Processing to run the entire Classic Trilogy to its fullest. So this glitch will generally mostly happen in Sonic 3&K because its the one game to give enough speed. If you can manage to build up enough speed in Hydro-City Zone by either rolling or running, you will be able to go through wall because you move so fast that the Genesis can't handle it and the game won't be able to register the collision for the wall fast enough...you can do this in couple of levels actually...and you can make a good short cut doing this in Hydro-city, but ONLY Hydro-city.
  20. A 3D Re-imagining of Sonic 1...not really what Sonic 4 really needs if it wants to actully be a true Sonic 4.
  21. Dixie had a Glide in DKC 2 and 3, giving Diddy the Jet-pack in this and Returns makes Dixie's original purpose redundant or they could've switched their air abilities in Tropical Freeze as that would've made more sense.
  22. I don't think its bad thing, it just means that people won't be able to do it anymore and I don't think that any character who had it will actually lose anything from it being gone.
  23. What "...Zany Mayhem..." do you happen to be talking about really? There isn't much to the Zany-ness as there is to a standard cartoony feel when playing the classic Sonic games. The only Genesis game with any real amount of Zany whackiness would be Sonic Spin Ball and to an extent Sonic 3DBlast.
  24. It happens both ways...it was just harder to hit him while he was flying.
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