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  1. Remove the Boost's ability to kill things, for one. At least that way players will have to roll/slide or jump when an enemy appears in their path. As it stands right now, enemies in boost-heavy sections exist only to serve as additional Boost fuel, which is a bit fucking silly if you don't mind me saying so.

    Of course, even if they just increased the requirement for S ranks to something above the skill requirement of a one-armed toddler, I might be content with just that.

    So basically no Boost at all then.

  2. You know the most bull-shit thing that has happened to you while you were innocently playing your game and just said What The Fuck, you know stuff like that. I know it has happened to you and it sure as hell has happened to me, So tell me your most notable bull-shit moments

    Like always I'll go first:

    So I was playing Sonic adventure stage Red mountain and there are these little obstacle the fling you a distance and this on particular ground spurt boosted me into a spiked ball while I had no rings and I died, this was total bull-crap because that never happened before or again I was totally angry at that because I got a gameover after losing my lives a lot later in the stage and speed highway because of my stupid actions of jumping off the stage.

  3. I actually like Adventure. You know, I don't see why people hate it. It's a buggy mess? I ran into 1 or 2 glitches, but I haven't ran into a lot. Gameplay is bad? Well, Big's gameplay pads the game out in a bad way, and Amy's do feel a bit slow, but I enjoyed it for the most part. The voice acting is bad? I'm sorry, but I must be mistaken that many liked Ryan Drummond, and he did well in this game. It is cheesy, yes, but it's got that 90's style for one last time before the 2000's and I like cheesiness. Sure, some lines are said in a strange way, but it wasn't that bad. Although, a little more emotion could have been out into it. The story sucks? Not really. Chaos is a unique monster, and I like the mythos behind him and the Echidna tribe. I was interested in the story, and enjoyed it. Sure, the game is short, and doesn't have a lot of replayability, but I do find it to be a good game to play.

    *Waits for death threats for liking SA1 and how I'm wrong for my opinion*

    Most people don't like it because of the control and the Camera, and the rest just don't like BIG.

  4. Heh, I had one with Eggman in it. It was me and my GF at the time being running from robots, Ryu Gief, Cammy, and Felicia was running with us. What ever we running from must've been dangerous as everyone of them was scared shitless. Anyway Gief pulls out a .45 and shoots someone off screen while I ran into a cave as a sonic shadow ran in before me. The GF at the time everyone was running inside was crying how she didn't want to die, well a freaking TITLE SCREEN appeared and she finally went into the cave. Well Eggman grabs her by the neck and snaps it, her body falls on the ground as her last words were " I don't want to die......" Eggman then smirks as his eyes glow a light gold and M.Bison chuckles in shadows.

    Ye--ah I don't even know...

    I wish I had those types of dreams, that sounds hilarious.

  5. Silver is the kind of person who will do anything to accomplish his goal, while its just in his greatest intentions that would not be enough to make him outright evil, just someone who tries to hard to complete his goal and that unfortunately can lead to you doing the wrong thing even though that's what you think you have to do for(in silver's case) a better future.

    Now if he did become outright evil it would just be stupid and unless there was some legitimate reason for this, it wouldn't work and just go against the type of person he is.

  6. Seriously? Sonic 3D is a good game! in fact I think it is the best spin-off title in the series. The Saturn version is vastly superior but currently unavailable so play the PC port instead and you will appreciate this game a lot more.

    I just don't like it, I just got really bored when playing it, left it, and never turned back.

  7. I mean more than the rest and what about it makes you like it more than the other 3D games.

    All 3D games that count:

    Sonic Adventure

    Adventure 2


    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog(2006)

    Sonic and the secret rings

    Sonic unleashed

    Sonic and the Black Knight

    Sonic Colours

    Sonic Generations

    Few that don't count:

    Sonic 3D blast(Not 3D isometric)

    Sonic Jam(compilation)

    Sonic Riders1-3(Racing game/ not a main game)

    Sonic R

    Sonic and Sega all-stars Racing(Not even an actual sonic game)

    Now that that's out of the way My favorite 3-D game is Sonic Adventure, Why because I feel that it good game. I like how each character has their own gimmick(besides Big the Cat) based on their roles in the story and I like the variety the levels have in each story even though your going through the same levels from time to time they don't just always use the same level layout for the characters that go through the same levels besides Tails based on what his gimmick is. I like playing through Sonic's levels, Tails' levels, Knuckles' levels, Amy's levels(Every now and again),and Gamma's levels and each time I do I play them with a big smile on my ugly face.

    So whats your favorite 3-D Sonic game?

  8. How 'bout an HD remake of all the classic games.

    Called: Sonic the Hedgehog:Original Trilogy

    Where they could use the 3-D models from Generations and create one for Knuckles.

    Using their expert skills to make the game as beautiful as other Sonic games, while remixing the Music make it sound fresh and new and redo the 2-player mode to adapt to all 3 games and you race or battle eachother in new sections of the levels.

    The levels themselves will have cut-scene transitions in between the levels only and there will be no voice acting just cut-scenes showing how they get from level to level and transitioning how they get from game to game and showing how he got each new ability in the game. After you complete the game you will be able to use the abilities in the previous games. Just like Sonic games do there will be sound-test that lets you listen to the music without playing levels. Oh and for good measure Debug mode will be an unlockable feature after you complete the game.

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