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  1. Emerl was introduced in battle not advance 3, also since you didn't specify what exactly was introduced in those combinations that technically would mean Knuckles' Chaotix introduced it first.
  2. Um...? Is there a problem? If there is I'm not seeing one.
  3. The core Formula to a Sonic game in my honest opinion is High speed Platforming along with great visuals, fantastic music, and the most important thing all Sonic games need Sonic the Hedgehog(Pancakes)
  4. On one of my random days of playing Sonic Adventure I caused this to happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1Mj3GWJilM&feature=player_detailpage#t=0s It was funny, and I never did it again.
  5. I'd say its more of having a lot more tolerance than just being a fan of the franchise. There's fun to have in any type of bad game if you can SomeHow get past all of the problems the game has. Some people have that much tolerance and that's why people enjoy this game.
  6. Oh. I see, I've never played that much of Sonic R to unlock any of the characters besides Metal Sonic, So I got quite a bit confused.
  7. UM...? What? I'm not really seeing what you're getting at.
  8. I didn't like the homing attack in Adventure 2 or Heroes, a lot of the time I used it I would like go into orbit on the enemies and that would mess me up when I didn't want it to happen.
  9. I use both names interchangeable, though I prefer to use Eggman more. I never really got annoyed when people used the name Robotnik because it was a small thing. But I really get annoyed when people get mad and say that Robotnik is the actual name, I get that they don't like the Eggman name but I dislike when they act like using the name is wrong when technically both names are correct anyway.
  10. Does that even matter when playing the game?
  11. The fact that people blame Tails' A.I. for activating the asterons in Sonic 2, when its actually their own fault for not timing their jump correctly. He jumps exactly one second after you do it should be obvious when playing the game for so many years.
  12. You can, but their never outside of the wall to do so.
  13. I guess all 2D Sonic games are that then aren't they?
  14. I don't see how this is a fair comparison. But how I see it is Gamma stages are better and he controls better. He moves at a decent pace and isn't at all stiff or clunky to control. When I re-played SA2 I avoided the Mech levels like the Plague because they were so un-enjoyable that I couldn't even bother to unlock them in the Chao Garden(back when I actually cared for it.)
  15. When I was 10, I used to have really eye-bleeding dreams about Sonic and Amy...? In bed, sometimes Tails too and I would just sit on a random tree outside the house and watch.
  16. I don't get why you say that about Sonic Genesis, its just a port, A really terrible port but just a port.
  17. Okay, going off of this logic. What would happen if someone actually tried to trip him, like would their leg just tear off, or disintegrate.
  18. How does Sonic not ever trip when he runs, I mean look at his running animations besides Adventure. They all look like he should be stumbling over and skidding due to how close they are and how fast they move.
  19. I never even knew Mega man had comics, that's just a big surprise for me.
  20. You know I just thought of one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxShgybeRl8&feature=player_detailpage#t=302s Skip to 5:00. I mean WTF was that, you wouldn't believe how mad I was when that happened(I wasn't that mad but I was a little angry), and I don't even know what caused it to happen.
  21. That helps with all types of button mashing. I don't think that's better, making this type of thing just press one button to get through is way too easy. I'd rather have them go the Sonic Rush route and use a skill they gave you to press 2 specific buttons to gain extra height or gain more speed to make it over the gap all while gaining some points with Generation styled trick combos.
  22. I genuinely enjoyed Episode 2 for about 3 weeks before getting bored with it and deleting it off my computer.
  23. No freaking way, the show is already over. Bringing it back is just a waste of time and money, and I don't think anyone would even watch it as it wasn't even that good when it originally aired.
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