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  1. Mario: Oh that Charles Martinet, lovely Italian boy.

    1. Brawler Bear CC14

      Brawler Bear CC14

      One of my favorite overlooked Mario moments. Letting Charles have fun always results in something memorable.

  2. I can only imagine that in the future, Amy will become some type of negative mash-up of her Sonic Obsessed self and her mature self in a way that's totally off balance. Due to not knowing how those 2 traits can possibly co-exist at the same time.
  3. Singing while power walking up-hill is torture.

    How do professional singers do this "actual thing" I'm describing in a music video multiple times?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Self Lip-Syncing of course

  4. Handicapped Singing Ability: Wind

    Winter Winds~

  5. Hiatus. I guess it's an intentional thing being done right now...
  6. Sonic should be taken out of commission after this story ends...it's the least that could happen.
  7. Um...Kirby's angry eyes aren't related to power... It's because America is HARDCORE. So HARDCORE that a Pink ball with angry eyes is somehow just that much more appealing to this audience.
  8. That's only because those other characters exist. Consider how Sonic's story could go and it'd just be him interacting with new characters in every story like Sonic Unleashed. Viola, not lonely anymore.
  9. Maybe...it was just a red and black lizard.
  10. DESU The concept is universally disliked (for some reason). And there's an extremely simple solution to fix the confusion between real and dummy rings, just make the rings disappear upon hitting the enemy. The whole concept is that they're exploding from the capsule and the physics engine is what's making them damage the robots, but the fact that they don't get absorbed into the enemy like they're "collecting" them is pretty stupid. That alone would make it a neat idea and...would actually make the attack consistent since..sometimes they just don't do damage.
  11. Calling Knuckles a "knucklehead" was mean and completely uncalled for in Sonic Adventure.
  12. So it'd be like he's possessed by his flesh? That'd be some type of spooky wouldn't it?
  13. These are both weird interpretations of those idle animations when one of his listed traits that is that he's impatient. The evolution of Sonic's idle animation leans towards getting bored/tired whenever the players not moving or stretching because the player isn't moving. Sonic's no stranger to being hyperactive and bombastic, it's really rare in adaptations. Sonic being an attitude-ridden rude snarky boy is just completely downplayed in favor of him being the more mellow adventurer he became since the jump to 3D. Also, he's not very consistent.
  14. Did the main discussion page used to be called "Green Hill Zone"?

    With no "S"?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's always been Green Grove.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      It was Green Hills Zone.

    3. Tara


      You're going to call the attention of the men in black if you keep this up.

    4. Perkilator
    5. StaticMania


      Someone will take the shot for me asking the real questions.

      But it won't be me.

    6. Tara


      Jingilator, this is a family server please delete this.

    7. Crow the BOOLET
  15. They don't, but I said it probably won't even be meaningful enough to matter when they do. Like, outside of the humor that comes from their interactions, the interactions themselves wouldn't properly display their differences during versus outside of being hero and villain. If Robotonic wasn't already seen as eccentric in the trailers they, the only differences they have that we see is that he's got weird quirks and Sonic despite being pretty hyperactive is comparatively normal.
  16. I somehow doubt they'll interact in a meaningful enough way for this dynamic to really track throughout the film.
  17. It's just not in Hesse's Tails model sheet. It's not in Generations as it only would look accurate at like 2 angles.
  18. Sonic Generations I was trying to get the ones from Colours, but it's close enough. The Choppers from Sonic Forces are a lot slicker looking, not the cartoony type of simple.
  19. Eggman is a practical genius. Look at this fish robot that is designed to be a fish. Not a single unnecessary detail. Can't wait to see THAT in the movie.
  20. Yeah, accurate. There's no reason to blame the storyboard artist when they're job isn't to design things.
  21. This statement assumes she ever actually uses it in the "story", whatever that means in the case of the games.
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