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  1. Knuckles being the last Echidna isn't exactly arbitrary.
  2. That's how most kid geniuses are.
  3. That's extremely negative. Unless they weren't fans. Then it's fine.
  4. Okay, is that why she has ears now?
  5. The OCs don't have common sense...that's unfortunate. The echidna one looks cool, but contradicts lore obviously, so that's not cool.
  6. Maybe they should start taking villains away...then there'd just be bad guys.
  7. I don't like that. Why can't the Heroes make the story?
  8. The Bad guy never wins...so that's literally not true. If it could happen, it should.
  9. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog: Supports even the evilest Chao abuse. Since Gemerl has been in a complete stasis from Advance 3, it's clear he hasn't done much. If he still has the capability to learn/copy, he can be like a Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Tails.
  10. Cream + Boxercise + Sonic X = An Interesting Combo
  11. If he doesn't stay an Egg-fan, BC is gonna be called out. Even IF he becomes independent.
  12. That's clearly not a feather...
  13. ...and the character Sonic the Hedgehog. Because that's a thing.
  14. You mean...the right to save someone who's committing suicide.
  15. I dunno what Mania has to do with "wanting" simple. You pretty much want a game for what it offers. Strikingly, Modern Sonic hasn't been offering serious...so that's not what it is delivering.
  16. Dreadlocks, mate. Totally get that design, for real.
  17. That's not what sub-series are for when it comes to video games. That's what...anything that isn't video games are for.
  18. Odyssey has less Dialogue than both Galaxy Games, what a world.
  19. NSMB isn't 2.5D, the only 3D assets in those games are the character models. I expect...unique camera movement, actually mattering like Kirby 64.
  20. Don't say that... It's not good identity building. Don't do this either... It's actually negative. Mario doesn't make up all of Nintendo, other Nintendo games do actually have story to them. Hire worse writers.
  21. I mean...if you wanna go the justi-fixtion route: You could say that G.U.N. just contacted Rouge 1st because history and after she got captured she requested they contact Shadow. Or they just keep tabs on her and her teammates, that is also an option.
  22. You wouldn't be 100% wrong considering there are people who consider Shadow and Sonic Nex Gen to be "desirable" stories next to anything from Colours onward. Buuuuut, that's about it where that goes.
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