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  1. Sonic's not laid back during action. If one of Sonic's major character traits wasn't loving adventure and traveling, there's no reason he can't be laid back during downtime and be pretty hyper whenever he's in the thrill.
  2. She could be a spunky genki girl. Someone who's got significant determination to do the right thing as well as being the cheerful oblivious type, which she is. Being kind and sweet in the way that she used to be only meant that she had more compassion than...everyone else, but even back then she wasn't Cream. She wasn't polite or kind just as general character traits, she could be rude, take a "call to action" without needing much push (even if Sonic not helping was definitely a big push in SA1) and I'd say Sonic's so-called short temper would be given to her since one of the traits she then had would be getting angry pretty easily.
  3. The style is reminding me of Heroes...
  4. Super Mario 64 Multiplayer...(Split Screen)

  5. Not, it's really not. He chose the characters from the however many characters Nintendo let him choose from. They don't pick from their picks.
  6. Sakurai literally opened the direct saying that the character was kept mostly secret from even most Nintendo staff.
  7. Man...can't wait for that new character so people stop talking about this current character.

    Cause people be mad for a while.

  8. Comic book problems... An example not well suited for that comparison honestly.
  9. He may just be on his knees, which would make sense positioning wise for how he was looking out the window in the trailer. But I'm assuming it's the same scene.
  10. When was it that Yuji Naka also confirmed this 2 worlds thing-a-ma-jig?


    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I thought that was an Iizuka thing

    2. StaticMania


      I'm in confusion because I thought I seen it at least somewhere...and why.

      Maybe it was just incorrect.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      From what I heard, two worlds was always a thing with Naka, he just never told the audience about it.

      It is just a development thing to determine what locations they're fitting into the game, anyway.

    4. Sean


      I like to think that there's a reason Naka never told us about it

    5. Polkadi~☆


      Because it's confusing :V

      It just determines whether the setting is something like Adventure or something like Heroes. It's not a lore thing, never was.

    6. StaticMania


      Was...unnecessary development detail and if they were gonna mention it at all, should've also mentioned that little tidbit?

    7. Polkadi~☆


      Not clarifying a statement is something Iizuka does best.

  11. This is the primary point....but...it's like the part that seems to be ignored.
  12. It's not far removed from Shadow's line, but Shadow's line is a lot more direct...and can't be taken the wrong way "in context".
  13. Yeah. I agree that she was indeed toned down from Sonic X, Heroes, and Battle in terms of exaggeration to her most dominant trait or traits.
  14. She was already toned back down by the time Lost World even happened though... Though maybe the dislike was spread throughout.
  15. Backlash from when? Before Lost World, but what was the game where she received the most backlash that would've been relevant?
  16. Adults & young adults can act however and people can just make assumptions on where life went wrong...
  17. If the ages are relevant to the story, themes, character development? Audience Appeal? But this is like the 2nd time this has happened, so never mind.
  18. This is still fiction ya know, characters acting 100% according to their ages has never been a thing...unless they're literal babies. All ages are relative and only justifies the attitudes of certain characters. No character ever mentions years passing and that one joke of exception doesn't exactly mean anything outside of being meta comment.
  19. Mario: Oh that Charles Martinet, lovely Italian boy.

    1. Cinematic Speedster CC14

      Cinematic Speedster CC14

      One of my favorite overlooked Mario moments. Letting Charles have fun always results in something memorable.

  20. I can only imagine that in the future, Amy will become some type of negative mash-up of her Sonic Obsessed self and her mature self in a way that's totally off balance. Due to not knowing how those 2 traits can possibly co-exist at the same time.
  21. Singing while power walking up-hill is torture.

    How do professional singers do this "actual thing" I'm describing in a music video multiple times?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Self Lip-Syncing of course

  22. Handicapped Singing Ability: Wind

    Winter Winds~

  23. Hiatus. I guess it's an intentional thing being done right now...
  24. Sonic should be taken out of commission after this story ends...it's the least that could happen.
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